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Understanding Canvas Photo Prints

Canvas photo prints are all about creating art works out of an image, which in most cases is digitally captured. A canvas print of a digitally captured photograph can actually last for hundreds of...[more]

Taking Guitar Photography to the Next Level

Guitar photography is interesting for many people. The guitar is such an important instrument that there are lots of people wanting the photos. These photos are used on music websites and also have many...[more]

How to Make Great Musician Photography

One of the most challenging types of photography can be musician photography. This photography takes some patience to get right. Knowing your subject is very important. Step 1: Meet the Musician To start off,...[more]

Retouching Album Art in Photoshop

Creating and retouching already-made album art is an important step in making a first impression on behalf of the album artist. Retouching an album art cover (audio or picture) is important to a designer,...[more]

Taking Great Album Art Photography at Home

Album art photography may sound simple but it isn’t. People may think that there is nothing special in taking pictures for album covers, but what they do not realize is that album art photography...[more]

Music Photography: Picking a Theme for a Magazine Layout

Music photography involves capturing bands and live performances. But, before you can ever start taking pictures, you need to pick a theme for your layout. And, this could be the hardest part of the...[more]

Stretched Canvas Prints VS. Rolled Canvas Prints

Tradition and modern technology have met to bring you an exclusive creation – a hybrid of photographs and canvas, turning your work into true artwork with stretched canvas prints. Much longer life, the perfect...[more]

Are Cheap Canvas Prints the Best Option?

For most people, cheap canvas prints may sound the same as low quality prints. This, however, is far from true as you will soon find out. Using cheaper canvas prints can actually give you...[more]

Five Essential Components to Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is an old form of photography that is experiencing a rebirth. Historically thought as racy, this type of photography had taken a new form and is now seen as a classy way...[more]

Used Cameras for Sale Online: When to Buy at a Local Store

Looking at used cameras for sale can help you to save a considerable amount of money on camera equipment. There are plenty of places where you can buy used cameras from, including on the...[more]

Tips to Finding an Online Camera Store with Deep Discounts

Many people will look at online camera store sites to try and find discounted cameras. However, when looking for Canon cameras, this isn't actually possible. Canon enforces a MAP - Minimum Advertising Policy. This...[more]

3 Popular 35mm Cameras for Sale Online

35mm cameras for sale online are still extremely popular. In spite of the availability of digital photography, many photographers still prefer using film cameras. Several makes of 35mm cameras will continue to be available...[more]

Having Indian Wedding Photos in Your Photo Portfolio

When a client is looking through various portfolios to hire a potential photographer, yours might stand out due to Indian wedding photos if included in your portfolio. Indian weddings are complex and beautiful. If you are...[more]

2 Tips for Indian Wedding Photography

Indian wedding photography differs from normal European wedding photography in many aspects. An Indian wedding is far more of a public celebration than the European type. The use of color also makes it different....[more]

3 Tips for Getting Great Family Portraits

Family portraits are one of the great things about those annual family gatherings. Ten years down the line, you will be pulling out the photos to show the grandkids what Aunt Bessie or Uncle...[more]

6 Features to Have When Choosing a Used Camera Phone

Phones that take photos can be costly, which is why you might want to consider purchasing a used camera phone. Sophisticated cell phones are no longer dedicated to specific wireless companies, so they can...[more]

Recommended Features for a Kids Video Camcorder

Kids like to have items that make them feel grown up and having a kids video camcorder is no different. However, too many features can confuse children and make the camera difficult for them...[more]

Telephoto Lens Maintenance and Upkeep

A telephoto lens, also called a long lens, is a type of camera lens designed to capture a close-up shot over a long distance. These lenses are larger in size when compared to lenses...[more]

3 Reasons to Use Aerial Advertising

Aerial advertising is not very popular among the vast majority of advertisers, but the more experienced advertisers know the little secrets that can make a huge difference. There are numerous reasons why some people...[more]

4 Reasons to Take Aerial House Photos

There are many advantages associated with aerial house photos that most of us do not even think about. Here are some reasons why aerial photos are beneficial. 1. Development Project If you have a...[more]

How to Use a Kino Flo Kelvin Tile

Since the 1980s, Kino Flo has been one of the largest manufacturers of lights used on film sets. The company, founded by gaffer Freider Hochheim and his best boy Gary Swink, was the first to...[more]

When to Use a Rustic Picture Frame

A rustic picture frame can make certain types of photos look fantastic. As a photographer, you can earn extra money by offering value added services such as picture framing. A frame is fairly cheap,...[more]

Picking the Right Custom Magnetic Picture Frame

A magnetic picture frame is a great extra to offer your customers. This is also something that is very easy to create. Magnetic frames are popular because they can be stuck onto metal objects...[more]

When to Use a Wooden Picture Frame

A wooden picture frame can add charm to a room. Wooden frames are flexible as these can come in a variety of colors and finishes to fit the style of room or home. High...[more]

