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How to Make Your Images Look Like Professional Wedding Photography

Professional wedding photography is a business where you can make a large amount of money. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and this special day will always be cherished by the...[more]

List of Typical Wedding Photography Prices

Wedding photography prices vary depending on the photographer, the size and extent of the wedding, and even the packages offered to the bride and groom. Basic packages have set price limits so its best...[more]

4 Tips for Understanding which Digital Photography Courses are Best

Taking digital photography courses online is a great way to improve your photography skills. There’s a big variety on both the quality and prices of the services offered. Photography teachers are pretty much self...[more]

5 Great Features of TotalMedia Theatre

TotalMedia Theatre is software that allows users to play movies and other DVDs on their PC, download content from YouTube, and save or share it with others. Here are some of its features. 1....[more]

TotalMedia Theatre: An Overview

TotalMedia Theatre is a very useful media playing application which can be used to play back almost all video formats and disks. This makes it very easy to play back DVD disks and even...[more]

BlazeDVD Professional Vs. BlazeDVD Free

BlazeDVD is a very powerful DVD player and copying application. There are two different versions, the free version and a paid professional version. It's important to look at the differences between these two versions...[more]

4 Great Features of BlazeDVD

BlazeDVD is software that can be used as a DVD,VCD and SVCD player. It supports most of the other media formats as well and has many other features that make it worth a try....[more]

Movie Finder: FAQs

MovieFinder is a free premier movie catalog program that lets you organize your movie inventory very quickly with just a few clicks compared to other similar programs. All you need to do is type...[more]

3 Great Features of Movie Finder

Movie Finder is great software that helps you to quickly and easily create an inventory for your movie collection. It is a free-to-use program and is quicker than most other similar products on the...[more]

What Is Movie Finder?

Movie Finder is a free movie catalog program that lets you organize your movie inventory very fast with just a few clicks compared to other similar programs. All you have to do is type...[more]

All My Movies: Key Features

All My Movies is organizing and cataloguing software for all the movies in your collection. It organizes your movies and maintains a database of the various digital media files. Here are some of its...[more]

All My Movies: An Overview

All My Movies is a movie management and database software program that can manage your entire movie collection. All My Movies is essentially a database that simply catalogs your movie collection. It doesn’t matter...[more]

Extreme Movie Manager: FAQs

Extreme Movie Manager is advanced software to organize your movies and TV shows. Before you buy it, check out a few FAQs: Is Extreme Movie Manager Compatible with Windows Vista? The program is compatible...[more]

3 Key Features of Extreme Movie Manager

Extreme Movie Manager, as the name suggests, is a software package that allows you to manage all video formats, movies and television shows in one place. You can do all this using your hard...[more]

An In-Depth Look at Movie Label

If you're a film lover, then Movie Label is one of the best pieces of software that can help you to organize your collection. Keeping track of all of the movies will make it...[more]

Movie Label: FAQs

Before you can choose to purchase Movie Label, you will probably have a few questions about the program. This article will look at some of the commonly asked questions, which can help you to...[more]

Movie Collector: Key Features

Movie Collector is a DVD and Blu-ray cataloging program that is made by Collectorz. Movie Collector allows you to create a personal DVD and Blu-ray database on your computer. Movie Collector is compatible with...[more]

Movie Collector: An In-Depth Look

For avid collectors of DVD movies, there is the Movie Collector. It is one of a series of products created by the Collectorz Company for the collector. Other than DVD movies, the company...[more]

A Look at DVD Profiler

DVD Profiler from Invelos Software is sophisticated software for cataloguing a DVD collection. The software can manage a DVD collection of any size and has features which help in data collection, filtering a search...[more]

Gear DVD: The Features

Gear DVD is an easy-to-use program that is capable of creating and burning CDs and DVDs. You can use only one burner when using Gear DVD or you can copy from drive to drive....[more]

3 Cool Features of Media Maker

Media Maker is a software package with a great set of digital media application tools. This allows everyone to easily create video and audio files. You can share music, create backups, and modify and...[more]

Media Maker: A Short Overview

Media Maker is software that helps you to create movies, picture albums, CDs and DVDs. It also has a range of other features that allow you to design your creation just like a professional....[more]

3 Key Features of Nero Burning Rom

Nero Burning Rom is one of the most popular and successful pieces of software which can be used to create CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray disks. It is easy to use and has many...[more]

Power2Go: Photo, DVD and Audio Features

Power2Go 7 is the latest version of the software and one that offers many new and exciting photo, DVD and audio features. If you are not yet aware of what improvements have been made...[more]

Taking a Look at Power2Go

Managing files is made easier and more clutter-free with Power2Go. It is a kind of burning software for all types of media, allowing users to customize how files are saved, shared and stored. Because...[more]

Comparing all Three Power2Go Products

A comparison of all three Power2Go products is going to help you understand how to get the most value for good CD burning software. In terms of price, Power2Go 7 is more expensive, priced...[more]

