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3 Tips Every Film Producer Should Know

Every film producer, whether commercial or independent, will be faced with a lot of challenges both interpersonal and technical. In order to survive the grueling yet exciting world of film production, there are several...[more]

Features and Benefits: 3D JVC Camera

The 3D JVC camera is one of the first cameras to perform motion and depth sensing together. The camera not only captures the standard 2D videos, but also perceives the pixel depth for each...[more]

4 Features & Benefits of the 2010 Top Rated HD Video Camcorder

Before taking the plunge to buy a 2010 top rated HD video camcorder, you must become informed on the features and benefits of these camcorders. There are four features and benefits that you should...[more]

Taking Great Valentines Day Pictures

Valentines Day pictures make memorable moments worth holding onto. People in love usually demand Valentines Day pictures that are memorable, unique and special. Here are tips for taking great pictures that are guaranteed to...[more]

Taking Great Fishing Pictures

When fishing pictures are used for local news reports or online fishing sites, more people are likely to criticize how they're taken and not the size of the fish. Here are a few tips...[more]

4 Photography Websites to Study for Aspiring Pros

Professional photographers need photography websites they can go to in order to sell photos, learn more about photography, and pick up hints and tips. Here are some of the photography websites geared towards aspiring...[more]

3 Tips for Superior Event Photography

Booking your first event photography gig is an important milestone in your career. If you do a great job then you're going to be hired again, but if your work is subpar, it's going...[more]

4 Useful Features of PhotoPost

PhotoPost is a type of computer software used to share photos through an online gallery. It allows users to post images and talk about the photos in an online forum environment. Some of the...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy FocalPoint

FocalPoint is computer software used to create the same type of features normally created using an actual camera lens, such as realistic selective focus, depth-of-field and vignette effects. It can be used as either...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy Capture NX2

Capture NX2 is a type of computer software used to perform photo image editing from Nikon. Here are a few reasons why you should buy this program: 1. Easy to Learn Capture NX2 is...[more]

4 Popular Handheld HD Video Cameras

If you are looking for a good  video camera which can can be handheld, you must check out several handheld video cameras to see which one has the features you want. Here is a...[more]

4 Programs for Making a Home Video

There are many different types of video making programs for both Macintosh and PC computers. While all of them can create movies, some are more popular or easier to use than others. Here is...[more]

4 Must Have Features When Buying a Used Digital Camcorder

Finding a digital camcorder can be an expensive venture, so knowing what features to look for in a used digital camcorder can be very valuable if you are low on cash and high on...[more]

PhotoShine: How to Use

PhotoShine is a unique graphic photo collage program that adds your photos to template formats. Choose from cartoon graphics, romantic styles, cute girl looks and even magazine covers. It has nine themes to choose...[more]

3 Features and Benefits of the Canon Vixia HF20

The Canon Vixia HF20 offers extensive features within a sleek and compact camcorder slightly larger than the average cola can. Canon has ingeniously outfitted the HF20 with multiple capacities and hi-tech features that makes...[more]

3 Hotel Photography Trends

Current hotel photography techniques have recently shifted to a more realistic approach, giving guests a more truthful and precise view of the hotels they want to visit. Here are three current hotel photography trends:...[more]

3 Features of Jpeg Enhancer

The Jpeg Enhancer solves the problem of image compression. Normally when a graphic image is stored as Jpeg (.jpg), it minimizes the information of the image so it can be saved with smaller data...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy Fluid Mask

Fluid Mask is a type of computer software used to help you cut out, blend, mix and otherwise manipulate images to create graphic projects. Some of the reasons to buy it include: 1. Works...[more]

6 Key Features of Panoweaver

For stitching any type of picture to create panoramic images, the Panoweaver 7 is considered one of the best programs in the market today. Created and continuously upgraded by Panorama Software, it offers a...[more]

4 Masters of Black and White Landscape Photography

Black and white landscape photography can be a very striking and beautiful way to showcase photography. Here are some of the masters of black and white landscape photography over the years: 1. Ansel Adams...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy Arcsoft PhotoMontage

PhotoMontage is a type of computer software used to change your images and video file stills and turn them into a unique piece of artwork in just a few moments. This is the same...[more]

Feature Comparison: Mini Video Camera vs. Pocket Camcorder

If you are looking to buy a new video camera, it is important to compare the features of a mini video camera and a pocket camcorder to make an informed decision. Here is some...[more]

4 Top Rated DVD Cameras of 2010

Not every DVD camera can be rated as the best, but below are the top cameras of 2010. The cameras on this lists offer a variety of useful features and have proven to be...[more]

What Is Color Pilot?

Color Pilot is color correction software that makes it easy for you to manipulate the color of images in a few easy steps. If you have digital photos that may not have come out...[more]

2 Tips for Making Great High Key Photography

High key photography is a photographic style that involves having one light source that is significantly brighter than anything else being used. Two characteristics of high key photography are areas that are over exposed...[more]

What Is High Key Photography?

