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How to Develop Pictures Online with SnapFish

SnapFish is run by HP and is one of the easiest ways to develop pictures online. This means that you can liberate your pictures from your computer. Digital cameras have made it easy for...[more]

How to Use Shutterfly for Easy Online Photo Album Sharing

It is very easy to use Shutterfly for online photo album sharing. Before you can use Shutterfly for online photo album sharing, you will need to create a free account with Shutterfly. Once you...[more]

How to Archive with Photo Storage Websites

Photo storage websites are some of the newest and most exciting mediums to store and archive your photographic collection. These websites have been designed specifically to address the photo storage needs of photographers. These...[more]

How to Use PhotoBucket to Save Pictures Online

PhotoBucket is a useful service which can be used to save pictures online. This is very easy to use and is a good way to ensure that your photographs are safe. No matter what...[more]

How a Digital Photo Album Frame Works

A digital photo album frame is a device which looks like the usual photo frame, but has an LCD screen that can display several photos like a slide show. These digital photos can be...[more]

How to Buy Royalty Free Pictures Online

Anyone who is building a website might be interested in how to buy pictures online. Buying royalty free photos makes it possible to use them in a number of locations. They can be used...[more]

Comparison of Popular Online Digital Photo Albums

Online digital albums are the best places on the Web to store and share your photos. There are many such websites and we will look into the main features of three popular ones, so...[more]

3 Popular Internet Photo Storage Websites

The top 3 Internet photo storage sites allow you to do far more than just share with your photos with family and friends. These websites provide you with the peace of mind to know...[more]

How to Use an Online Photo Album Maker to Share Your Images

An online photo album maker is a great way to display all of your photos on the Internet. These online photo makers create a very simple way to design an attractive layout, which will...[more]

How to Post Pictures Online with Picasa

Picasa, free software by Google, makes it easy to post pictures online. With Picasa, it is easy to organize, edit and share your photos with friends and family all around the world. Step 1:...[more]

2 Tips for Choosing a Pocket Digital Photo Album

The pocket digital photo album is on its way to becoming very popular. They are small enough to put into your pocket and carry with you. If you are unsure of how to go...[more]

How to Create Your Own Website with Online Photo Album Software

Creating a website with an online photo album software is a relatively easy task if you have the basic programming and software architecture know how. You can create a website with an online photo...[more]

3 Popular Digital Photo Album Maker Websites

Digital photo album maker online is something that more and more people are taking advantage of. It prevents those tearful moments when the computer crashes, wiping out all of your photographs. Below are the three...[more]

How to Assemble the Minimum Crew for Low Budget TV Show

Putting together a TV crew can be a daunting task, especially on a low budget show when you need to keep the number at a minimum. Here is a guide to help you determine...[more]

5 Tips to Saving Money for a Low-Budget Documentary Film Production

If you are getting ready to jump into a documentary film production, then you want to save as much money as possible. You especially want to focus on saving money if your production has...[more]

A Summary of What You Need to Complete an Independent Film Production

Independent film production can be one of the most challenging successes to achieve due to a low budget placing a restriction on quality. Following is an introduction to the various aspects that you need...[more]

2 Qualifications You Need Aside from a Film Production Degree

If you wish to become a film producer, you probably think that you need to study and get a film production degree right away. Indeed a film producer degree is necessary, but reality shows...[more]

5 Popular Film Production Software Packages for Indie Films

Film production software can be broken down into two categories, preproduction and postproduction. While these programs are all radically different in what they do, they all come together to help making a movie an...[more]

Corporate Film Production: Outsource and Save Big

Today, already 30 years have elapsed since outsourcing has been invented and it has already been used for years in corporate film production. It started back in 1980 in a hard economical state for...[more]

3 Steps to Becoming a Successful Freelance Cameraman

A Freelance cameraman position can be extremely rewarding financially if you set about it correctly and make the right contacts. The first thing you need is training. You can acquire this training by going...[more]

Differences Between a Film Production University & a Performance Film School

The main difference between a film production university and a performance film school is that one is a traditional college while the other is a trade school. Both have their positive and negative aspects...[more]

5 Steps to Finding the Right Film Production Studio for Your Indie

A film production studio helps you bring your indie film to fruition, but not all film production studios are made the same. And, you need to choose a good one to ensure that you...[more]

Film Production Insurance: [number] Reasons Why a Student Short Needs It

Film production insurance is one of the vital aspects a budding or student filmmaker should sort out and handle prior to the actual filming process. It is defined as a policy which covers and...[more]

4 Steps to CD & DVD Production for Beginners

CD and DVD production is much easier than many people imagine. As most new computers already have a built in DVD and CD burner, you probably have everything you need. You will be able...[more]

Film Production Training: Trade-offs between Online and School

There are several trade-offs between online and school film production training. The benefits of online film production training include a lower cost and being able to attend class whenever you want. However, the trade-off...[more]

