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How to Make DVD Menus

With the popularity of DVDs, it is essential to create DVD menus, which can become a part of a movie that you have shot on your own. Here are the steps that have to...[more]

How to Edit a Music Video in Movie Maker

The following is a step-by-step guide to perform a simple and basic music video editing routine using Windows Movie Maker. Step 1: Import the Required Media You will launch the Windows Movie Maker by...[more]

What is a Grip Rod?

A grip rod is a useful camera accessory that many professionals do not choose to buy. These grip rods are not essential, but they can be used to make photography in certain situations easier....[more]

How to Make a Shoulder Grip at Home

With the help of a shoulder mount, it becomes very easy to eliminate shaky footage. The good news is that a shoulder mount is easy to make and it only takes a few steps...[more]

The Advantages of a Tuts Plus Account

Tuts Plus (or “Tuts+”) is an online community of tutorials and resources by experts in specific fields, and the advantages of a Tuts Plus account are invaluable for many designers. From photo-editing, web designing,...[more]

Producing a Promotional Video

Producing a promotional video requires a great deal of planning. These promotional videos work by selling the products and services of a company to the public. It is important that that any promotional video...[more]

What is a Promotional Video?

A promotional video can be used to tell your customers about your products and services. When creating a promo video for your products, it important to bear in mind a few different things. This...[more]

How to Edit Movie Trailers

Movie trailers can sometimes confuse the viewer because they may contain gaps in them that the filmmaker has left there, thinking that these will make sense to the viewer. However, if the viewer is...[more]

3 Tips for Editing Blooper Reels

Bloopers are an amusing extra which can be added to any film. These are very easy to create since they simply feature all of the mistakes that have been made throughout the film. While...[more]

Why Use a Flashgun?

Many people with digital SLR cameras want to know why they should use a flashgun. All digital SLR cameras will have built in flashes which can be used to provide light. However, flashguns should...[more]

What Does a Wireless Flash Trigger Do?

Anyone interested in photography will need to find out about wireless flash trigger devices. These will remotely trigger the flash without needing to connect it to your camera with a cable of any sort....[more]

Applying Screen Protectors to iPhones

iPhone screen protectors can be applied to your phone's screen to protect it from damage. Touch screen phones might be very easy to use, however, if you're not careful, the screen will become damaged...[more]

Tips for Discretely Using a Timer Remote

A timer remote is a very useful way of taking a photo where you can also appear in the picture. Normally there will always be someone behind the camera. However, a remote makes it...[more]

Learning All about Photocells

Photocells are light sensitive resisters which have many uses. These are fairly inexpensive electronic components that are used in a variety of electrical circuits. Photocells can be used to access the light in the...[more]

How a Light Reflector Works

A light reflector is an essential part of your photography tool kit. Unlike many other pieces of photography equipment, these are fairly inexpensive. It's possible to use many different reflective materials as a reflector...[more]

How to Read a Light Meter

A light meter is a very useful device which can be used to improve your photography. These devices will measure the amount of light in the room, which makes it simple to correctly set...[more]

Why Invest in a Shoulder Mount?

A shoulder mount can help to hold your camera steady while taking a photo or video. It's important that your camera is steady as this can help to avoid any motion blur problems. Blurring...[more]

What is a Battery Grip?

There are useful battery grip cases available for many popular camera brands. These battery grips clip around the outside of your camera with a number of benefits. If you are interested in battery grips,...[more]

3 Reasons to Use a Battery Grip

If you have a Digital SLR camera then you will be able to purchase an additional battery grip to extend the life of the battery. There are many different reasons why you should consider...[more]

Learning about the Youtube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner program can be used to generate money from your videos. It is perfect for anybody who has lots of videos that they want to share. This includes a number of different...[more]

How to Make Online Promotional Videos Work

It certainly makes sense to sell your business with the help of a promotional video. These videos are the best, quickest, and most affordable and effective means of promoting businesses to mass audiences. Such...[more]

How to Use Flipshare

Flipshare is a useful piece of software which can be used to share and organize your digital photos. This is designed specifically for the Flip digital video camera. This software is very simple and...[more]

3 New Flipshare 4.5 Features

Flipshare is software that helps you upload, edit, watch and even share your videos with family and friends. The new version, Flipshare 4.5, has more features and a few of them are discussed below....[more]

What Does Flipshare Do?

Flipshare is a piece of software which comes bundled with Flip digital video cameras. This software is very easy to use to deal with the videos on your Flip video camera. Like the Flip...[more]

Why Use Windows Movie Maker on a Flip Camera?

