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Aiseesoft RM Video Converter: A Software Overview

Aiseesoft RM Video Converter is an excellent RM Video formatting converter application that easily converts a number of popular video formats into other video formats such as RM and RMVB. All this is done...[more]

Aiseesoft AVI Video Converter: Key Functions

If you want to view your videos on different devices, then you should consider the Aiseesoft AVI Video Converter. This program makes converting your videos very easy, and it’s quite inexpensive at $25 in...[more]

5 Useful Features of Aiseesoft AVI Video Converter

The Aiseesoft AVI Video Converter is a software suite that enables conversion of most of the video formats like FLV, MOV, WMV, MPEG, MOD, MPG, TOD, MP4, MPEG2, 3G2, 3GP, M4V, MKV, RM, ASF,...[more]

An Overview of Aiseesoft AVI Video Converter

The AVI Video Converter by Aiseesoft Software is professional converter software. It is used to convert videos into the now standard AVI (Audio video interlaced) format. Here is a quick overview of the AVI...[more]

Aiseesoft 3GP Video Converter: Key Functions

Aiseesoft 3GP Video Converter helps you to convert videos into different formats, allowing you to view these videos on different players. This software is really inexpensive, costing $21 in 2010. Plus, it’s so easy...[more]

Aiseesoft 3GP Video Converter: Key Features

3GP Video Converter from Aiseesoft enables you to convert many video and audio formats to 3GP format which works well with various mobile models of Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and others. Apart...[more]

Aiseesoft 3GP Video Converter: An Overview

Aiseesoft 3GP Video Converter is a piece of software which can be used to easily convert between different types of videos. This provides computer users with a large number of different functions, which makes...[more]

Aiseesoft Mobile Phone Video Converter: Key Functions

Aiseesoft Mobile Phone Video Converter is a complete package that easily and efficiently performs the required conversion of videos stored in popular formats. These popular formats can easily be converted into formats that include,...[more]

5 Key Features of Aiseesoft Mobile Phone Video Converter

The Aiseesoft Mobile Phone Video Converter is a one-stop software solution for converting your video library into a cell phone compatible format. It can work with almost all of the prevailing video formats like...[more]

Aiseesoft Mobile Phone Video Converter: An Overview

Aiseesoft Mobile Phone Video Converter is a very useful application that easily converts video files to formats being used today. Another notable feature about Aiseesoft Mobile Phone Video Converter is that it has a...[more]

Aiseesoft Blackberry Video Converter: Key Functions

Blackberry Video Converter from Aiseesoft is a versatile application that can covert numerous video and audio formats to those which are supported by various Blackberry models like 8800, 8820, 8830, Curve 8300, Pearl 8800...[more]

Aiseesoft Blackberry Video Converter: Key Features

Aiseesoft Blackberry Video Converter is a program that you can use to convert video and audio files to file formats that are supported by BlackBerry mobile devices. There is both a Windows and Mac...[more]

Aiseesoft Blackberry Video Converter: An Overview

Aiseesoft Blackberry Video Converter is a total and impressive Blackberry converter. You can use it to perform conversions of both your audio and video files, which it will do in the most efficient manner....[more]

An Overview of Aiseesoft YouTube Converter Mate

Aiseesoft YouTube Converter Mate is an easy to use YouTube video converter. Once you have downloaded a video file from YouTube, you can use Aiseesoft YouTube Converter Mate to convert it to a popular...[more]

Learning about Aiseesoft YouTube Downloader Pro

Aiseesoft YouTube Downloader Pro allows you to directly download videos from YouTube, along with 150 other video sharing sites, directly to your computer. The program is essentially a media encoder that allows you to...[more]

4 Popular Accessories for Digital DV Camcorders

Digital DV camcorders are very popular items that are owned by more and more people. If you own one, you probably want to have the best accessories to go with it. Here are a...[more]

3 Most Popular Movie Making Software Products

Movie making software makes it possible for raw footage shot on a digital camcorder to be turned into a polished piece of entertainment for audiences to enjoy. These programs can cost anywhere from 50...[more]

Benefits of Using Canon Video Cameras for Indie Films

There are several benefits to using Canon video cameras to shoot Indie films. Following are a few of them: Easy to Use Canon video cameras are very easy to use and are extremely user...[more]

How a JVC Mini DV Can Be a Low Cost Indie Film Camera

A look at some JVC Mini DV features will show you just how a JVC Mini DV can be a low cost Indie Film camera. Those who are planning to use this Mini DV...[more]

Guide to Using DV Video Cameras for Indie Films

DV video cameras are what makes it possible for filmmakers to create their own indie films at a much lower cost than it would be to shoot with actual film. Plus, these cameras arguably...[more]

3 Products that Convert VHS to DVD

Anyone with videos still on tape will need to investigate ways to convert VHS to DVD. By converting your VHS videos into DVD format, it will be possible for anyone to enjoy them. It...[more]

4 Must Have Features when Buying a Pro Video Camera

Determining the best features of a pro video camera is subjective. Besides the individual budget, there are several factors to consider. The filmmaker will need to decide what aspects and features are important and...[more]

4 Popular Websites that Offer Camera Deals

With digital cameras flooding the market, many websites have been slashing their prices in order to make camera deals more attractive. You can easily find good deals for cameras on several websites in one...[more]

