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DeskShare Rip DVD: An Overview

You can use DeskShare Rip DVD to rip and convert DVD movies so you can transfer them to your portable device. This program is compatible with many portable devices including the iPod, iPhone, iPad,...[more]

DeskShare Video Edit Magic: An Overview

DeskShare Video Edit Magic is a piece of software which can be used to edit digital videos. This is a powerful application but its also very simple to use. This software can be used...[more]

3 DeskShare Digital Media Converter FAQs

DeskShare Digital Media Converter is a program that you can use to convert between most popular audio and video file formats. This program is compatible with Windows operating systems only. This guideline will provide...[more]

DeskShare Digital Media Converter: An Overview

DeskShare Digital Media Converter is a program that you can use to convert video and audio files to different formats. This program supports most popular audio and video file formats, including MP3. WAV, WMA,...[more]

3 Key Features of Premiere Elements 9

Premiere Elements 9 is a state of the art video editing program that is made by Adobe Systems. You can use this program to create polished movies instantly that you can share with your...[more]

Avoiding Overexposure in Digital Photography

Overexposure can quite easily destroy an otherwise perfect photo. If you want to salvage these photos, then you will need to learn how to avoid the problem of overexposure by using white balance. By...[more]

Camera Raw: Using the Curve Tab

Camera Raw is an Adobe Photoshop CS5 plug-in that allows you to access and use your RAW images. It supports different formats by the leading camera manufacturers. This plug-in features a Curves feature, which...[more]

Camera Raw: Adjusting White Balance

When working with camera RAW files, it's possible to make a range of adjustments. It's quite simple to adjust the white balance of photos to make them look much better. Even the most professional...[more]

Camera Raw: Leveling and Cropping

Camera Raw is a Photoshop plug-in that allows you to manipulate your raw image. A raw image is any image with little to no manipulation done to it. It is similar to the negatives...[more]

What Does a DNG Converter Do?

The DNG Converter is an Adobe product that helps you store the raw files created by your digital camera. DNG stands for Digital Negative, which is a type of public archival format for these...[more]

Bridge Software: Ranking RAW and JPEGs

Adobe Bridge Software can be used to easily manage all of your digital photos. This makes it very easy to find the images that you are searching for. Because of this, it is simple...[more]

How to Sort Images in Bridge

When using Adobe Bridge, it is possible to rotate and sort images. This makes it very easy to manage your photographs in a single application. The interface is very easy to use which will...[more]

Adobe Bridge: Sizing Thumbnails

Adobe Bridge is sophisticated media management software that provides easy access to all your assets from a centralized location. The software is available with the standalone applications of CS5 and also with Creative Suite...[more]

4 Reasons to Use Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge CS5 is a useful software package for any professional photographer. This software makes it very easy to organize and manage all of your photos. This makes it very easy for you to...[more]

3 Key Features of Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is an easy to use media manager. You can use this program to quickly and easily access all of your media files. Adobe Bridge is compatible with many other Adobe programs, including...[more]

3 Tips for Great Dawn Photography

Dawn photography can come out spectacular if you keep certain things in mind. Just half an hour before the sun rises, the light is not harsh or too dim and creates the best natural...[more]

5 Tips for Great Desert Photography

When taking desert photography, it's very important to consider the lighting and exposure. Deserts are extremely beautiful, but they are like nowhere else on earth. The sand will reflect the light which will make...[more]

4 Tips for Great Sunset Photography

Sunset photography can capture some unique and interesting photos that you will be very proud of. However, taking photos in these conditions can be very difficult. You will need to understand how to get...[more]

Calibrating Your Monitor for Photoshop

Correctly calibrating monitor settings can help the monitor to display much more realistic colors. All monitors will display colors differently and that's why it's important to correctly set them up. While the colors aren't...[more]

Digital Photography: Finding a Unique Point of View

By choosing a unique point of view, it should be much easier to take memorable photos which are very special. There are thousands of photographers all competing to sell similar looking photographs. One of...[more]

The Importance of Cable Release in Photography

A cable release can be used to remotely control the shutter of the camera. This makes it possible to take a photo without having to hold or touch the camera. This has a number...[more]

7 Basic Photography Accessories

There are many photography accessories that should be used to make it easier to take photos. Here are some of the most useful, basic photography accessories which are essential. Choosing the right accessories will...[more]

5 Tips for Great Christmas Photography

Christmas photography is very interesting and exciting, but is very different from normal photography. You will need to learn these useful tips which can help you take better and more memorable Christmas photos. Christmas...[more]

How to Make a 3D Camera

A 3D camera is extremely popular because it allows you to capture what you really see. The problem with these cameras is that they are very expensive. The following examines a simple way to...[more]

What to Look for in a Megazoom Camera

There are many different models of megazoom cameras available. This can make it difficult to choose which camera you should buy. Below are the features you should be on the look out for when...[more]

3 Cool Megazoom Cameras

Megazoom cameras are great for beginners and for people who do not wish to use the Digital SLR. Here are three cool megazoom cameras: 1. Canon PowerShot SX1 IS This camera has a 10...[more]

What Is a Photoshop Gallery?