It's possible to use Windows Movie Maker with a Flip camera to edit the footage. Flip cameras are designed to be very simple. These make it possible to shoot video and then transfer it...[more]

How to Fix a Dead Flip Video Camera

A flip video camera is a useful and high quality device which can be used to record video. These are compact video cameras that have built-in rechargeable batteries. They are perfect for uploading to...[more]

3 Common Flip Camera Problems

A lot of  people who've recently purchased the Flip Camera have reported problems ranging from minor inconveniences to frustrating memory shortages. If you are planning to buy a Flip UltraHD, Flip Ultra or Flip...[more]

How to Make Photo Ornaments

Making your own photo ornaments can be a unique way of decorating your home and making it look festive for Christmas. These photo ornaments are actually very easy to make yourself. It's possible to...[more]

How to Take Christmas Tree Pictures

Taking Christmas tree pictures is a great way of capturing the magic of Christmas for the rest of the year. A Christmas tree is one of the most memorable things to see during Christmas....[more]

5 Cool Features of the Bamboo Pen

The Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet is an entry level graphical tablet available in a number of different price brackets. This tablet is made of the same quality as many other Wacom tablets and has...[more]

Using the Bamboo Pen with Photos

Bamboo Pen from Wacom is the ideal gadget for pen input. Whether you want to draw, mark your documents or retouch your digital photos, the Bamboo Pen offers an easy way of doing all...[more]

6 Cool Features of the Intuos

Intuos graphics tablets are some of the most popular types of Wacom tablets available. These are professional quality tablets that are very easy to use. These tablets are expensive but they offer some unique...[more]

3 Cool Features of the Cintiq

The Cintiq, which is made by Wacom, is an interactive pen display. The Cintiq comes with a LCD display that allows for interactive computer usage by enabling you to draw and write directly on...[more]

Why Should Photographers Use a Wacom Tablet?

A Wacom Tablet can be used as a useful way of touching up and editing photographs. Most people will use a mouse and keyboard to control their computer, however, this is clunky and difficult...[more]

What Is a Wacom Tablet?

A Wacom tablet is a type of input device for the computer that is extremely useful for all photographers and graphic designers. While the most common way of interacting with a computer is with...[more]

What Is the Joby Gorillamobile?

The Joby Gorillamobile for the iPhone 3GS has become extremely popular. Many modern smart phones including the iPhone 3GS have excellent cameras. This means that they are now much more than just a novelty....[more]

What is the Joby Gorillamobile for 3G/3Gs?

There are a range of different Gorillamobile holders and stands which are suitable for a number of different phones. One popular type of Gorillamobile holder is for the 3G or 3GS. Gorillamobile for 3G/3Gs...[more]

What Is the Joby Gorillatorch Blade?

The Joby Gorillatorch Blade is an unique and interesting lighting product. It features a built-in stand which can be used to position and aim the light in the desired direction. This makes it very...[more]

What Is the Joby Gorillatorch Flare?

Gorillatorch Flare from Joby is a versatile flashlight that can be used for emergency signaling as well as a regular light to work with. It is equipped with three LEDs in a red color...[more]

What Is the Joby Gorillatorch Switchback?

The Joby Gorillatorch Switchback is a useful device which can be used to provide light wherever you need it. The light is very high quality and this makes it possible to direct the level...[more]

Screenwriting: How To Write Short Lines/Poetry/Lyrics

Screenwriting is one of the most important crafts in movie making because this is the phase when the plan for the movie is created. A lot of people are attracted to screenwriting because all...[more]

What is the Joby Gorillamobile for iPhone 4?

The Joby Gorillamobile is a very useful device which can be used with the iPhone 4. This is a type of case and stand which clips around the outside of the phone. Joby Gorillamobile...[more]

What to Buy a Photographer for Christmas

Knowing what to buy a photographer for Christmas can be challenging. There are lots of different things that a photographer would love to receive. But, most photography related gifts are very expensive. Fortunately, there...[more]

Why Customize Your Flip Camera?

The flip camera is a very popular type of video camera which is affordable and capable of recording in high definition. These cameras are very high quality, but there are certain things that you...[more]

What is a Flip Camera?

A Flip camera is a small video camera that records HD video onto an internal hard drive. As of this year, all of the Flip video camera models record their video clips as MP4...[more]

Where to Find Christmas Backdrops

A Christmas backdrop can turn a boring and bland photograph into something fresh and memorable. A wide variety of Christmas backdrops are available on the Internet. From simple to vibrant, you are sure to...[more]

4 Great Digital Photography Books for Christmas

Digital photography books are some of the best gifts to give a photography lover at Christmas. These books are very useful because they will teach photographers many new and useful skills. They will also...[more]

What to Consider When Buying a Camera at Christmas Time

When buying a Christmas camera as a present, there are many different things that you will need to think about. Cameras are very expensive so you will want to make sure you are making...[more]

AVCLabs Video to Audio Converter: An Overview

AVCLabs Video to Audio Converter is a program that you can use to extract audio from video files and convert it to a popular audio file format. This program can also convert MP4 audio...[more]

AVCLabs Any Video Converter for Mac: An Overview

AVCLabs Any Video Converter can be used to convert a range of different video files into formats which can be played back on many different MP3 and MP4 players. This is a very useful...[more]