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Why Download Webshots Desktop?

Webshots Desktop is an easy to use photo organizer that is made by American Greetings. Webshots Desktop is 100% free, which is, of course, the best reason to download Webshots Desktop. If being free...[more]

Finding Photos with Webshots Desktop

If you are in the need of photographs, then Webshots Desktop is a very useful resource. This can be used to search and find photos from amateur and professional photographers. Depending on your membership...[more]

Guide to Understanding SLR Lens Filters

When you're buying a new lens, consider using SLR lens filters. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to use lens filters. While these aren't essential, they can provide you with some...[more]

2 Suggestions for a Cheap and Good Camera Lens

You have a camera, but you are looking for a cheap camera lens to go with your camera. Depending on the type of camera you have, it will also depend on the kind of...[more]

Importance of a Quality Wide Angle Lens Adapter

A wide angle lens adapter is basically an extra lens that screws onto the front of your current lens. These adapters either give you a wider focus area, or they change the look of...[more]

3 Tips on How to Buy an SD Memory Card

When you go to buy a SD Memory Card, it can be a very simple task if you know what you are looking for. These small cards can be found in any department store...[more]

Selecting an MP3 Player Memory Card: Are They All the Same?

When choosing an MP3 player memory card, you will need to choose the right type of card. Many MP3 players store the files on a memory card. These memory cards can be removed and...[more]

How to Select Camcorder Lens Filters

Camcorder lens filters can greatly improve the images being photographed, if you pick the right one. Having the wrong filter might not get the job done right, or, even worse, might not fit onto...[more]

List of Classes for a 16Gb SD Card

A 16GB SD card is a very large memory card which can be used with compatible cameras and video cameras. There are a number of different types of SD card. All 16GB cards are...[more]

Hazards of Using 32GB SD Card Instead of One With Less Memory

A 32GB SD card is one of the biggest sizes of memory cards available at the moment. A 32GB SD card sounds like a very convenient card to use because this is so big....[more]

3 Websites to Buy a Quality 58mm Lens Filter

A 58mm lens filter can be found at some online websites. These websites will sell the filters for less than if they were brand new. There are several well known websites that have the...[more]

Comparison between an RS-MMC Memory Card and SD

An RS MMC memory card looks very similar to a SD card, but what are the differences? Learning about the differences should make it much easier to ensure that you are choosing the right...[more]

Why Wide Angle Lens Optics from Japan are Considered Better

The following is an analysis of why a Japanese-made optics wide angle lens may be considered the most superior wide angled lens.What is a Wide Angled Lens?Simply put, a wide-angle lens is a lens...[more]

3 Tips on Finding a Camera Lens at a Discount

Discount Camera lenses can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Where you don't want to look is at upscale camera shops. Most everything they have in stock will be...[more]

3 Fun Effects with a Cheap Fisheye Lens

A cheap fisheye lens can be attached to almost any camera to create a distorting effect. Fisheye lenses are extreme wide angle lenses that were originally developed for the study of meteorology. They were...[more]

Three Popular Devices that Use a MMC Flash Memory Card

The MultiMediaCard or MMC flash memory card remains to be one of the standards when it comes to flash memory cards. It is the predecessor of the Secure Digital or SD cards but continues...[more]

Why Every 52mm Lens Should have a UV Filter

A 52mm lens filter can provide protection and performance improvements to your lens. These filters are inexpensive to buy and are very easy to use. They also do not affect the quality of your...[more]

Features to Consider Before Buying an 32Gb Micro SD Card

When buying a 32GB micro SD card, there are some very important things to bear in mind. By thinking about these features before buying a card, you can ensure that you are buying the...[more]

Why Pros Should Consider Nothing Larger than an 8Gb Micro SD Card

Many professional photographers will only use an 8GB Micro SD card or smaller. This seems strange to many people starting out because it seems inconvenient. While a large memory card makes it easy to...[more]

2 Wide Angle Lens Options for a Nikon D70

The range of options for a Nikon d70 wide angle lens is not very vast. Here are a few you can opt for. 1. AF DX 10.5 mm f/2.8 The lens that Nikon makes...[more]

4 Popular Websites to Get a Wholesale Price on an SD Memory Card

Finding a wholesale SD memory card online at affordable prices is easy nowadays, since there are numerous websites available. Typically, people who have cameras and cell phones will look for Micro SD cards, mini SD...[more]

3 Fun Tricks with a Cheap Wide Angle Lens

The primary purpose of a cheap wide angle lens is to be able to attach it to almost any camera to allow the viewer to see an area that is larger than what is...[more]

Lasersoft Silverfast DC SE 101

Lasersoft Silverfast DC SE is sophisticated photo editing and scanning software which gives professional results. The software has a lot of intuitive features which make editing and scanning easy. Here are a few of...[more]

Picking the Right Version of Lasersoft Silverfast

It can be very difficult to pick the right version of Lasersoft Silverfast for your needs. There are 5 main versions of Lasersoft Silverfast software that you can choose from for your digital camera....[more]

Photography Workflow in Helicon Filter

When the photography workflow in Helicon Filter is made efficient you can do your edits more quickly and effectively. Here is the sequence which is usually recommended where you work your way through the...[more]

Setting White Balance in Helicon Filter

Setting the White Balance is an important step in post processing as most cameras are not able to get the right color cast particularly in artificial lighting. Here are simple steps for setting white...[more]

Applying Noise Reduction in Helicon Filter

Noise reduction is necessary for enhancing a digital image and is particularly useful when other editing, like color balancing and sharpening of the image, has been done by a photo editing software. Helicon Filter...[more]

Helicon Filter: Manipulating Skin Tone

Helicon Filter is sophisticated photo editing software with many tools and features for enhancing digital images. One of the features is that it allows you to manipulate the skin tone so that the shot...[more]

Why Buy the Helicon Filter?

