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4 Tips for Becoming an Indian Wedding Photographer

An Indian wedding photographer is a section of work that is one of the fastest growing sections of all industries at present. It has been estimated that it is growing at the rate of...[more]

Adding Travel Videos to Blogs

If you a travel photographer or videographer, then you are probably going to want to add your travel videos to blogs. This is a great way to show off where you were on your...[more]

Why Video Blogs Make Your Website More Interesting

Blogging has taken the Internet by storm and while video blogs are still fairly new, they are becoming very popular. If you currently have a blog, then you might want to research video blogs....[more]

How to Make Interesting Video Blogs

Video blogs are a work of art in the online world. Also known as Vlogs, video blogs has done wonders, not only for people that are trying to market their products but also for...[more]

Uploading a Photo to Blogspot

When it comes to uploading a photo, Blogspot has made it easier for users to add one to their post. Photos and images are an important part of a blogger’s post. The following are...[more]

5 Tips for an Architectural Photographer Blog

When you decide to set up a photographer blog for your architectural photography business, there are a few things that you need to know in order to get the best results. Your blog will...[more]

5 Tips for a Wedding Photographer Blog

Starting a wedding photographer blog has the potential to bring you a lot of exposure that can then be turned into business. It is important to get things right from the onset in order...[more]

Creating a Photo Album for a Blog

A photo album blog can be used to make your site look even more interesting. Anyone with a blog will be able to add photo albums to attract customers and make sure that they...[more]

4 Tips for Creating a Great Photo Blog

A great photo blog is a delight to come across. There are some excellent photo blogs on the Internet, and photographers tend to share them with each other. When setting up a photo blog,...[more]

Adding a Photo Blog Section to Your Website

Adding a photo blog to your website is very easy. This makes it possible to display all sorts of photos. Photo websites are perfect for photographers who want to display their skills. There are...[more]

3 Tips for Making a Great Photography Blog

Making a great photography blog is a wonderful way to gain exposure for your photos and to express yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur photographer, professional photographer or like to snap...[more]

Advertising Your Photography Blog

Advertising your photography blog involves more than just uploading photos and waiting for traffic to come in. Blogs for photographers are no longer mere online portfolios of their work. They can be used as...[more]

2 Tips for Posing Group Child Portraits

Child portraits are a task in patience. It is extremely difficult to get one child to sit still while setting up the shot to take a photo and to get more than one to...[more]

5 Popular Engagement Photo Poses & Environments

Becoming engaged to be married is one of the most special moments in life, and couples who choose to memorialize this occasion with photographs will want to use appropriate engagement photo poses. There are...[more]

3 Reasons Why You Need a Photography Business Plan

A photography business plan is the foundation of your business. Like any business, the photography business needs the formality of a business plan. Starting any business needs solid goals and steps to achieving success....[more]

Space Considerations for a Home Based Photography Business

In present time, a home based photography business seems to be becoming more and more popular. The reason behind this is that a photography business is not hard to run, and it is not...[more]

How to Use Your Garage to Make a Home Photography Business

A home photography business is one of the ways for you to become a professional photographer. It may sound blurry in the beginning so you have to know your goals and build recourses. Also,...[more]

5 Steps to Make Newborn Baby Photography into a Successful Business

For parents, newborn baby photography captures those precious moments right after birth. But, it’s hard breaking into this type of business. You have to have a good reputation since you’ll be working with very...[more]

3 Tips for Starting a Fashion Photography Career

A fashion photography career has an allure all of its own. When dreaming of turning your photography hobby into a full time career, there are many aspects to consider. If you want to reach...[more]

A Professional Photographic Equipment List for Beginners

If you are aspiring to become a professional photographer and looking for a list of professional photographic equipment, you are not alone. If you are a beginner in the professional photography industry, it is...[more]

Professional Digital Photography: A Brief Guide to Increasing Revenue

Professional digital photography requires some knowledge of how a business works in order to succeed. A photographer must always be open to new ways and methods to increase revenue. Time is limited and must...[more]

3 Tips for Success with Baby Portraits

Taking baby portraits can be a difficult job for any photographer, but there are a few tips that you can use to be more successful and less stressed. 1. Consider Baby's Age If you...[more]

Guide to Choosing Digital Photography Lessons for a Successful Business

The following is quick guide on how to choose digital photography lessons that will help you become a successful photographer. The Basics Go for a course that does more than simply teach you about...[more]

2 Tips to Shoot Beach Photos for Weddings

Beach photos provide you with a problem not encountered in many other areas; glare. The backdrop of the sea and the surf creates a luminescence not encountered in many other areas. Here are few...[more]

Simplify Your Digital Photography Business with Adobe Lightroom

It is easy to simplify your digital photography business with Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is a program that is designed to help you bring out the best in all of your photographs. This guideline...[more]

5 Marketing Tips for Headshot Photographers

Headshot photographers specialize in the technique of photographing a person's face in the best way possible so that a particular "look" comes across in the image. If you are starting off as headshot photographer,...[more]

