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Digital Photography Editing: Simulating Soft Focus

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How to Become an Editorial Photographer

An editorial photographer's primary responsibility is to deliver a unique, appealing and marketable story in its best form in a short amount of time. Whether he is swinging from a tree in Africa or taking...[more]

Digital Wedding Photography Advantages

The advantages of digital wedding photography can range from better image resolution, more images, more control and an easier post-production process. Some may argue that digital photography does not capture the reality of the camera's...[more]

Corporate Photography: When Will You Need an Assisstant?

Hiring an assistant is a huge step for your corporate photography business. It means that your company and the jobs you're awarded are getting bigger. It takes a lot of hard work to get to...[more]

Corporate Photography: Is a Backdrop Necessary?

When working on corporate photography you have to see yourself as being a service to your employer rather than an artist who can make whatever choices they want. That means that you need to base...[more]

Corporate Photography: Is a Backdrop Necessary?

When working on corporate photography you have to see yourself as being a service to your employer rather than an artist who can make whatever choices they want. That means that you need to base...[more]

Corporate Photography: Selecting Holiday Props

When working in corporate photography, holidays are an exciting time for everyone. The winter holiday season is a time year when people tend to loosen up a bit, and professional holiday photos are a great...[more]

Corporate Photography: The Basics

Corporate photography is any type of photography or videography used for promoting a company's brand, products and services.  Businesses also use corporate photography and videography to document social events and create visual content for internal...[more]

How to Choose Lights for Professional Outdoor Photography

When shooting outdoors, you need to make sure you have the proper photography lights with you. Shooting outside is much different than shooting indoors because you have far less control of the lighting. However, with...[more]

How to Choose Lights for Professional Indoor Photography

When choosing photography lights, the most important question for your strategy is where you're going to shoot. The lights that work best for an indoor shoot are completely different from what you would use outside....[more]

Will a Degree Help Me in Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is a competitive field where performance determines how successful you'll be. Having a degree in advertising, photography or anything else isn't necessary to establish a career. While that piece of paper alone won't...[more]

Photography Tips: Pictures of Friends

Follow these photography tips to take pictures of friends and create charming and priceless mementos. Shooting friends can be awkward or difficult, particularly if you have friends who are camera-shy or don't seem to listen...[more]

Photography Tips: Using Shadows to Your Advantage

The best photographers know that using shadows to your advantage gives a picture a dramatic edge. Follow these photography tips to learn to use both light and shadows to impact your photos. Step 1 - Eliminate...[more]

Photography Tips: White Balance Indoors

If your indoor photographs have a discoloration, particularly around people and large objects, follow these photography tips to solve this problem. To understand why this discoloration happens and prevent it, read on to learn about...[more]

Photography Tips: Using ISO in Dark Areas

If you are looking to improve your nighttime photographs, consider these basic photography tips on using the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) setting, slowing the shutter speed or using a night-scene mode on your camera....[more]

Photography Tips: Asymmetrical Composition

Follow these photography tips to learn how to compose your subject in an asymmetrical fashion. Rather than simply center-framing your subject, which can get a little boring and repetitive for both cameraman and viewer, experiment...[more]

Photography Tips: Getting Photos Noticed

Amateur photographers are often eager to have their work noticed, but a few photography tips may help them manage the transition from unknown to renowned photographer. When beginning to publish your photographs for general notice,...[more]

Photography Tips: Building Confidence to Shoot Candids

Candid photographs are favored by many for their natural and fun poses, but beginner photographers may need a few photography tips before they have the confidence to take these revealing and detailed shots. Most amateur...[more]

What is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography involves taking pictures for commercial use: for example in adverts, merchandising, and product placement. Commercial photography is also used in corporate brochures and leaflets, menus in cafes and restaurants, and similar commercial uses...[more]

Commercial Photography: Insurance Claims

Insurance claims photographs might not be the first thing that you think about when you are considering a career in commercial photography, but it can be a varied and very lucrative market for those who...[more]

How to Purchase Stock Photography for Commercial Use

Stock photographs are one of the most lucrative markets in the field of commercial photography. Stock photographs can be bought from agencies, or from individual freelancers, but it is possible to become lost in the complicated...[more]

How to Find Commercial Photography Leads and Work

If you are starting out in commercial photography, it can seem very difficult to get work and find clients. As a self-starter, most commercial photography professionals have had to overcome this first hurdle before they...[more]

How to Shoot Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is an industry that can provide a lucrative and varied employment to keen photographers. Most commercial photographers are self-starters, beginning with amateur photography and then moving into the commercial realm. There are a...[more]

How to Build a Commercial Photography Portfolio

If you are beginning a career in commercial photography, it is vital to have a good portfolio of your work. A portfolio of commercial photography is as important as a calling card, and it is...[more]

How to Make Commercial Photography Connections

Commercial photography is the art of taking photographs to sell an end service or product developed by a company. A commercial photographer may work with with real estate agents to feature homes for sale, or...[more]