The Helicon Filter is a fully featured photo editor that is made by Helicon Soft. The Helicon Filter is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. You can purchase a one year license or...[more]

Three Features of Helicon Filter

The Helicon Filter, which is made by HeliconSoft, is a fully featured photo editor. You can use the Helicon Filter for anything from file management to editing photos to retouching photos. The Helicon Filter...[more]

2 Great Features of the DxO FilmPack

DxO is a film simulation program which can be found online as a complementary software program for Adobe Photoshop or as a standalone program for those who wish to create and enhance their film...[more]

Optimizing Photo Exposure in DxO Optics Pro

The photo exposure is optimized in DxO Optics Pro due to the superior DxO Lighting technology that it uses. Issues concerned with back-lighting, contrast corrections in shadows and underexposure are resolved, giving the image...[more]

How to Use DxO Optics Pro

DxO Optics Pro is sophisticated imaging software that can automatically correct any distortion caused by the lens, the sharpness, vignetting and any aberrations in the color. The software depends on the EXIF of your...[more]

Managing Your Photography Workflow in DxO Optics Pro

DxO Optics Pro makes it easy for you to manage your photography workflow. In addition to helping you manage your photography workflow, DxO Optics Pro is also capable of improving the quality of your...[more]

DxO Optics Pro 101

DxO Optics Pro is an advanced program which has excellent automatic photo correction capabilities. The software is able to read the EXIF data and computes the types of corrections required based on certain presets...[more]

Three Strengths of DxO Optics Pro

DxO Optics Pro is an easy to use photo editing program that is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. DxO Optics Pro can handle everything from optics corrections to RAW conversion to dust...[more]

What's Cool About Print House Magic

Print House Magic from Corel has excellent graphic software providing many tools with an easy interface. The software also has an image editor and has features to create address books, database and calendars. Let...[more]

How to Use Print House Magic

Corel Print House Magicis a fairly simple image editing and photo manipulation package. This is aimed at the casual user who doesn't need the more advanced features provided by PaintShop Pro or other Corel...[more]

Finding a Useful JPG Editor Online

There are many very powerful online JPG editor suites available on the Internet. There are so many of them that finding the right one can be very difficult. There is no right or wrong...[more]

How to Use Arcsoft PhotoMontage

Arcsoft PhotoMontage makes it possible to create some unique and interesting photographs. Arcsoft Photomontage can be used to combine your photos into interesting collage photos. This will take your original image and make it...[more]

What Sets Arcsoft PhotoMontage Apart

Arcsoft PhotoMontage is a program that you can use to turn your ordinary digital photos into works of art with ease. The end product that is created by Arcsoft PhotoMontage will be totally unique...[more]

Wedding Photography Software: Using Digital Darkroom

If you are looking for wedding photography software, look no further than Digital Darkroom. Digital Darkroom can help you with everything from proofing your photos to enhancing your photos to selling your photos. Digital...[more]

Why Use Digital Darkroom Professional Edition?

There are many reasons that you should use Digital Darkroom Professional Edition. For example, Digital Darkroom Professional Edition makes it easy for you to manage, enhance and sell your photos. Digital Darkroom Professional Edition...[more]

Using Color Management in Photoshop

Color management is important, especially with professions and fields that involve working with accurate colors. Photographers, graphic artists and similar professionals work with multiple display devices. Although colors may have the same reference numbers,...[more]

5 Benefits of a Portable Digital Photo Album

A portable digital photo album gives you the advantage of always having your photos on hand. While useful for a family, it is also invaluable for a businessman who needs to carry photographs of...[more]

What is Color Management?

The term color management refers to a process wherein the characteristics of colors in each device being used are manipulated. This process allows the colors to remain consistent even when the image is transferred...[more]

Achieving a Great Photography Workflow

Unless you are able to achieve a great photography workflow, you will not succeed in efficiently transferring your pictures from a camera to their final and desired format. There are a number of steps...[more]

Advertising Makeup Photography: Where to Be

Fashion makeup photography is a great way for some photographers to create an extra source of income. These services are in demand by many people. The people who may buy your services include make up...[more]

What Does Photo Reflect Do?

Photo Reflect is an online display of the photographs of many top quality photographers around the world. Based in the United Kingdom, they have a good tutorial section for getting to know about various...[more]

Photo Reflect: Finding a Professional Photographer

Photo Reflect is a website which allows professional photographers to upload and sell their images online. Photographers can create their own online store with the site which displays their work and portfolio and allows...[more]