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What Does Watermark Factory Do?

Watermark Factory can be used to protect your images by watermarking them. This makes it possible to easily add an image or text as a watermark over the top of an image. This can...[more]

3 Key Features of Watermark Factory

Watermark Factory is a great program that allows you to add image and text watermarks to any image. If you are a professional photographer, it is a good idea to apply a watermark to...[more]

6 Reasons to Use Watermark Factory

Adding a watermark, signature or text to your photos is now made easy by Watermark Factory. Have you ever had the surprise of seeing your photos being used on another site without permission? This...[more]

An Overview of Picture Doctor

Picture Doctor, as the name suggests, helps in correcting or recovering damaged files in different formats. If you have image files that have been corrupted due to usage of other software on an external...[more]

7 Reasons to Use Picture Doctor for Picture Recovery

Picture Doctor is a program you can use to restore damaged or corrupted files. Files that have been revived shall then be saved in BMP format. File formats that are supported by this recovery...[more]

Private Photo Album: An Overview

Private Photo Album is a photo viewing application that enables you to keep certain images private with good encryption and password protection. This software is ideal for keeping certain photos inaccessible to others, and...[more]

3 Key Features of Red Eye Removal

As you would expect, Red Eye Removal is a program that makes it easy for you to remove red eye from subjects in your photos. Red Eye Removal is compatible with Windows computers only....[more]

3 Reasons to Buy Red Eye Removal

Red Eye Removal is a software program that enables you to deal with red eyes effect easily, removing them from your pictures. The result can be achieved within seconds since the software can correct...[more]

Batch Picture Resizer: An Overview

Batch Picture Resizer makes it very simple for professional photographers to adjust and resize all of their photos in one go. This means that photographers will be able to automate the process of resizing...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy Batch Picture Resizer

Batch Picture Resizer is a very useful program for people who work with lots of pictures and need to edit them. Typically, editing or resizing many pictures one by one takes a lot of...[more]

Batch Picture Resizer: Key Features

Batch Picture Resizer is a useful tool for anyone who has lots of photos. This means that the tool is perfectly suited for professional photographers. The software automatically resizes and adds watermarks to images...[more]

5 Must Have Features for a Professional Movie Camera

Whether you’re working with a film or digital professional movie camera, there are some features and settings that you just can’t do without. These functions not only help you optimize your shots, they also...[more]

4 Types of DIY Filmmaking Equipment

If you want to make a movie, then you need to have proper filmmaking equipment. Thanks to advances in digital technology, there are now more filmmakers creating their own work than ever before. But...[more]

How to Shoot Like a Pro with a Consumer Video Camera

A consumer video camera tries to make everything easier for the user by automatically controlling most of the functions. While most average people welcome this help, most professionals find it discouraging because it hinders...[more]

3 Challenges for Getting Filmmaking Grants

Filmmaking grants are one way to fund the production of a film. Organizations award grants to projects that fit the requirements and criteria set by the organization's awarding committee. Grants are not paid back....[more]

Digital Camcorder Basics: 3 Tips for Buying a Camcorder

If you're trying to buy a new digital camcorder or camcorder, you will need to bear a few different features in mind. By thinking about the features available on the camcorder you are buying,...[more]

What a Digital Camcorder can Do Better than a Film Movie Camera

Have you ever wondered what a digital camcorder can do better than a film movie camera? In a world full of 3D and HD videos, film movie cameras are now becoming a thing of...[more]

Old Movie Cameras: What Collectors Value the Most

Old movie cameras are completely different from the camcorders you buy nowadays from your local electronics store. Today's cameras operate with computers and chips, while old movie cameras did the job with mechanisms and...[more]

How To Buy a Camcorder: 5 Must Have Features

When learning how to buy a camcorder, you will need to understand which features are required. There are many different camera features that you can choose from. By choosing these carefully, it is possible to...[more]

The Video Camera: 4 Features Professionals Prefer

The video camera is the most important tool used in production. You could have a great idea, great actors, great lighting and great set design, but if you're shooting with a low quality camera,...[more]

5 Features to Consider When Buying Digital Camcorders

Buying digital camcorders can be intimidating, especially due to the ever-increasing technological advancements being made constantly. However, a few basic details can help you choose the right one. Here are some important features to...[more]

How to Make a Video CD for Your Still Images

It's possible to make a video CD which contains all of your photographs. This is a great way to produce a slideshow which can be shown to all of your friends and family. Any...[more]

3 Popular Websites for Discounted Mini DV Tapes

Mini DV tapes are available on a number of websites at discounted prices. They can be bought both individually as well as in packs. Most often it pays to purchase them in a pack,...[more]

How a Film Producer Can Use Video to Get a Film Look

Any film producer will need to understand how he can make videos look like films. There's something very popular and attractive about the film look. Film can make the movie look surreal and interesting....[more]

How to Use a Digital Video Recorder DVR to Store Your Camcorder Videos

A digital video recorder DVR is a great way to record and store live videos and streaming media as well. You can record and store parts of your favorite TV show. Alternatively, you can...[more]

How a Video Camera for a Computer Can be Used for Remote TV Interviews

A video camera for a computer has many different uses. These aren't just perfect for web conferencing, but they are also ideal for higher quality uses including remote television interviews. Most computers are connected...[more]