How to Choose Lenses for Commercial Photography

It is important to create creative and eye-catching pictures for your commercial photography clients. Developing a business that provides high quality photos featuring products, services, food and maybe real estate or architecture can be time-consuming,...[more]

How to Choose a Digital Camera for Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is the practice of creating beautiful works of art to help display and sell a company's products and services. Whether shooting objects to architectural elements on a building, a commercial photographer must use...[more]

How to Price a Professional Commercial Photography Shoot

When you are pricing out your professional shoot for your commercial photography business, there are a several things to keep in mind. Below, we will detail each aspect of developing your pricing. Several factors and...[more]

How to Sell Photos to Greeting Card Companies

Whether taking photographs is your pastime, your hobby or your profession, there are ways in which you can sell photos to greeting card companies. In fact, photography is a form of art they definitely can...[more]

Professional Photographer: Albums and Books

As a professional photographer, you may be asked to present clients with a collection of the work you did for them. A bride and groom, for example, may request an album that they can have...[more]

Professional Photographer: Ways to Print Your Work

If you are a professional photographer, your portfolio is among your most important assets for presenting work to potential clients. Though digital photography is so popular these days, it is extremely important to maintain a...[more]

How to Choose a Camera for a Professional Portrait

Buying the best camera posible for your professional portrait business is not something you should take lightly. Today, there are so many different types and sizes of cameras to choose from. There are high end digital...[more]

How to Get Jobs Taking Headshots

As a headshot photographer, you will generally work out of a studio, purchase fancy lighting and backdrops, purchase computers and computer programs to help you edit and retouch your photos. As a starting photographer in...[more]

How to Build a Portfolio of Headshots

In order to build a client list for photography headshots, you will need to develop and display a portfolio that looks fantastic. A portfolio is filled with different types of headshots that display different body...[more]

How to Do Professional Photo Retouching

With the digital revolution, it is easy to retouch and enhance any digital picture so they look like a professional photo. Whether you are enhancing photos to display an artistic style or to make a...[more]

How to Set Up Professional Photo Backdrops

In order to take the best professional photo, you will need to ascertain what type of backdrop and background materials you are going to need. If you are putting together studio photography shoots, there are...[more]

How to Select a Professional Photo Printer

Professional photo printers produce quality images at very large sizes over the standard consumer models. The downside to this is you will not be able to print pictures from your digital camera. The upside is...[more]

How to Select Software for a Professional Photo Slideshow

One of the best ways to display your professional photos is with digital software. Many programs will not only allow you to show off your work, but also to edit, touch up and enhance individual...[more]

How to Get Photography Jobs as a Teenager

If you are an teenager looking to make some money, look for photography jobs that will cater to your skills. As a teenager however you probably won't have much experience and that's why it can...[more]

6 Permanent Photography Jobs

Looking for photography jobs can be the beginning of a wonderful career. There are actually lots of different types of photography jobs available, but which ones of these are the best? Freelance Photographer One of...[more]

5 Interesting Photography Jobs

Photography can be both an interesting and profitable hobby if you find the right photography jobs. Some jobs are exhilarating and very enjoyable, but what are some of the best types of interesting photography job?...[more]

How to Budget Photography Equipment

Strategizing photoraphy equipment purchases is vital for every professional at any stage of your career. Not only do photographers need to anticipate career growth, but also the inevitable need to replace outdated or worn out...[more]

Promoting a Photo Studio on the Web

Running your own photo studio can be a very rewarding and exciting business opportunity, but you must find customers for work. The Internet is a valuable business platform that you can use to promote your...[more]

How to Set Depth of Field for Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a lucrative business, but it's important to learn how to set the depth of field when taking pictures during the ceremony and reception. The depth of field is the depth of a...[more]

Tips to Choose Lenses for Wedding Photography

Consider expanding your amateur hobby or professional photography business to include wedding photography. Special events photographers are always in high demand. One of the most important pieces of equipment you need for this type of...[more]

Tips to Choose Equipment for Wedding Photography

If you intend to convert your amateur hobby into a wedding photography business, consider the tips below. To be a serious wedding photographer, you first need to invest in a few very important pieces of...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Image Mask Blending

Paint Shop Pro is a very powerful image editing software package that uses image masks to protect the image while you change some aspects about it. Image mask blending can be used to seamlessly stitch...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Photo Masking Basics

Photo masking is a powerful feature included in Paint Shop Pro that protects certain elements of a photo when you are changing the background and other elements. Learning how to make the most out of...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Magnifying Tools

Magnifying tools in Paint Shop Pro make it very easy to perform detailed work on photographs by enlarging them. Using these magnifying tools makes lots of tasks very simple. Step 1 - Open Paint Shop...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Feather an Image

A feather image has edges around the image that are softened rather than hard, sharp or straight. This is a very easy effect to achieve in Corel Paint Shop Pro to add interest to an...[more]