Digital Photography Tutorial: Why Pros Prefer RAW Files

This digital photography tutorial explains the advantages of using RAW files and why they are usually preferred by the pros. A file format is important when it comes to storing images, and the RAW...[more]

Photographic Equipment: 4 Items Preferred by Pros

Even though every photographer has his own style of work and preference, built through practice, there are certain considerations to keep in mind when choosing suitable photographic equipment. There are basically four essential items...[more]

3 Industry Rules of High Fashion Photography

Most people understand that high fashion photography is a tough business for everyone involved. This can include the photographers to the models and everyone in between. There are some very specific guidelines that simply...[more]

Event Photography: Recommendations for Equipment & Set-Up

Event photography is one of the most popular photography businesses today. It not only gives you an opportunity to enjoy great events, it also gives you a great opportunity to maintain or start up...[more]

3 Tips to Start a Career in Baby Photography

Baby photography is second only to wedding photography as the most lucrative photographic career in the photography industry. Mothers, father, aunts and uncles all want a photograph of the little darling. When you decide...[more]

3 Benefits and Pitfalls of Freelance Photography

Freelance photography is a great field to work in because you get to do what you love while being your own boss. Of course, the trade off is that when you're not working you're...[more]

Digital Photography Classes: Prepare for a Successful Business

While you already may be a good photographer, digital photography classes can help you improve your skills. These classes are especially helpful if you are breaking into a certain type of photography field. These...[more]

Fashion Photography Tutorial: 3 Secrets of the Pros

Fashion photography is a very fast paced and exciting photography field. There is nothing better than capturing the perfect shot of a celebrity wearing the latest piece of clothing. Fashion photography is also a...[more]

Learn the Basics of Professional Photography in 10 Simple Steps

It is quite interesting to learn photography and take shots befitting a professional. Here are 10 simple steps which will guide you through the basics of professional photography. Step 1: Know Your Camera It...[more]

10 Advanced Digital Photography Tips

The innovations in digital photography have enhanced the quality of images, and now even amateurs can take some stunning photos. Here are 10 tips for advanced digital photography. Tip 1: Focusing It has often...[more]

How to Send Pics to a Computer from a Bluetooth Cell Phone Camera

It’s common to find a Bluetooth camera cell phone on the market; in fact, most people are carrying one right now. Rarely are phones made without a built-in Bluetooth function. This feature allows you...[more]

How Mobile Camera Phones can be Useful for Vacation Photos

Camera mobile phones are very common. In recent times, the majority of mobile phones are fitted with a camera. While these cameras are fairly basic, they are still quite useful and work fairly well....[more]

How to Use Your Cell Phone with No Camera to Store Your Photos

Even if your cell phone has no camera, it may still be possible to use it to store photos and files from your computer. This is useful for many people who like something more...[more]

5 Must Have Cell Phone Accessories for Easier Mobility

Cell phone accessories can enhance the functionality of the equipment and also protect the phone. Here are five must have accessories which are geared for easier mobility. 1. Travel Charger Batteries will always run...[more]

5 Tips to Take Great Pictures with Cheap Used Cell Phones

It is very easy to buy cheap used cell phones. This is because new features are being added to cell hones all the time. With many people wanting the best and latest phone, there...[more]

10 Popular Design Trends for New Cell Phones

New cell phonesare always surprising people with new features. Just a few years ago computers were only about as powerful as a typical smart phone. New models are continually appearing every year which feature...[more]

3 Cool Accessory Ideas for Cell Phones

When it comes to cool cell phones, there are hundreds of accessory ideas. Given the fact that cell phones are so popular, you can purchase both manufacturer and aftermarket accessories for your cell phone....[more]

How to Add a Lens to Your Cell Phone to Make a Spy Camera

It is now possible, with the current mobile/cell phone technology available, to transform your cell phone (regardless of its manufacturer) into a proper Spy Camera. Picture capturing technology associated with cell phones has made...[more]

5 Photo Tips for Your New Camera Phone

Your new camera phoneis a very useful piece of equipment which can be used to take photos wherever you go. There are some very useful ideas which can be used to generate some amazing...[more]

4 Features that Determine the Quality of a Cell Phone Camera

Believe it or not, you can take some great photos with a cell phone camera. To take great photos with a cell phone camera, your camera needs to have the right features. Features that...[more]

How to Make a Wireless Spy Camera with a Cell Phone

Buying a wireless spy camera can be pretty expensive. However, it's possible to save some money by making your own spy camera. Believe it or not, you might already have all of the necessary...[more]

Which Megapixel Specification Is Right for My New Camera Phone?

When you are buying a new megapixel camera phone, you should pay some attention to the megapixel specifications of that phone. You don't want to become preoccupied with the number of megapixels that a...[more]

3 Cool Photo Effects with the Satio Ericsson Camera Phone

The Sony Satio Ericsson camera phoneis one of the best camera phones currently available. This is a very powerful camera which makes it possible to take some high quality photographs. This camera features a...[more]

How to Choose an IP Video Phone for Business

An IP video phone is probably one of the best options to stay in “live” touch with both family members and business partners. Video phones are not the most popular office decision, but their...[more]