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Operating a Thermal Imaging Camera

A thermal imaging camera is a unique type of camera. Unlike most cameras which capture light, a thermal camera will capture the heat coming from an object. The heat is displayed on a screen...[more]

Properly Identifying Digital Camera Problems

Digital camera problems can be quite frustrating, and if you are able to identify them properly, you can also find their solution. Here are few points to consider when you are trying to identify...[more]

3 Tips for Digital Camera Help for Beginners

Digital camera help has many sources available on the internet. One thing is for certain: photographers love to share. Just don’t ask to borrow their camera. The solutions for any photographic problem will take...[more]

Picking the Right Dual Sanyo Digital Camera

There are a few different models of the Sanyo digital camera available. Choosing the right one can be a little tricky. You will need to compare the different models available to look at the...[more]

Troubleshooting a Sanyo Digital Camera

As technology has evolved, it has become easier to troubleshoot a Sanyo digital camera. Most of the issues that will arise with your Sanyo digital camera will be basic in nature. This guideline will...[more]

3 Benefits of Digital Camera Support

When you purchase a new camera, the digital camera support can be a life saver. When you are learning the ins and outs of your new purchase, if you get stuck or if anything...[more]

Digital Camera Support: Getting the Best Help

When you buy a new digital camera, not only do you want to ensure the best product for your money, but also the best digital camera support. You want to know that if you...[more]

Navigating the Canon Tech Support Effectively

It is actually very easy to navigate the Canon tech support website. Via the Canon tech support website, you can obtain service and support and access drivers, software, brochures, manuals, supplies and accessories. If...[more]

Digital Camera Troubleshooting: Finding the Right Repair Center

Unfortunately, finding the right repair center might be part of your digital camera troubleshooting. If you are unable to repair your digital camera on your own, you will have to get it repaired. It...[more]

Digital Camera Troubleshooting: Camera Maintenance

Digital camera troubleshooting will be a whole lot easier for you if you properly maintain your camera. Camera maintenance is actually very easy and shouldn't cost you a penny. Cameras are intricate electronics, which...[more]

Camera Troubleshooting: When the Picture Quality is Low

Camera troubleshooting can be difficult at times if you're not sure exactly what could be causing the problem. If you are experiencing problems with the picture quality of your photos, then there are a...[more]

Camera Troubleshooting: When the Camera Won't Transfer Images

If your camera won't transfer images, then camera troubleshooting can be very frustrating. You will need to try and get to the bottom of the problem so that you can fix it and start...[more]

The Importance of Senior Portrait Photography

Senior portrait photography captures one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. It allows seniors to show the world who they are in a creative way. In the past, photography for seniors...[more]

Making Baby Portrait Photography Great

Baby portrait photography poses a number of challenges for photographers. Children in general have a shorter amount of patience as compared to adults. Infants are more problematic as they are unable to verbally express...[more]

Keeping a Baby Still for Portrait Photography

Photographers need a lot of patience and creativity when it comes to working with baby portrait photography. Babies do not keep still for long. When taking pictures of babies, photographers will need to work...[more]

How to Take Great Outdoor Portrait Photography

Often, great outdoor portrait photography is easier than getting great indoor portraits. However, things have to be done the right way to achieve these great photos. Step 1: Choose the Location The location you...[more]

What is Micro Photography?

Micro photography involves taking photographs using a microscope. The technology used is similar to that of an astronomical telescope. It is used to take images of substances smaller than a grain of sand that...[more]

3 Uses of Aura Photography

Aura photography is the art of taking a photograph of the energy field that surrounds any living object. The modern Aura cameras were invented in the 1970’s. These are different from the invention made...[more]

Aura Photography: How to Use an Digital Camera

Aura photography involves capturing a person’s aura, which refers to the radiation surrounding a person or object. While many people use special cameras to capture this aura, you can actually capture somebody’s aura using...[more]

Great Poses for Surf Photos

When you think of great poses for surf photos, you think of guys on their surfboards on the water. Here are some other poses to consider in order to capture the perfect surfing photo. Next...[more]

3 Tips to Enhance Surf Photos

Surf photos are a major attraction, as you usually have miles of beach and sand to utilize to get the shot you want. Keep sand away from your camera. Nothing is worse than sand...[more]

Surf Photography: How to Take Pictures On a Board

Surf photography is a unique challenge. In order to take good surf photos, you will need to learn how to take good quality pictures when standing on a board. This is an invaluable skill...[more]

How to Take Great Surf Photography

Surf photography can be difficult to obtain, but if you do it right, you will end up with some amazing shots. While you can take okay surf photography by standing on the beach, many...[more]

Making Kirlian Photography at Home

Kirlan photography is a unique type of photography which is very interesting to many people. This is a type of high voltage contact photography. It takes its name after Semyon Davidovich Kirlan who did...[more]

What is Kirlian Photography?

By definition, Kirlian photography is a technique of photography that, with the help of high-frequency, displays the patterns and colors of an object's aura or energy. Kirlian photography is popular in the movie industry...[more]

What Is Equine Photography?