Muvee Reveal: Taking a Look at the Included Styles

The Muvee Reveal is simple to use and elegant home moviemaker software that renders stylish results. The main selling point of the software is that it requires absolutely no prior video editing experience to...[more]

3 Key Features of Muvee Reveal

Muvee Reveal is a video software program that helps you create your videos without having to worry about other adjustments. It is easy-to-use and very user friendly software. You can easily use it to...[more]

TMPGEnc DVD Author: The Main Features

TMPGEnc DVD Author is software that helps you work with your DVDs. At a glance, here are the most useful features of this program: HDV, DV Capture The software is a licensed DivX product....[more]

MyDVD: The Features List

MyDVD is software that anyone, including pros and newbies, can use with ease. If you are new to this type of software, it will not take much for you to learn how to use...[more]

An Overall Look at MyDVD

Roxio MyDVD Video Lab 10 is an inexpensive video editing program that allows you to edit and add effects to your video even if you have no video editing experience. At under $50 in...[more]

4 Great Features of EasyDVD

EasyDVD is a software program used to help you create your own DVD movies. Here are some of the features of the program. 1. Creates Movies with More than One Title EasyDVD makes it...[more]

What Is Womble EasyDVD?

Womble EasyDVD lets you author your own DVDs and customize them depending on your style. It also makes it very easy to do so; even novices can make their own DVDs. You can easily...[more]

PQ DVD to Zune Video Suite: Key Features

PQ DVD to Zune converter is a very useful piece of software which can be used to convert DVD movies into a format that can be played properly on a Zune media player. This...[more]

PQ DVD to iPod Video Suite: Key Features

PQ DVD to iPod video suite can be used to convert DVD videos into a format suitable for your iPod. DVDs are ripped easily using this software, which makes it possible to load them...[more]

PQ DVD to iPod Video Suite: An Overview

PQ DVD to iPod Video Suite can be used as a complete package to convert your DVD movies into a format which can be played back on your iPod. The iPod is the most...[more]

DVD Wizard Pro: FAQs

DVD Wizard Pro is software that works with DVDs. Here are some of the questions that consumers usually ask: What Is DVD Wizard Pro Exactly?This is software that is easy to use and gives...[more]

DVD 95 Copy: An Overview

If you are looking for DVD copying software, DVD 95 Copy is a great option to consider. With this software, you can copy any of your DVDs. Key Features If you want to copy...[more]

Slysoft CloneDVD: The Features

Slysoft CloneDVD is a very useful software package which can be used by anyone who wants to copy DVDs on their computer. As most computers built in the last decade feature a DVD writer,...[more]

DVDFab BluRayCopy: Key Features

DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy is the world’s first software package that allows the end user to do away with all Blu-Ray disk based anti-copying protection mechanisms. The software simply copies a Blu-ray disk to your...[more]

DVDFab DVDCopy: An Overview

DVDFab DVDCopy is also known as DVD to DVD and platinum and is popular for its power and flexibility. With this software, you are able to copy a DVD at a snap of a...[more]

DVDFab DVDCopy: Key Features

DVDFab DVDCopy is an easy-to-use DVD copy program. DVDFab DVDCopy is capable of copying, burning, cloning and decrypting any DVD. DVDFab DVDCopy is compatible with Windows operating systems only. This guideline will go over...[more]

1Click DVD Copy: An Overview

1Click DVD Copy is a DVD copying application which is very simple to use. This makes it possible for anyone to copy DVDs on their computer regardless of their technical ability. By understanding exactly...[more]

123 Copy DVD

123 Copy DVD makes it extremely simple to copy DVD discs. This provides many people with an easy way to back up software and movie disks so that they can keep them for much...[more]

123 Copy DVD Gold: Key Features

Before you can buy 123 Copy DVD Gold, you will need to take a look at the features that the software provides. These features make it extremely easy to copy DVDs to another disk...[more]

123 Copy DVD Platinum: Key Features

There are a number of different versions of 123 Copy DVD; the top of the range version is Platinum. This has a number of advanced features which make it worth spending the extra money....[more]

DVD Cloner Platinum: An Overview

DVD Cloner Platinum software is a fully featured and highly capable solution that is used for copying, burning or converting a DVD (either data, video or audio). Read on to get a complete overview...[more]

DVD Cloner 7: An Overview

You can get high quality copies of your favorite movies with The DVD Cloner 7. It is the most up-to-date DVD copying software, with user-friendly tools that create a perfect picture quality of your...[more]

DVD Cloner For Mac: An Overview

The DVD Cloner for Mac is new generation DVD copying software that has been designed specifically for the Mac OS X. Here is an overview of the DVD Cloner for Mac. About DVD Cloner...[more]

3 Benefits of Systweak Photo Album

The Systweak Photo Album software program helps you to make unique and pretty photo albums and scrapbooks of digital images that can be viewed just like they were a hardcover book, except they will...[more]