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How to Use the Deformation Tool in Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro is one of the most popular image editing packages available. It's a very powerful piece of software that allows you to enhance and adjust photos very easily. The deform tool in Paint...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Using the Paint Brush to Enhance Photos

Corel Paint Shop Pro offers a number of tools that can be used to enhance photos. Different features allow you to change the color and texture of digital or scanned pictures, adjust the brightness, crop...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Color Replacement Tool

The Corel Paint Shop Pro color replacement tool makes it possible to touch up photos and images by changing a certain color into another shade or color. For example, you could paint over everything which...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Color Palette

Paint shop pro is one of the most powerful image editing packages available, to use it properly you need to understand how to use the color palette. The color palette can be confusing if you...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Make a Cloud from Brushes

It can be challenging to manipulate and make clouds using digital photo editing software. However, you can follow these tips to successfully create convincing clouds in Corel Paint Shop Pro using various tools and brushes. ...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Change Eye Color

Corel Paint Shop Pro is an image editing program that allows you to change eye color. Computers make it possible to enhance and adjust your photos very easily. There are many reasons why you might...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Blend Images

Computer software makes it possible to blend images together to create a seamless and attractive piece of artwork. Blending images together is easy thanks to digital editing packages like Paint Shop Pro. Follow these steps...[more]

How to Add Vector Text Effects to Your Photos in Paint Shop Pro

All graphic designers need to know how to create striking text designs in software such as Corel Paint Shop Pro. Learning how to add vector text effects in this type of editing application really can...[more]

How to Rearrange a Photo Layer in Paint Shop Pro

You can use your digital camera and computer to create stunning images, but to master digital photo editing, you must first learn how to create, manipulate and edit each photo layer. Professional photographers use layers...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Repair a Photo That's Aged

You can use photo editing software like Corel Paint Shop Pro to repair a photo repair that has become faded, discolored, creased or stained. With the right tools, it is actually very easy to remove...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: How to Organize Your Scrapbook Layout

To help organize your scrapbook, you need to install a piece of photo editing software like Corel Paint Shop Pro. Use this program and your digital camera to help preserve memorabilia and memories in a...[more]

How to Create the Perfect Sunset Photo with Paint Shop Pro

Sunsets are very beautiful, but taking the perfect sunset photo is much more difficult than you might imagine. When the sun is setting, it is still quite bright, which makes it difficult for your camera...[more]

5 Easy Photo Editing Tips

Easy photo editing projects can make your digital photos look even better than they did when you took them. Digital photography allows you to take photos without worrying about the cost of film and getting...[more]

Fun Photo Editing: Fish-Eye

One of the best things about digital camera is that they make it possible to use software for all kinds of fun photo editing projects. There are lots of different projects that you can complete...[more]

Digital Photography Editing: How to Correct Lens Distortion

If lens distortion affects wide-angled photography leaving your photos looking unnatural, use digital photography editing to put everything back into perspective. This process s very easy with some photo editing software. For the purpose of...[more]

How to Sell Photos to Postcard Companies

There are many ways to sell photos and make money. One way is to seek out and sell to companies that manufacture postcards. Not only would you receive monetary compensation for your vision and your...[more]

3 Tips for Improving Commercial Photography

Commercial photography shots should generally look a great deal more styled and polished than amateur or casual shots. If you are trying to break into the world of commercial photography, there are a number of...[more]

How to Take Headshots

Headshots are pictures taken close to a subject's face. These types of photographs meant to identify a person or demonstrate the beauty of an individual's facial features. The subject may use a headshot on his...[more]

15 Wedding Photography Tips

Shooting photography for a wedding is an awesome responsibility, but with planning and a few tips, it can also be fun. Get a contract that specifies the schedule, what the couple will receive, and any...[more]

How to Sell Photos as Stock Photography

Using stock photography to sell photos is great for a business. Selling your stock photos cannot only help finance your photography hobby, but also your lifestyle. Stock photography is a competitive industry, but the market...[more]

Tips to Create a Photo Studio Business Plan

The adage that those who fail to plan, plan to fail holds true for any professional photographer setting up a new studio. Regardless of the size and scope of your enterprise, a business plan will...[more]

How to Sell Photos as Stock Photography

Using stock photography to sell photos is great for a business. Selling your stock photos cannot only help finance your photography hobby, but also your lifestyle. Stock photography is a competitive industry, but the market...[more]

Tips to Make a Professional Photographer Business Card

While no photography business should be without a website, the time-honored business card still has a valuable role to play in your marketing plan. A well-designed card is your offline billboard and can actually drive...[more]

Tips to Dress Subjects for a Professional Portrait

A good photographer knows that a timeless photograph begins with a consultation well before the session. The consultation provides the chance to explore the client's vision for the portrait, and it is also an opportunity...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Make Greeting Cards

It is always nice to send greeting cards to your near and dear ones. Paint Shop Pro is the ideal photo editing software that will provide you excellent options make greeting cards. So, plunge into...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: How to Use Balls and Bubbles to Enhance Your Photos