3 Popular Uses of Mini Video Recorders

Mini video recorders, or camcorders, are designed to be small and portable, giving consumers ease of operation. They are capable of taking the highest quality videos without compromising their size. Below are the three...[more]

How the Panasonic 4/3" Video Camcorder will Change the Industry

Panasonic has announced the release of the first micro 4/3-inch Panasonic video camcorder which optimizes video recording. It is scheduled for release by the end of 2010 and will set a new standard for...[more]

How to Use Your Mini DV Camera as a Mini DV Player

Buying a mini DV player makes it very easy to play back mini DV tapes on your television. These devices are, however, quite expensive and there is a much cheaper alternative. It's relatively easy...[more]

3 Popular Professional Digital Camcorders for Low Budget Productions

Professional digital camcorders that are available today cover a fairly high end market range, and they provide a huge amount of gadgets and features. Here are three professional digital camcorders you can use for...[more]

Guide to Using Mini DV Digital Camcorders for TV Production

With the proliferation of numerous digital DV camcorders and many video based websites like DailyMotion, YouTube and MetaCafe, a lot of film makers are stepping into make short films to showcase their talents to...[more]

Understanding the Foveon X3 Image Sensor

An image sensor is a device that helps in capturing colors, and most image sensors capture a single color at each layer. However, the Foveon X3 image sensor captures red, green and blue colors...[more]

3 Great Features of Silver Efex Pro

Silver Efex Pro, which is made by Nik Software, is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Apple Aperture. Silver Efex Pro comes with tools that will help you create professional looking black...[more]

Understanding the Interface of HDR Efex Pro

HDR Efex Pro is has a high dynamic range photography interface that works intuitively. Most similar products are very complex and highly technical, making them difficult to use. This is where HDR Efex Pro...[more]

Using Portrait Professional For Close Up Photos

Portrait Professional helps to enhance portraits through its many features and tools--from making an image more presentable to transforming the look of the model--by correcting inconsistencies in the pictures. Here is how this software...[more]

Canon Legria FS200: How Flash Memory Makes Shooting and Editing Much Easier

The Canon Legria FS200 camcorder records all the footage directly onto SD memory cards. There are a number of reasons why this is easier to use than DV tapes and even mini DVD camcorders....[more]

3 Features to Consider When Buying a Night Vision Video Camera

A night vision video camera can be a lot of fun and is quite useful as well. Here are a few features you can check for before buying this type of camera. 1. Infrared...[more]

Benefits of the Canon Vixia Series Camcorders over Other Brands

Anyone buying a Canon Vixia camcorder will be able to benefit from a number of advanced features. It's important to consider all of these features when deciding which type of camcorder you should buy....[more]

4 Types of Mini Video Camcorders

There are several mini video camcorders on the market, and they are used for various purposes. Here are some popular types of mini video camcorders: 1. Flip-Mono The digital flip-mono uses a USB jack...[more]

Guide to Choosing Video Cameras for Low Budget Independent Films

If you make independent films, then wisely spending the shoestring budget that you are on is often a top priority. While choosing and buying equipment, you can get a lot of bang for your...[more]

Guide to Understanding HD Digital Camcorders

There are many different types of HD digital camcorders that you can choose from. You will need to compare the different features so that you can purchase the best camcorder for your needs. High...[more]

Video Camera Comparisons: Major Differences between Pro and Consumer Features

Purchasing a video camera can be quite confusing and a lot of video camera comparisons should be done. Video recording has become so advanced that you can now take high quality recordings with a...[more]

How to Buy A Video Camera: 3 Must Have Features

Many people are trying to find out how to buy a video camera. Here are of the best features that you should look for when choosing a camcorder. By deciding on these features, it...[more]

Features that Make It Easy to Create Movies with a DVD Camera

If you are looking for a DVD camera which can be used to make movies, then you will need to consider a few different features. These features will make it much easier for you...[more]

Guide to Getting Started in Filmmaking

To get started in filmmaking, it helps to know someone already in the industry. If you do not have any connections, here are some tips to get you started. When you are a go-getter...[more]

Guide to Choosing Professional Camcorders for Indie Films

There are a lot of professional camcorders out there to choose from for shooting your indie movie. The one you choose is ultimately up to your personal tastes, needs and budget. However, there are...[more]

3 Popular Uses of HD Camcorders

HD camcorders are used for many purposes when making videos. They can be used for anything from family fun to professional videos for low budget movies. Here are three popular uses of HD camcorders:...[more]

4 Popular Features to Compare When Buying an HD Video Camcorder

When looking at an HD video camcorder, there are a few things to consider. Don’t get taken by price alone; be wise and make sure you are buying for the longer term. Here are...[more]

DV Basics: How to Select a Digital Video Camcorder

The DV digital video camcorder has revolutionized video shooting and now almost anyone can take great looking video footage. Due to the wide range of models available in the market today, it sometimes becomes...[more]

How to Buy a Professional Grade High Def Video Camera

If you are looking to buy a high def video camera to be used for television production and feature films, there are many things you'll need to take into consideration. The Sony Corporation introduced...[more]