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4 Websites to Learn Digital Photography for Free

You don’t have to take expensive lessons to learn digital photography; there are plenty of places you can learn it for free. Here is a list of some websites that will give you free...[more]

Disc Format Guide for JVC DVD Camcorders

JVC DVD camcorders have been popular amongst gadget freaks and casual home users due to their exceptional quality and good support. These camcorders offer a couple of disc format options that may be a...[more]

5 Tips on How to Buy a DVD Camcorder

It all seems pretty straightforward when you set out to buy a DVD camcorder, but that is before you are faced with a multitude of choices. Here are some things you should research prior...[more]

3 Tips for Buying a Video Camera

Buying a video camera can cost you anywhere from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars. Because this is a fairly large purchase, you want to get something that will last a long...[more]

5 Features of Image Compressor

Image Compressor is software that helps you enjoy working with your photos. The first copy of it that you will get is an evaluation copy that immediately gets activated upon installation. This version does...[more]

Professional Digital Video: 2 Popular Cameras for Indie Films

Professional digital video has been revolutionized in the last few years thanks to huge advances in the technology of digital video compression. For one thing, the current cameras that are popular for shooting indie...[more]

3 Simple Secrets of Indie Filmmaking

Indie filmmaking is the birthplace for a lot of careers in Hollywood. A good majority of the directors who have films playing in national theaters started their careers making independent films. If you're thinking...[more]

How to Capture Video Simply with the Dazzle Digital Video Creator

The Dazzle Digital Video Creator can be used to capture video from your old VHS collection, so that you can hang onto those precious moments in your life. The Digital Video Creator is easy...[more]

4 Tips for Great High Speed Photography

High speed photography is sometimes called freezing fast motion, and this is used to give great photographic effects. It is not easy to take such shots, but it is possible. Using a scene of...[more]

3 Product Photography Tips from the Pros

Product photography tips can come a long way for photographers in the field. Product photographs can help the consumer or client determine if the item in the photograph is worth purchasing. One great photograph...[more]

3 Digital Photography Secrets of the Pros

You don’t have to take a class to learn digital photography secrets. Here are three tips that will have you shooting like a pro. 1. Know Your Camera It sounds like a simple rule,...[more]

3 Digital Photography Tricks to Shoot Like the Pros

If you are looking for ways to improve your photography skills, try these easy digital photography tricks. 1. Adjust Shutter Speed Most digital cameras will allow a small adjustment of shutter speed, although the...[more]

3 Professional Photography Tips for Those New to the Business

Anyone new to this business can certainly benefit from some basic professional photography tips to help them get their career started on the right foot. Afterall, it's a tough business and it's much better...[more]

3 Digital Photography Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Images

There are a few simple digital photography tips and tricks which can improve a photographer’s images. Mastering photography requires a lot of practice and experimentation. The following problems are common whether photographing as an...[more]

3 Sports Photography Tips from the Pros

There are several sports photography tips which can help budding photographers in the field. Sports photography is difficult in its own right, as photographers will need to be quick in capturing the images at...[more]

Differences between Film and Digital Landscape Photography

Digital landscape photography is still in its early stages when compared to film based landscape photography, which has had more than 100 years of refinement. The primary difference is in the kind of equipment...[more]

The Key Features of Nikon Capture NX

Nikon Capture NX, for Mac and Microsoft operating systems, is software which helps capture and process pictures in an easy manner. Here is a list of some of the features that it possesses: Image...[more]

How to Capture Ultra Wide Images with the 6mm Nikkor Fisheye Lens

The Nikkor Fisheye lens is a specialized camera lens that can be used to capture very wide images and put them up for display in a characteristically convex and rounded view. Various people use...[more]

How Magnification Changes by Using an Olympus Wide Angle Lens

If you have tried an Olympus wide angle lens, you probably noticed the difference in the magnification behavior when compared to the more conventional lenses. Here is how the magnification of images changes by...[more]

Group Photographers: Using Digital Darkroom's Assembly Edition

Group photographers feel the need to have collaborative software that addresses their needs for a combined photography workflow. The Digital Darkroom Assembly Edition is one such software program. Here is some information about the...[more]

3 Problems Outdoor Portrait Photography Presents

The sun is the main source of light when achieving outdoor portrait photography. It is free and produces the most accurate colors. Photographing in the outdoors comes with its own set of challenges. The...[more]

How a Canon TTL Flash Offers Better Lighting than Manual

A Canon TTL flash (through the lens flash) is a great new way of measuring lighting conditions for professional photographic exposure. The following discusses how the Canon TTL flash is better than manual modes....[more]

3 Cool Features of PhotoFrame

PhotoFrame, which is made by onOne Software, is a program that allows you to apply the perfect finishing touches to any picture. In addition to helping you create full page layouts, PhotoFrame comes with...[more]

3 Great Features of PhotoTools

PhotoTools works quickly to give your images a more professional look. There are several useful features that make this program very useful. There are, for example, hundreds of professional quality effects that you can...[more]

Capture NX2: The Correction Tools

Capture NX2 by Nikon is powerful software for quick photo editing. The correction tools are based on U Point technology, which provides better editing of chosen areas in the image without affecting any of...[more]