Paint Shop Pro is a fascinating tool, which helps in enhancing a picture and provides it an exciting look. Here is a brief Paint Shop Pro tutorial to help you in understanding the uses of...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Freehand Selection Tool

There are numerous applications available in Paint Shop Pro and each of them is unique in its own aspect. Here is a brief Paint Shop tutorial for using the freehand selection tool. Step 1- Open...[more]

How to Create a Professional Portrait Studio

A professional portrait studio is a big step and, potentially, an excellent addition to your operation. Before you begin, however, there are several decisions to consider before making it part of your business plan. Develop...[more]

Fashion Photograph Lighting Tips

Fashion photography lighting is designed to make the subject look as glamorous and desirable as possible. The lighting is very soft and shadows are minimal. Fashion photography's principals are not complicated, you just need the...[more]

Photography Lighting: Color Temperature

Color temperature is one of the most basic factors that you have to account for in photography lighting. Uneven temperatures can make your picture look anywhere from amateurish to artistic. Here is how you can...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Colorize

If you choose to colorize a photo for any reason, it can be easily done with paint shop pro. Doing this is easy, and doesn't take much effort if you know the right steps to...[more]

Paint Shop Pro: Charcoal Painting Look

With Paint Shop Pro tutorial, you will be shown how to alter any picture to make it look like just about anything. You can make pictures look like paintings or drawings. You can also make...[more]

Selling Photos Online: Importance of Business Cards

When you are selling photos online, business cards remain an important tool. While your business may be transferring to a more centralized online platform, you will still need business cards for face-to-face marketing. Follow these...[more]

How to Select a Camera for Digital Wedding Photography

Wedding photography can be extremely profitable, but it requires a high degree of professionalism and skill as well as the right equipment. One of the biggest equipment investments you will make is your digital camera...[more]

How to Build a Website for Photography

A dynamic web presence is essential for every photographer's marketing strategy. Whether you are a fine artist, portrait, or wedding photographer, your website acts as your portfolio and calling card. While creating an online presence...[more]

Sell Photos of Candid Subjects: Consent Required?

Candid photography offers you many opportunities to make iconic images. Selling those images, on the other hand, can raise many legal questions for a street photographer with a stack of photos of strangers. Foremost among...[more]

What to Wear Working in Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer, your attire communicates volumes about your business, from yours sales presentation all the way to the tossing of the bouquet.  Proper attention to your wardrobe can help book an event and...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Filter Tutorial: Pointillism Effect

Using a Paint Shop Pro filter can provide you with a vast amount of effects for your photographs. No matter what the effect you wish to use there is probably a filter for it. The...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Deform Tool

The Deform Tool is a unique offering of PSP, with which you can materialize your creative dreams. The task is not at all complicated. Follow this Paint Shop Pro tutorial given below to navigate you...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Crop and Frame a Photo

Paint Shop Pro is a very useful program. You can resize, crop or even edit the photos with the help of this program. This tutorial provides you the steps of how to crop and frame...[more]

Does F-Stop Affect Photography Lighting?

Does F-stop affect photography lighting? The answer is yes. What is F-Stop? F-Stop, also known as aperture, is a hole or opening in the lens that allows photography lighting to travel through it. A low...[more]

How to Use the Paint Shop Pro Toothbrush to Enhance Teeth in Photos

Teeth photos can easily be enhanced with the toothbrush tool in paint shop pro. You can make anyone's teeth look whiter and brighter. With the right kind of knowledge about this tool, you will be...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Magic Wand Tool

The 'Magic Wand Tool' allows a selection to be made based on the outline or shape of the object. It can be set in a way that recognizes the brightness, hue, opacity and color of...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: How to Add a Tattoo to a Subject

Paint Shop Pro is a program, which enables one to create impressive photos. With the help of PSP one can not only correct the common photo flaws but can also add a tattoo to the...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: 5 Fast Photo Fix Tips

Paint Shop Pro or PSP is a photo-editing program, which has everything in it to make stunning photos. You can very easily correct the common flaws in the photos like its sharpness, colour and many...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Create Custom Picture Tubes

The Paint Shop Pro picture tubes help you paint pictures. The pictures are placed in a random manner or in a particular series on the icon, as you drag the mouse. There are many picture...[more]

How to Remove Digital Camera Noise in Paint Shop Pro

Image noise plays a great role in spoiling the true quality of the images. With the help of Paint Shop Pro's Digital Camera Noise Removal Filter one can erase these defects to ensure some excellent...[more]

How to Remove Unwanted Elements in Paint Shop Pro

There are various minor detailing in a photo, that need to be dealt with care and rectified to make it perfect and bear the mark of your abilities. This is not a problem at all,...[more]

How to Create Holiday Gift Tags with Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro is an excellent program to apply fine touches to images. Apart from editing photographs, Corel Paint Shop Pro also acts as excellent drawing and painting tool. To create fantastic holiday gift tags,...[more]

How to Trace an Image with Paint Shop Pro

Using Paint Shop Pro, you can paint using a brush, sketch using chalk or a pencil, make portraits of pastel, make impasto effects etc. In this tutorial, you will learn how to Trace an Image...[more]