3 Fun Tips for Photography with the Video Camera for Your Computer

A video camera for a computer is also known as a webcam. It’s used for online chat and conferences. It’s usually built-in for a laptop and a separate attachment for a desktop. Either way,...[more]

4 Reasons to Buy Hallmark Scrapbook Studio

Hallmark Scrapbook Studio turns your photos into memorabilia worth preserving in very easy steps. Scrapbooking need not be tedious or messy to churn out pages of personalized photos and bylines with this software. Created...[more]

3 Tips for Using a Helmet Camera

Using a helmet camera is an ongoing craze for travel bloggers who uses motorbikes, hang gliders or mountain bikes. There are even racers, stunt drivers and skateboarders who use helmet cameras to document their...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy a Digiscoping Camera

A digiscoping camera is a compact digital camera attached to a telescope which takes long distance pictures. The camera lens is zoomed to avoid “vignetting” and then is placed very closed to the telescope...[more]

3 Tips to Find the Lowest Camcorder Price

There are literally hundreds of models of camcorders, so finding the lowest camcorder price is very important to the average consumer who wants a video camera. Here are some tips to get the lowest...[more]

5 Must Have Features when Buying a Camcorder Video Camera

Choosing the right features for a camcorder video camera is important. It is important to find the most suitable camera for the job and the user. Some features are better suited for home movies...[more]

6 Websites to Buy Refurbished DVD Digital Camcorders

Here is a list of the top five most reputable websites to find refurbished DVD digital camcorders. Some of these places offer free shipping, extended warranties and excellent return policies. All of the companies...[more]

3 Popular Uses of a Night Vision Video Camera

If you want to learn how to take movies at night, need to protect your home through monitoring, or need to have a video made in some sort of low light scenario, then you...[more]

3 Popular Websites to Find a Cheap Camcorder

If you are a budding videographer and are in need of a cheap camcorder, there are many popular websites that can help. Here is a list of a few of them to get you...[more]

Features and Benefits of Enverio JVC Digital Camcorders

Enverio JVC Digital Camcorders are not only very popular but are also great camcorders that offer a number of benefits including the ability to record at night. They also have a high amount of...[more]

2 Common Features of a High Speed Video Camera

If you own a high speed video camera or are looking to buy one, you need to know about all the common features of this type of camcorder, as it is very different from...[more]

3 Top Rated External Video Camera Recorders

Video camera recorders are popular digital devices for capturing video from various sources and using it to make movies, show surveillance footage from a business, or it can be a tool in someone’s job...[more]

4 Step Guide to Digital Movie Making for Beginners

Digital movie making is a fun and creative form of communication. The bare minimum equipment that you need to get started is a camcorder, computer and editing software. With these three tools, you can...[more]

4 Top Rated Photography Schools

If you want to learn how to work in the photography field, you need to know which schools are rated the top photography schools. Here are a few to investigate. 1. Yale University The...[more]

3 Photography Courses to Create Dramatic Digital Images

Photography courses on digital photography are a great help for photographers, especially since computers, graphics software and camera data accessories are now used to create dramatic digital photos taken by any digital camera. Presently...[more]

3 Portrait Photography Tips for Pros

Portrait photography is about the person or subject being photographed. This branch of photography poses its own set of challenges depending on the person being photographed, the location, the equipment being used and a...[more]

Guide to Photography Lighting for Beginners

Photography lighting can seem intimidating to beginners. But, once you understand a few general things about it, you will be able to create your own lighting set ups in no time. Here is a...[more]

3 Reasons Why Some Online Photography Courses Fall Short

Online photography courses are not for everyone. They are enticing because they are a comfortable alternative to a real course. Most of them have real professionals teaching and provide good support, but there are...[more]

Two Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography tips can always be helpful for beginners interested in this craft. After all, photography is not only an art, but it's also a science. If you understand the physics of light, then you...[more]

Guide to Finding a Quality Digital Photography School

A digital photography school is a great place where photographers from different skill levels can learn and improve their skills. There are photography schools all over the country and the world. Determining which school...[more]

4 Popular Photography Websites for Beginners

Beginning photographers can get a lot of good hints and tips from photography websites. Here are a few to get you started that are popular for beginners. 1. Photosecrets This website has a lot...[more]

Guide to Choosing Quality Photography Studios

Photography studios give photographers the freedom and flexibility to control various aspects of the shoot, including the background, lighting, equipment and even using additional help. Not all photographers have their own studios and choose...[more]

Learn Photography Basics in 5 Simple Steps

It is easy to learn photography when the art is broken down into simple steps. Some shy away from learning this skill because of the learning curve. Studying the following steps can help photographers...[more]

3 Popular Types of Photography Lessons

If you want to learn how to take good pictures, then you need to take some photography lessons to learn how to do it. There are many ways to learn about photography. You can...[more]

How to Find a Photography Tutorial for Beginners

If you want to learn how to find photography tutorial for beginners, you should start by using the Internet and focus your attention on finding tutorials on how to shoot with a digital camera....[more]

4 Photography Books for Beginners

Beginning photographers can benefit from reading and getting tips and hints from photography books. Here are a few great books that are recommended by professional photographers. 1. "Digital Photography Masterclass" by Tom Ang This...[more]

How to Make Your Images Look Like Professional Wedding Photography

Professional wedding photography is a business where you can make a large amount of money. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and this special day will always be cherished by the...[more]