A Photoshop gallery is a simple presentation style, similar to what you see when you look up all of the raw images taken by a camera in the Bridge mode while using Adobe Photoshop....[more]

How to Create Contact Sheets

Producing contact sheets can be a very easy way of displaying the photos from a photo shoot to clients. These contact sheets will allow clients to take a look at the photos that you...[more]

What are Contact Sheets?

Contact sheets are useful to show clients how their finished photographs will look. Contact sheets are sheets filled with all the photos from the shoot. Contact sheets are easy to produce and will make...[more]

What does Winnowing a Photography Shoot Mean?

Anyone doing a photography shoot will need to understand how to winnow the shot. Any photographers who are now moving to digital photography will need to understand a new process for initial editing. This...[more]

Backing up RAW to DVD: The Importance

Backing up RAW to DVD makes it possible to keep your photos safe no matter what happens to your computer. RAW photo files have a number of advantages over JPEG and normal image files....[more]

Understanding Computer Configuration for Photography

If you are taking digital photos, then computer configuration is very important. It's essential that your computer is as fast as possible so that you can edit and touch up the photos without the...[more]

5 Tips to Set Up a Camera

When you are trying to set up a camera you will find that is can be confusing and difficult at times. This article will look at a number of different tips which can be...[more]

4 Key Features of Easy Screen Capture Video

Easy Screen Capture Video is a professional program for real time recording of any activity on your screen. This software provides the ideal solution for making instructional or demonstration videos on your computer. Here...[more]

4 Key Features of Camera Plus Pro

Any iPod touch will take pictures more effectively with the installation of the Camera Plus program. Not only is it easy to use, it makes taking videos and pictures simple, and saving, editing and...[more]

4 Key Features of NTI Media Maker

NTI Media Maker is a sophisticated software suite with various applications for your digital media. With this software, you can convert, edit, copy, share and make backups of your video, audio, data and image...[more]

NTI Media Maker: An Overview

NTI Media Maker is a software with great tools that help you to create CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs with a professional touch to them. It has many features and some of them are...[more]

TOP Video to DVD for Mac: An Overview

TOP Video to DVD for Mac is a great piece of software. It helps people convert single or multiple videos into a DVD readable format and it can also burn the converted files and...[more]

NetCamCenter IP Camera Software: An Overview

This overview of IP Camera Software will look at the purpose of the software and the prices that NetCamCenter charges for its products. The hardware that the software needs to run effectively will also...[more]

TOP Video Cutter for Mac: An Overview

With TOP Video Cutter for Mac it is very easy to complete a number of common tasks, such as cutting up your videos. Furthermore, this software makes it easy to extract your favorite portions...[more]

TOP iPod Video Converter for Mac: An Overview

iPod Video Converter is a software that helps you to convert all the video files from the iPod into other formats, so they can be viewed on other devices. This converter has many features...[more]

TOP iPhone Video Converter for Mac: An Overview

iPhone Video Converter is a software that allows you to convert iPhone video formats into other formats that are compatible with other devices, so you can watch videos without any difficulty. Let us look...[more]

TOP AVI to iPhone Converter for Mac: An Overview

TOP AVI to iPhone Converter for Mac is a program that you can use to convert AVI video files to MPEG video files, which are supported by the iPhone. You can also use this...[more]

TOP Video Converter for Mac: An Overview

Video Converter for Mac is a software that allows you to convert video files into compatible formats for the Mac. It has many great features and some of them are discussed in this article....[more]

TOP DVD To AVI Converter for Mac: An Overview

DVD to AVI Converter is a software that allows Mac users like you to convert DVD formats into the AVI format. It has a great number of functions that you can add to your...[more]

TOP DVD To iPod Converter for Mac: An Overview

DVD To iPod Converter, as suggested by the name, is a software that helps in the conversion of varied input formats like DVD, DVD-5, DVD-9 and some IFO picture files into formats that are...[more]

TOP DVD To Apple TV Converter for Mac: An Overview

DVD To Apple TV is a software that allows you to convert DVD format files into formats that are compatible with the Apple TV. It has many interesting features and some of them will...[more]

TOP DVD To MP3 Converter for Mac: An Overview

DVD To MP3 Converter is a software that allows you to convert DVD files into the MP3 formats compatible with the Mac. The features will be discussed in this article through a brief overview...[more]

TOP DVD Ripper for Mac: An Overview

Top’s DVD Ripper for Mac is specifically designed for computer systems running on Mac OS X for ripping and converting content derived from DVDs.  A number of editing features have also been included to...[more]

TOP Blu Ray to AVI Converter for Windows: An Overview

The Top Blu Ray to AVI Converter is a program capable of ripping, converting and editing files straight from DVDs and Blu Ray discs. It is designed to rip and convert files from Blu...[more]