Guide to Choosing Film Production Classes for Large Scale Productions

Choosing the right film production classes can prepare and equip you to launch your career in a big way. The following article lists the questions that you should ask and consider before choosing film...[more]

3 Tips for Budgeting a Short Film Production

A short film production can cost anywhere between 100 to 10,000 dollars to make depending on who is in it and what you're story entails. You should always create a budget when making a...[more]

How to Evaluate Insurance Needs for a Movie Film Production

Movie film production insurance is one of the most important subjects that a filmmaker needs to address before beginning a project. There are several legal and contractual reasons to get insurance, but most producers...[more]

Four Tips to Keeping Commercial Production Costs Low

Commercial production costs can easily spiral out of control if they're not managed properly. Of course you need to spend money to make a great commercial, but if you spend without control then you're...[more]

Becoming a TV Cameraman: Where to Start and What to Know

The occupation of being a TV cameraman can be quite exciting, if you have the inclination for such a job. Although there is no fixed way of getting to be a TV cameraman the...[more]

Guide to Finding Paid Film Production Internships

Finding paid film production internships can be a difficult process. There is fierce competition for paid film production internships, so you need to make yourself stick out from the crowd. If you are looking...[more]

4 Common Pitfalls of Film Production Management

The film production management crew is responsible for taking care of a plethora of things. They will handle anything from running the productions to scheduling shoots, ensuring that expenditures are kept within the budget....[more]

Trade-off's between Film and Video for a Commercial Production

Commercial film production is a highly profitable type of production to get into. When you break it down on average more money is spent per second on a commercial than it is on a...[more]

3 Online Resources to Get Business Video Clips

Business video clips are used online today as a popular means of advertising and branding. Many companies try to create business videos in order to reach a wider array of people. It is estimated...[more]

Top Two Schools to Study Film Production

If you want to study film production then you should know which are the best schools to go to. As you might know, Los Angeles and New York City are the two largest film...[more]

3 Tips to Selecting a Qualified Film Production Crew

When you are shooting a film, you have to take everything into account, including how to select a film production crew. If you know anyone in the film making world that has experience, you...[more]

Four Tips to Finding Film Production Work

The majority of all film production work is done on a freelance basis. This means that almost everyone is working from gig to gig and when they're in between gigs they're technically unemployed. Whether...[more]

Guide to Choosing a Company for Corporate DVD Production

Corporate DVD production is important for all companies today and the footage is used in a variety of ways to promote the company and its products and services. Here is a short guide which...[more]

Guide to DVD Production Costs for an Indie Movie Release

When you're a filmmaker without a distributor then one thing you need to worry about when the final edit is complete is DVD production costs. Now, there are various routes to go with DVD...[more]

2 Basic Lighting Techniques that Every Cameraman Should Know

A lighting cameraman is a fully competent one person crew. Every cameraman should have some knowledge of a few basic lighting techniques because it has huge influence over how the image recorded will look....[more]

How to Get Quality Film Production Supplies on a Budget

One of the common problems with independent filmmaking is that it requires you to procure quality film production supplies on a shoestring budget.The following is a guide on how to get quality film production...[more]

3 Tips for Using Adobe Encore DVD Production Software

DVD production software has the ability to turn your home grown DVD movie into a performance video. Because of the collaboration of all of the interested electronics companies who combined to form a forum...[more]

Photo Album Software: Using Corel Photo Album 7

Photo album software enables you to manage, organize and share your photos, edit them, create certain effects and also create slide shows and calendars. A popular one is the Corel Photo Album 7, and...[more]

Picking the Right Web Photo Album Design Template

A photo album design is essential especially if you want to show off your pictures to your friends and relatives online. Not only does it create a great feel for your photos, it also...[more]

Making Photo Canvas Art at Home

Inkjet printers make it easy to create photo canvas art in your own home. It's possible to purchase the necessary supplies online or in any office supply store. Inkjet printable canvas is easy to...[more]

Canvas Wrap: How to Stretch Your Own Canvas

If you are going to be creating paintings, then you should make your own canvas wrap. This will save you the time and expense of having someone else do it for you. And, best...[more]

Taking Note of a Giclee Canvas Print Price Guide

A giclee canvas print is similar to the old painting prints, except that they actually look more like the original painting. And, unlike traditional prints, giclees can actually go up in value. But, you...[more]

What is a Giclee Canvas Print?

A giclee canvas print is basically a print that is produced by using a printing technique which involves the use of digital images that are scanned in high resolution as the source, and printing...[more]

4 Reasons to Put Photos on Canvas

If you are a professional photographer, then you will probably receive lots of requests to print photos on canvas. There are many different reasons why people want to display their photos in this way....[more]

3 Websites that Make Great Canvas Photo Prints

If you want to turn your digital photo prints into a work of art by having them turned into canvas photo prints, there are some places on the Internet that can easily do this...[more]