Learning about Capture NX2

Capture NX2 is Nikon’s image editor and RAW processor that was released in June 2008. This software gives you a lot more new functions and tools compared to the old version of NX. Several...[more]

3 Great Bibble 5 Features

Bibble 5 is an easy to use photo editing program. Bibble 5 is designed to allow you to edit your photos faster than any other photo editing program on the market. A few of...[more]

Learning About Bibble 5

Bibble 5 is fast and powerful editing software that offers a wide array of possibilities and editing options. It also has tools for asset management, which helps you organize all the images that you...[more]

Arcadia Software: Learning about PhotoPerfect

Arcadia Software Photo Perfect is simple-to-use, powerful and professional photo editing software. The primary focus of Arcadia Software’s Photo Perfect software is to provide quick and easy access to major photo manipulation tasks for...[more]

What Is CamWork?

CamWork is a DOS program that downloads images from digital cameras such as Olympus, Agfa and Epson Digital. It is a small program that only requires 65kb. It also does not require any tedious...[more]

Zwei-Stein: What to Look for in Free Video Editing Software

There is a lot of free video editing software available in the market today and the many choices can be overwhelming. If you are considering using Zwei-Stein video editing and compositing software, here is...[more]

Taking a Tour of iCUII

iCUII is a software solution that is solely dedicated to live video chatting and conferencing round the clock. It is the perfect solution for people who are into live video conferencing with five to...[more]

3 Great Features of iCUII

iCUII is a program that allows you to video chat from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can video chat and even send pictures, audio and much...[more]

Understanding iCUII

iCUII is state of the art video chat software that offers a great user-friendly look and interface. The software is very simple, easy and fast, with features like video phone, chatting and live video....[more]

What Does ISPQ Do?

ISPQ is software for video messaging and holding live webcam chats in different chat rooms. The software provides good quality video in high resolution and is loaded with various features. Here are a few...[more]

A Look into iVisit for Mac

iVisit is a video conferencing software program that allows you to talk to and share documents with others. You can use this software on your Mac computer or mobile device. And, the best part...[more]

Check out iVisit Mobile

iVisit is a video conferencing software program that allows you to talk to other people and share your browser. You can use this program for both business and personal use. The mobile version allows...[more]

A Look at iVisit Presenter

iVisit is a video conferencing software program. And, video conferencing means that you can not only communicate with others, but also see the other person. iVisit Presenter program allows you to share your computer...[more]

3 Tips About Video Cameras to Know Before Buying

There are a few things to know about video cameras before purchasing one. A camera is the one piece of filmmaking equipment that is constantly changing, especially in the last decade. Years ago, the...[more]

Pocket Digital Video Camcorder Comparison: Flip vs Bloggie

When choosing a pocket digital video camera, you will be able to choose from the Flip or the Bloggie. Both of these are very small compact cameras which can be taken anywhere you go...[more]

Why You Should Buy Camcorders Only from an Authorized Merchant

If you are going to buy Canon camcorders, or camcorders from another reliable brand, it is important that you buy only from an authorized merchant. If you don't, you could be risking your time,...[more]

Hitachi Video Camcorder: 4 Benefits of the Blu-Ray Format

There are many different Hitachi video camcorder models available. Many of the latest models record directly onto mini blu ray discs. This provides users with a number of benefits which need to be considered....[more]

4 Must Have Accessories for Professional HD Camcorders

Professional HD camcorders may give you the best quality and output for your projects, but there are crucial add-ons you still must invest in. There are a number of accessories for your professional HD...[more]

Compare DVD Camcorders: JVC vs Sony vs Panasonic

If you want to compare DVD camcorders, then it will certainly pay to compare JVC vs Sony vs Panasonic. These are, after all, the top names in the camcorder business and so a comparison...[more]

How to Download Video from a Canon Camcorder with a Hard Drive

If you are using a Canon hard drive camcorder, then you will need to find out how you can use it to transfer the videos to your computer. This whole process is very easy...[more]

3 Tips for Shooting an Indie Film with a Cheap DV Camcorder

You have an awesome script, a great group of friends that can act, and your cheap DV camcorder in tow. You’re ready to make waves in the indie filmmaking scene and create a groundbreaking...[more]

Digital Filmmaking: How to Get Started

Thanks to advances in technology over the last couple of decades, digital filmmaking is now accessible to more people than ever before. All you need to make your own productions is a digital camcorder,...[more]

How to Use a Tiny Video Camera for Surveillance

It certainly will pay to learn how to use a tiny video camera for surveillance, as proper usage can help you in a number of ways. Typically, such cameras are well equipped and are...[more]

Consumer vs Professional Video Camcorder: 4 Major Differences

A consumer video camera may serve the same function as a professional video camcorder, but many differences exist between these cameras, both in use and in output. A consumer camcorder simply captures moving images...[more]

4 Websites to Buy a Refurbished Digital Camcorder

A refurbished digital camcorder is just as good as new; getting good deals on gifts is worth the search. Refurbished digital cameras on the following sites are affordable and most come with money back guarantees....[more]