3 Reasons to Set Up Hidden Security Cameras in a Gated Community

Many communities, stores or large properties make use of hidden security cameras. Needless to say, it’s all about safety and security reasons. If you are a member of a gated community and you need...[more]

3 Reasons to Use an Outdoor Dome Camera

You have probably seen a house or retail store with an outdoor dome camera. They are small dome shaped objects that hang on ceilings. They are usually tinted with dark colors, to prevent people...[more]

2 Useful Dome Security Cameras for the Office

Dome security cameras are great for the office. They are very useful and have many benefits. They give you top quality video surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a...[more]

Picking the Right Follow Focus Unit for the Job

If you are looking for a focus control mechanism that will allow the camera operator to be efficient and more precise, then a Follow Focus is what you are looking for. A Follow Focus...[more]

3 Useful Rotoscoping Software Programs

Rotoscoping software produces software that deals with motion graphics. Rotoscoping works together with chroma keying. These two things are still vitally important today. Below are some useful rotoscoping software programs. 1. Silhouette FX This...[more]

4 Reasons to Use Autodesk Toxik

Autodesk Toxik has been one of the most successful and useful programs to use; its numerous features made it a top choice among producers and editors who wanted to create and render films and...[more]

Finding the Best Cheap Canvas Prints Online

Cheap canvas prints are extremely rare due to costly printing materials and framing costs. The following guide focuses on how to find cheap canvas prints online. Finalizing the Photograph and the Design Effects First...[more]

Exploring the Canvas On Demand Options

Canvas On Demand is a good website for turning your photos into stunning canvas prints. You just need to upload your photo and choose from the various options that are on offer. Let us...[more]

5 Reasons to Use Canvas On Demand for Canvas Wraps

Canvas on Demand is a company that converts your pictures into works of art. You simply send them the pictures that you would like to use and the company takes care of the rest....[more]

How to Rasterbate Large Images

To rasterbate essentially means creating a picture that is much larger than the actual piece of media it is being printed on. This is achieved by printing out the picture in smaller sections. Each...[more]

3 Uses for Large Photo Prints

If you are looking for unique ways to make and give personalized gifts, consider using large photo prints. With them, you can create and give gifts that will be cherished forever. Some of the...[more]

Making Large Photos Prints at Home

Making large photo prints was once considered an impossibly expensive task that could only be made through print companies. Much has changed since that era; now it is possible to create large prints of...[more]

3 Tips for Making Print Photography Great

Print photography has come on in strides over the last few years. Today, with the new forms of printing available you are almost spoiled for choice. One can send the digital images in to...[more]

3 Common Problems when Working in Print Photography

Print photography is a great service to offer clients. Digital photos have made it very easy to take photos without wasting film. However, many of these photos stay on the computer and never get...[more]

How to Make Compelling Street Photography

Of the various types and styles of photography, street photography offers the widest range of possibilities to express talent and communicate with the viewer. In fact, it is a type of documentary photography which...[more]

What Makes Great Street Photography?

To put it simply, truth is what makes great street photography. Street photography is the pure vision of the world we live in. There are no professional models. There isn't any make up, costumes...[more]

Giving Classic Pin Up Photography a Modern Feel

Pin up photography will always stand out as one of the best arts of photography ever made. Because of the constant demand from people who appreciated the beauty of classical items and photos during...[more]

Boudoir Photography 101

There are different genres of boudoir photography to choose from including lingerie, bridal and nude, but before you get started on any of these, there are some basics that you should learn first. The...[more]

Practical Uses of Glamour Photography

Glamour photography is often compared to fashion photography, but each is distinct from the other. With fashion photography, there is pressure to look thin, with greater emphasis on the clothing and how it looks...[more]

Taking Intimate Glamour Photography for Calendars

Taking glamour photography is a popular way to make some extra money. This type of photography can be challenging, which is why you must learn to make the most out of the available light....[more]

4 Tips for Guitar Photography

Guitar photography is the art of making a guitar look as professional as possible in the photograph. It helps to have a photo of the guitar if you are going to sell it or...[more]

Picking a Spot for Location Photography

It is true what they say about location and it is even more important when you are talking about location photography. The location you choose really can make or break your pictures. Choosing the...[more]

Location Photography: General Rules of Thumb

If location photography is your specialty, then you may be interested in knowing that there are a few general rules of thumb that you should follow. Doing so might help you to be called...[more]

Picking an Exhibition for a Photo Art Gallery

Using a photo art gallery to get your photos out into the public eye is an essential step to take to sell the work that you do. Knowing what to look for and how...[more]

3 Ethical Guidelines of Professional Baby Photography

Professional baby photography has its own sets of challenges as compared to photographing children or adults. Babies are not capable of listening to instructions and cannot be posed. The following are a few ethical...[more]

How Professional Cameras Can Improve Image Quality

When making a choice from all of the professional cameras that are available, finding one that will improve image quality is important. Some of the many features that improve image quality in professional cameras...[more]