High key photography involves photography where there is a large amount of light tones and fewer mid-tones or shadows. The best way to obtain high key is by using in-camera techniques rather than trying...[more]

5 Tips for Great Cemetery Pictures

Taking cemetery photographs offers a unique location which can be used for many different purposes. When taking photos in a cemetery, there are a few important things to consider. This article will look at...[more]

Taking Great Texture Pictures

Clicking great texture pictures is easy, fun and a pretty good way to get paid. To capture good textures, you actually do not need to be a professional photographer or have access to state...[more]

How to Take Rodeo Pictures

Taking rodeo pictures is a great way to earn some extra cash while improving your skills in photographing live action. The quick paced action with intense emotion associated with rodeos makes it a challenging...[more]

How to Take Great Fireworks Pictures

Fireworks pictures attempt to capture the action with a colorful play of lights. Some photographers may feel frustrated with capturing the elusive right moment when it comes to fireworks. Here are a few suggested...[more]

How to Take Great Restaurant Pictures

There is an increase in demand for great restaurant pictures. Restaurant owners need pictures of their cuisines for their various marketing needs. Food bloggers use pictures to inform the public of an upcoming or...[more]

How to Take Great Dolphin Pictures

Dolphins are wonderful subjects, but you need to have some skill to take great dolphin pictures. However, even a beginner can quickly learn how to snap some amazing dolphin pictures as long as he...[more]

How to Take Great Insect Photography

Insect photography is an interesting style to try for a number of reasons. There is no shortage of subjects to photograph with the billions of insects all over the planet any time of the...[more]

Taking Great Farm Pictures

The farm evokes thoughts of bucolic life and taking farm pictures helps you capture those memories. And, knowing the right techniques can make your pictures even better. All you need to take great farm...[more]

Taking Great Skiing Pictures

Taking skiing pictures can be challenging. This is because the light bouncing off the snow can cause the scene to be extremely bright. You will need to learn a few simple tips which can...[more]

4 Tips for Taking Professional Swimming Pictures

When taking swimming pictures, there are two major things to take into consideration: great timing and humidity, as these affect the quality of the pictures. Here are four tips for taking professional swimming pictures:...[more]

Basketball Photography: The Basics

It is quite easy to master the basics of basketball photography. All you need is to equip yourself with the right tools, pick a suitable location, and set up your camera. After completing these...[more]

Taking Great Butterfly Pictures

Taking butterfly pictures requires a lot of skill to achieve effectively. Butterflies are difficult to photograph because of their size and the way they move. However, if done successfully, butterfly pictures can be stunning...[more]

Sailing Pictures: Stabilizing Your Camera on a Boat

If you are interested in shooting sailing pictures, one of your main concerns will be keeping your camera from shaking when shooting from a moving and rocking boat. There are fortunately a number of...[more]

What Is Texture Photography?

Texture photography is one way of drawing the viewer’s attention into the image. Photographs that use this technique create impact by showing different textures. When used correctly, the effect of the texture of the...[more]

3 Techniques for Taking In-Motion Bicycle Pictures

Moving bicycle pictures freeze a moment in time, capturing movement in a single image. The techniques involved in photographing bicycles in motion are different from those of still objects. Blurring is expected, but can...[more]

Taking a Picture From a Bicycle in Motion

For an interesting picture, bicycle mounted cameras can provide a unique viewpoint. This is great when photographing racers or a scenic drive. Photographers can also be creative by including the front wheel or the...[more]

How to Use ThumbNailer

Learning how to use ThumbNailer has many advantages. This small-sized utility can help you in creating thumbnails out of any PNG/JPEG file. At the same time, it can also help you to create a...[more]

3 Great Features of ThumbNailer

ThumbNailer is an HTML maker and thumbnail creator that is made by Smaller Animal Software. ThumbNailer can also be used for performing basic image editing functions, such as converting and resizing images. ThumbNailer is...[more]

ThumbNailer: An Overview

ThumbNailer is a utility which operates on the Windows operating system and enables you to create thumbnail sized images and their galleries. The software also provides controls to change the color depth of the...[more]

What Does VideoImpression Do?

VideoImpression makes it easy to create outstanding multimedia presentations. This program combines photos with video clips and their audio content. It also combines text and scene transitions. The end result is cool home movies...[more]

What Does Screen Gear Do?

Screen Gear is software that helps you view and make screen savers. It also functions as an image viewer and supports most kinds of image files, making it a versatile program for presentations and...[more]

4 Reasons to Buy Magic Gallery

Magic Gallery is a tool used to create online photo galleries. What makes it so great is you don’t need any photo editing skills to jump right on it. The software also has international...[more]

3 Great Features of Magic Gallery

Magic Gallery is an online photo gallery creation program. You can also use Magic Gallery for basic photo editing. A few great features of Magic Gallery include: 1. Built-In FTP Support The best feature...[more]

What Does Magic Gallery Do?

Editing photo thumbnails is easy with the Magic Gallery Thumbnail Software. It has all the elements needed to perform basic photo editing and has the tools needed to create an online web album. It...[more]