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Essential Equipment to Take a Professional Photo?

Starting a professional photo business may be the perfect career option if you are artistic and can take great photos. In order to build your photography business, you must first purchase some important pieces of...[more]

How to Remove Watermarks from a Professional Portrait

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9 Presentation Tips for Photographhy Portfolios

If you are nervous about presenting your portfolio to a potential client, stop worrying. Your chances of getting a job are probably already high, and all you need to do is prove to the client...[more]

How to Build Photography Portfolios

How to Build Photography Portfolios Photography portfolios are necessary for anyone who plans to pursue a career as a professional photographer. A portfolio's main purpose is to showcase a photographer's accomplishments and core competencies in...[more]

Learn Photography: Art School Pros and Cons

Learn Photography: Art School Pros and Cons Some people eat, dream, and breathe photography, so when it comes to pursuing it as a career, it may seem like a natural choice for them to attend...[more]

7 Food Photography Techniques

If you are a beginning photographer, you should try your hand at food photography. Many lucrative photography positions are available in the advertisement and media industries related to food photography.Step One - Start Out SmallThe...[more]

7 Food Photography Techniques

If you are a beginning photographer, you should try your hand at food photography. Many lucrative photography positions are available in the advertisement and media industries related to food photography.Step One - Start Out SmallThe...[more]

Sell Photos of Architecture: Permit Required?

If you're a photographer specializing in pictures of architecture, here's a guide to sell photos online or using a traditional medium. You are the probably the type of person that is fascinated by clean lines and...[more]

How to Sell Photos at Art Walks

Becoming a professional photographer and figuring out the best way to sell photos is sometimes a daunting task. There are so many different approaches that are available to the photographer to make money. One such...[more]

Professional Photographer: Average Annual Salary

If you are considering becoming a professional photographer, you should first get an idea about what type of money you can expect to make. The guide below will help you better understand how much a...[more]

Mini Professional Photography Course: RAW Mode

Here is virtual photography course that will help to hone and develop your skills. This mini photography course covers the RAW mode of your camera. Materials You Will Need Pen and paperCamera Step 1 - Understand...[more]

Mini Professional Photography Course: Burst Mode

Here is another great summation of a photography course for novice photographers and photographers that wish to have a refresher course. This course details burst mode. Materials You Will Need: Pen and paperDigital Camera Step 1 - Understand...[more]

Mini Professional Photography Course: Shutter Speed

As a photographer, you are always looking for great photography courses.  Here is a virtual mini course about the shutter speed in your camera. Materials You Will Need Pen and paperDigital Camera Step 1 -...[more]

Why Buy Used Darkroom Photography Equipment?

If you an aspiring photographer, you know how expensive darkroom photography equipment can be. When working with a limited budget, it is difficult to purchase the materials and equipment necessary to create your own darkroom. Luckily you can...[more]

How to Prepare a Subject for a Professional Photo

Digital cameras have made photography more accessible, but that doesn't mean that professional photos are easy to create. Anybody may be able to use a point and shoot camera to take a photo of a...[more]

Military Photography Jobs

Military photography is among the many different types of exciting and rewarding photography jobs. There are actually a few different types of military photography. Sometimes the army themselves will hire photographers to capture evidence. Some...[more]

Photography Lighting Portable Power Sources

You need to use different types of photography lighting when taking shots for different projects and clients. Lighting your shots is easy when you're in your studio, but it can be much more difficult when...[more]

How Much to Charge for Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a rewarding and profitable business to get in to, but it can be difficult to know what to charge. If you are considering starting your own wedding photography business then you will...[more]

How to Get Spot Focus for Wedding Photography

Spot focus is a useful skill to master for anyone who is interested in wedding photography. Spot focus is simply where a single object is perfectly in focus while the background is blurred and out...[more]

Tips to Pose Subjects for Wedding Photography

Wedding photography can be an ideal way for anyone to make some extra money, and to get the best out of your wedding shots you will need to learn how to pose your subjects. Tools and...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Restore Faded Photos

Learning how to restore faded photos is an important skill for any photographer to master. Fortunately this is one task that computers make much easier. To restore a photograph back to its former glory, the...[more]

How to Add Eye Shades with Paint Shop Pro

Adding eye shades to a photo can make it much more appealing and interesting. Learning how to perfect this effect is essential so that it looks natural, rather than out of place. It's actually very simple...[more]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Cloning Tool

The cloning tool in paint shop pro can be used to remove unwanted elements from your photos. If anything is in the way or affecting the quality of your photo then you can use the...[more]

How to Straighten Tilted Photos in Paint Shop Pro

As a digital photographer or graphic designer, there are many skills that you will have to learn, including how to straighten photos in Corel Paint Shop Pro. This is a very powerful piece of software...[more]

7 Professional Photographer Services Offered

As a professional photographer, you may have to do more than just take pictures. Below are 7 different services that you might offer as a salable item or service to your client base. 1 -...[more]

