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Paint Shop Pro Basics

One of the most important elements in experimenting with images is to know the proper way to blend the various aspects of the picture. Here are the simplified steps of Paint Shop Pro Basics to...[more]

How to Cut Photo into a Shape with Paint Shop Pro

The Paint Shop Pro is a wonderful photo-editing tool that helps the photography enthusiasts to experiment with the different photo editing techniques. The sofware bears a myriad of techniques to attribute an image with an...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Skin Color and Tone

The Paint Shop Pro is the wonder software for editing a photo. The one click-editing tool enhances your image to the core and has versatile abilities in removing all the flaws from it. Here is...[more]

How to Work With Layers in Paint Shop Pro

The Paint Shop Pro is truly unique software aiding you through the various creative ordeals and innovations. In this digital age, we are constantly busy in experimenting with the different images and attribute them with...[more]

How to Watermark Images with Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro is indeed an amazing photo-fixing tool to create dazzling images. You can edit your favorite photos by means of Photo Shop Pro and attribute it with the perfect creative impute rioting your...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Transparent GIFs

Creating transparent GIFS files with Paint Shop Pro, is a simple process. The software allows you to choose a color in the image and make it transparent in order to show the color of the...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Tool Palette

The tool palette on your paint shop pro will be something that you have to become very familiar with. In order to do this you will need to play around with them and see what...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Snow Globe

Snow globes can be a great project for a collector or for adding to a custom holiday card. Paint Shop Pro has many or the components needed to make snow globes, you will however need...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Shadow Color Selection

There are several ways to manipulate the color of your shadow color selection, depending on exactly the type of effect you want and how you've created your shadow in the first place. Below are two...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Selective Coloring

In this Paint Shop Pro tutorial, we will discuss how to use simple tools to do selective coloring of your image, effectively leaving parts of your photo black and white while the rest is in...[more]

PSP Tutorial: Paint Shop Pro Interface Presets

One of the most useful interface presets you can have for Paint Shop Pro and similar programs are presets for plug ins, which will be discussed in this PSP tutorial. Plug ins come in a...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Image Mover Tool

The image mover tool can help you to move one image to another photo. If you have one specific image or subject that does not seem to benefit from its current background then you can...[more]

6 Fun Photo Editing Gimmicks

Paint Shop Pro gives you many different tools to use on your digital photos including some fun photo editing gimmicks. These gimmicks can be applied to most any digital photo to give them new life...[more]

How to Make Backgrounds White in Photo Editing Programs

Have you ever taken a picture in a room with white walls, uploaded it to your computer, only to see that the walls are suddenly now green or orange? This is the result of an...[more]

What Editing Software Is Best for Manipulating Facial Features?

Facial features can be altered with Paint Shop Pro. Paint Shop Pro can offer you several different types of photo manipulation options for your photos. There are several different types of ways to manipulate a...[more]

Photo Editing Technique: Levels

The Adjust Levels is one of the most powerful photo editing techniques. It actually happens to be a command, which is identical to the command for brightness and contrast and helps you to have absolute...[more]

Photo Editing Technique: Color Accents

Attributing a photo with colour accents is one of the most effective photo editing techniques to enhance the form of the photo. The best part served by the colour accents option is accentuating the black...[more]

How to Edit Photos: Changing Colors

Even the most amateur photographer will try experimenting with the coloring scheme of the photos by using different techniques to edit photos and change the color tone of them. Changing photo colors can cases enhance...[more]

Online Photo Editing: Adding Color to Black and White Eyes

Online photo editing is as simple as uploading a photo of your choice in one of the eminent photo editing websites and it is assured that your job will be done. Just keep on clicking...[more]

Photo Editing: Restoration Tips

This article will consider some photo editing tips which you may find useful in restoring old photographs. Modern PC-based photo editing programs are great tools for preserving historical and archival photographs. After all, saved files...[more]

Photo Editing: The Posterization Effect

A posterization effect is an effect whereby an image is converted such that regions of the photograph with similar coloration are normalized, causing there to be fewer different colors in the resulting image, but the...[more]

How to Make a Desktop Wallpaper from Your Photos with Macromedia Fireworks

It happens to be a common practice to change the wallpaper photos on our desktop often. There are many ways to make a sleek and abstract wallpaper with your Mac and the help of Macromedia...[more]

How to Make a Subject Look Younger with Photo Manipulation

Whether your motives are good or evil, you may have reason to use your photo editor to make a subject appear younger with photo manipulation. Here are a few tips to remove marks of age...[more]

What Version of Photoshop is Best for an Amateur Photographer?

For an amateur photographer, choosing a Photoshop suite entails deciding between Photoshop CS and Photoshop Elements. Elements is not, contrary to some opinion, a scaled-down version of Photoshop. It is its own photo editor, built...[more]

How Do I Use the History Panel in Photoshop?