Equine photography is photography that features horses as the subject. Some feature simply the horse or horses and others feature the horse with a rider. Horses are majestic creatures that can create some really...[more]

What Makes Seascape Photography Different?

Seascape photography is a branch of landscape photography where the sea is part of the main subject of the image. It is unique and distinct from other forms of photography for a number of...[more]

3 Essential Portrait Photography Tips For Beginners

Portrait photography tips can be helpful to a beginner because there is a certain format that these types of photos must follow. Here are three tips to help get you started. 1. The Subject...[more]

Studio Portrait Photography: Model Problems

Studio portrait photography gives photographers greater control of how the subject would appear on film. A studio also gives the photographer access to all of the available and necessary equipment for the shoot. With...[more]

2 Tips for Great Micro Photography

Micro photography is a bit more technical than ordinary photography. Micro photography works on reproduction ratios. If you are looking for tips on great micro photography, then check out the tips below: 1. Attach...[more]

How to Make Your Equine Photography Look Pro

If you aren't familiar with equine photography, equine photography involves taking pictures of horses. There is nothing better than taking a close-up shot of a creature that is as beautiful as a horse. This...[more]

3 Tips for Seascape Photography

If you are not familiar with seascape photography, seascape photography involves taking pictures of anything from water to coastal birds to the nature around the water. Seascape photography can be challenging because you basically...[more]

Comparison Between Secure Online File Storage & Typical Sharing Websites

Most of the sharing, file hosting services or secure online file storage service providers are designed to hold, store and make static content available as downloads online. The downloads and uploads are generally provided...[more]

[number] Websites to Archive & Share Pictures Online

If you are looking to save and share pictures online there are a lot of websites out there where you can do just that. All websites are not created equal, some are free whereas...[more]

3 Online Digital Photo Storage Services that Make Posters

If you want to share your photo albums privately with your friends, you can use one of the numerous online file storage services that exists on the Internet. Moreover, you can easily use the...[more]

3 Key Features of Free Online Photo Sharing with MyPhotoAlbum

Free online photo sharing is one of the best ways to store and share images online. Myphotoalbum is a popular photo sharing website, with numerous visitors and clients. The best way to compare this...[more]

4 Online Digital Photo Services that Offer Free Prints

The vast majority of online digital photo services offer free prints when you sign up for their services. This comes as no surprise since there are so many similar services online and the competition...[more]

How to Upload Pictures Online to KodakGallery

You can upload pictures online to Kodak Gallery and create albums and share them with your friends. The process is quite easy and here are the steps to upload your pictures from your computer....[more]

How to Know If Cheap Online Photo Printing Means Low Quality

Cheap online photo printing is a good way to print your digital photos out from your computer. Printing a digital photo using an inkjet printer can be very expensive because of the ink and...[more]

Guide to Choosing a Photo Storage Device

Professional photographers will need a photo storage device which can be used to store extra photos. There are many different photo storage devices which you can choose from. It's important to compare all of...[more]

How Online Photo Sharing Sites Make You Forfeit Rights to Images

Many naïve users and organizations do not think twice before submitting photographs to online photo sharing sites. Most of the sites effectively make you forfeit the rights to your graphics and content the moment...[more]

5 Benefits of Storing Digital Pictures Online

Storing digital pictures online is beneficial in a multitude of ways. In today’s society, we live a fast-paced life and many people live long distances from family and friends. There are some great ways...[more]

4 Popular Ebay Image Hosting Services

When auctioning items on eBay, image hosting is important. Images help potential buyers know what the item being advertised looks like. For older items or those with some form of damage, images reveal how...[more]

Comparison of Google & Microsoft Online File Storage

There are a lot of differences between the Google online file storage and Microsoft online file storage systems. Better known as the Google Docs and the Microsoft Office Live Workspace, they have distinct difference...[more]

How to Get Free Photo Image Hosting from ImageShack

ImageShack is a useful photo image hosting website which can be used to store all of your photos for free. Getting this free hosting is actually very easy. Once your account is set up,...[more]

How to Store Pictures Online as a Back-up Method

There are a number of sites that can be used to store pictures online, including but not limited to: Flickr, Photobucket, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak Gallery and many others. Any of these sites are simple...[more]

Benefits of a Photo Storage Viewer Over Non-Viewable Storage Devices

A photo storage viewer has many benefits over storage devices which do not have a screen. This article will look at some of these differences and consider why you should be prepared to pay...[more]

Why Professional Digital Photo Printing is Critical for Fine Art

Professional digital photo printing has changed the way we use and produce photos. Through the years, the digital photo printing industry has rapidly developed into one of the most popular industries. People from all...[more]

3 Popular Online Digital Photo Printing Services

Digital photo printing services online are an excellent way of getting your printing done. There are several services online that offer you incentive and excellent service. Many of them have seasonal offers for their...[more]

How Web Photo Storage is Different from Photo Sharing

Web photo storage and Photo sharing services are often seen as the same thing. However, both of these are actually slightly different. Many people will be better off using one service instead of the...[more]