The Lifestyle of a Professional Photographer

If you are thinking about becoming a professional photographer, consider that your lifestyle will be different than that of most people who work a 9 to 5 job. Before you jump feet first into a...[more]

5 Most Essential Pieces of Photography Equipment

Although photography equipment can be expensive, it's important to get the best pieces that you can afford. The equipment that you choose to buy will affect the quality of your photography and make it much...[more]

Photo Studio Business: Pros and Cons

A photo studio business is a great way to make some extra money if you are good at photography. Read on to learn some of the advantages and disadvantages with running this kind of business....[more]

How to Set Professional Photo Editing Rates

When you take a professional photo for a client, you may be expected to do some digital editing to create the best possible final product. For headshots, the subject is usually interested in getting the...[more]

Essential Photography Equipment for Amateurs

Even if you're not a professional, there are certain pieces of photography equipment that you should consider buying. When choosing the best pieces for your needs, do plenty of research by looking on the Internet...[more]

How to Choose a Photography Course

Like any other profession, it is important to seek out additional educational opportunities by finding photography courses or seminars taught at schools or by professionals. With digital technology changing at such a rapid pace, it...[more]

How to Print Headshots

As a photographer specializing in headshots, you also must be prepared to print these types of photographs. Since headshots are used for a variety of reasons, you may need to produce hard copies for use...[more]

How to Choose Lenses for a Professional Portrait

When taking a professional portrait you must be prepared to great facial expressions and moments in between two or more subjects. As a photographer, you want to have not only great skills but you want...[more]

Darkroom Photography Equipment: Enlarger

Once you have just purchased your first round of darkroom photography equipment, learn how to use and master each piece. Your darkroom enlarger is responsible for making your pictures into larger and different sizes. Materials You...[more]

Tips to Save on Photography Equipment

If you are looking to expand an amateur hobby or professional business, keep in mind that photography equipment can be expensive at times. Follow these tips to reduce the cost of your photography equipment if...[more]

How to Make Money from a Professional Portrait

It is easy to make money taking professional portraits once you have established a brand name. It is all the things you have to do to establish that brand and that local presence that can...[more]

Photography Tips: Shooting Airplanes and Jets

Keen aircraft enthusiasts may need photography tips on shooting airplanes and jets for either personal enjoyment or commercial use. Airplanes and jets are fantastic topics for stock photographs, and they can also serve as excellent...[more]

5 Professional Photography Tips

Amateur photographers who are looking to move into the world of professional and commercial photography could benefit from the following photography tips. Starting out in professional photography without having an understanding of the things that...[more]

How to Sell Your Photos

Wouldn't it be great to sell photos that you have taken as part of your photography business or past time? Selling photos can net a really nice profit if you know what you are doing....[more]

Headshots: How They are Different

Headshots are photographs taken of faces and usually part of the shoulders. Generally, people use headshots in business cards, on websites, in profiles and to advertise a service or a product for a company. Headshots...[more]

Mini Professional Photography Course: Composing the Frame

Here is a short photography course all about how to compose the frame when you are photographing portraits, landscapes, objects and architecture or buildings. Materials Required to Complete This Project: FramesPhotographsMattingScissors or matting cutters Step 1...[more]

How to Choose Backdrops for a Professional Portrait

A backdrop is an important component of any professional portrait. In order to capture the subject in the best possible light and to produce a photograph that is exceptional, you must be skilled in choosing backdrops...[more]

How Much to Charge for a Professional Portrait

Professional portraits are used for so many different reasons and aspects. Families spend time and money many years in a row to capture memories and the growth of their family. Children portrait photography is a...[more]

Editorial Photographer: Equipment You Need

Editorial Photographer: Equipment You Need An editorial photographer's equipment will depend largely on his subject and the setting of his shoot, and may vary based on his preference. There are a few pieces of equipment...[more]

How to Sell Photos to Fine Art Galleries

How you sell photos to fine galleries depends not only on your ability and expertise as a photographer but also on your ability to network and make connections with other people in the industry. Here...[more]

Photography Lighting Tips for Shooting Models

When taking photographs of models it's important to concentrate on photography lighting. The lighting in your photos is very important as this will affect the quality of the image. You must spend time designing the...[more]

Photography Lighting: Metering

Photography lighting is a very important concept to master if you are serious about photography. You will need to understand how to use the internal-light meter in your digital camera to ensure all your shots...[more]

Tips to Keep Photo Studio Costs Low

All professional photographers should have a photo studio where they can base their business and take clients to have photos taken. The problem is that buying and running a photo studio is very expensive; this...[more]

Building a Reception Desk for a Photo Studio

Any professional photo studio should have a reception desk. Building your very own reception desk is simple as long as you have the right tools and materials available. Tools and Materials Needed 2x2-inch wood batonswooden planks, medium-density fiberboard or glass for...[more]

How to Choose Flooring for a Photo Studio

A photo studio is a very important type of building to have access to if you are planning to be a professional photographer. It's essential to design this carefully so that it looks professional and is...[more]