When you carry out a series of actions in Photoshop, you may want to undo them. This is where using the History Panel comes into effect. The History Panel enables you to see all the...[more]

Best Free Photo Editing Software

This article will attempt to solicit a few of the best photo editing programs available for personal computer users. While Photoshop is the industry standard for photographic editing and retouching, its three-figure price is enough...[more]

How to Edit Photos on an iPhone

This article describes how to edit photos on an Apple iPhone. The Apple iPhone and iPod Touch systems are powerful mobile computing platforms, offering great ease of use, multitouch technology, and terrific integration with...[more]

What Programs Can You Use to Edit Photos on a Mac?

When it comes to editing photos on a Mac, there are three basic options available: iPhoto, Photoshop and Aperture. iPhoto comes bundled with iLife. Most Mac's come with iLife preloaded, but if yours was not,...[more]

Free Photo Editing Programs that Compare to Photoshop

Currently there is a large number of free photo editing programs available on web and this number is growing. The software packages differ considerably depending on the features they support. Photographers often prefer Photoshop because...[more]

Online Photo Printing: How to Pay With PayPal

Paying for photographic prints with PayPal is the most popular forms of online payment. Here is how to use PayPal to pay for photo prints from an online photo printing service: Step One - Choose...[more]

How to Order Photo Prints Online

This article describes how to order photo prints online. Though many bricks-and-mortar stores have digital photography printing kiosks, online printers offer many more options and often lower prices for digital prints. Here is a step-by-step...[more]

How do Online Photo Printing Services Work?

In this article, we will consider the rudiments of online photo printing services. Online photo printing services are viable options for those who wish to create high-quality prints of their digital photos without the expense...[more]

How to Animate Your Photos With Macromedia Fireworks

Macromedia Fireworks is graphic editing software developed by Macromedia. One of the most interesting features available here is the facility to animate your pictures. Here is a look at the steps involved in animating photos...[more]

How to Ensure Quality Compression in Macromedia Fireworks

Macromedia Fireworks enables you to edit your image files. In addition to working on your image files and editing them, you can also compress the files so that they turn out in the best possible...[more]

How to Make a Photo Look Illustrated in Macromedia Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks (formerly Macromedia Fireworks before Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia in 2005) is a powerful bitmap and vector graphics editor. Unfortunately, it does not contain certain useful features of its cousin Photoshop. One of these...[more]

How to Download Photos from Picasa to Your Computer

The Picasa Web Albums service is a powerful Web 2.0 tool that offers integration with the Picasa desktop application, smartphone applications, email accounts, and many other online services. If you have recently moved to...[more]

How to Upload Pictures From a Cell Phone to Picasa

There are two options to upload cell phone pictures: uploading from a client application or uploading through email. Option 1 - Use a Client Application Some phones, including more modern BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Android...[more]

How to Remove or Change an Email Address in Picasa

For some, understanding how to remove or change an email Address in Google's Picasa can be tricky. It you have multiple email accounts or multiple Google accounts, you may at some point see it as...[more]

How to Delete Photos from Picasa While Retaining Them on Your Computer

This article will detail how to remove photos from Picasa while retaining them on your computer. The first time you run Picasa, it scans your drives for photos. Though this seems benign, Picasa may collect...[more]

How to Use the Photoshop Vanishing Point Tool

The Photoshop Vanishing Point tool is a relatively new arrival on the graphics editing scene. It is part of a new generation of "intelligent" tools, which use algorithms to determine three-dimensional elements of two-dimensional photos....[more]

How Does a Student Version of Photoshop Differ From Standard?

The student version of Photoshop, officially "Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended - Student Edition," is a good option for all higher education students who are interested in photo editing. There is no difference in functionality between...[more]

How to Replace a Subject's Head with Photoshop

This tutorial will cover how to replace a subject's head in Adobe Photoshop. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will be moving Head A from Photo A to Photo B. Step 1 - Grab...[more]

How to Crop Photos in Photoshop While Zoomed In

Photoshop enables you to carry out various image effects, such as crop photos. One of the most important tools that you can find is the crop tool. You can use the crop tool to select...[more]

What's the Difference Between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements?

Let us consider the differences between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements. Adobe Photoshop CS4 ($699 at Adobe) is the newest release of the powerful and respected Photoshop program, which is designed for the professional...[more]

How to Improve Your Candid Wedding Photography

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the photography. Hiring a good wedding photographer is important because you want to get the best shots of your life's most precious moments. That's why...[more]

Getting Supplies for Home Film Developing

Home film developing can be very rewarding. By developing your film at home, you can gain a knowledge of the photographic process and, in the long run, save some money. After developing your film, you...[more]

How to Prepare for Black and White Film Developing

Black and white film developing is rewarding to both the professional and amateur, but requires some preparation and forethought. Read the Steve's Digicams article "Getting Supplies for Home Film Developing" to get an idea of...[more]

How to Remove a Date from Photos

In this tutorial, you will learn how to remove a date from a photograph. In most digital photo files, having a date printed in the bottom right-hand corner of the image is redundant. Modern digital...[more]

How to Prepare a Photo for the Web

It is important to prepare your photos for the web before you upload them. This is necessary because a photgraph that is too large in size will be cumbersome to view and slow to upload,...[more]

How to Backup Your Digital Photos

It is important to back up your digital photos. The old aphorism states, "If you need it, back it up." Electrical surges, computer theft, and drive failure can happen at any time, and you will...[more]