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Pro Tips: Restoring Used Camera Equipment

There are many different ways you can approach restoring used camera equipment, from light cleaning to replacing various components. Use your knowledge and good sense in order to produce a great restored result. Here is...[more]

How to Choose a Camera for Food Photography

Food photography includes everything from shooting plated food that ends up in menus, magazines or cookbooks to capturing the packaging and working with food manufacturers. If you are just getting into this highly specialized field,...[more]

4 Professional Digital Photography Techniques

There are many different techniques you can apply to your professional digital photography to make your pictures come out their best. As a photographer looking to get into the business or develop a solid reputation,...[more]

Essential Equipment for Event Photography

Taking a leap into event photography means that you will work on location a great deal. There is a set of essential equipment that every event photographer should have. Follow this guide to make sure...[more]

How to Pose Subjects for Family Portraits

One of the most important aspects of family portraits is the pose. You do not want it to look forced or stiff. At the same time, you do not want everyone scattered about the photo...[more]

What to Shoot for Event Photography?

Event photography can be an exciting and action-packed profession. Going on location and spending time on the road is not only therapeutic, but it is also a lot of fun. Here is a list of...[more]

What Makes Food Photography Different?

Food photography include 3 distinct domains. The first deals with the editorial photographic opportunities surrounding food. The second, more technical, deals with the packaging. The third type is called advertising food photography and includes shooting...[more]

How to Expand Your Business as a Photographer

Since you have your own camera and you have practiced and experimented with different effects, it is time to expand your business as a photographer. To do this, you will need to create and build...[more]

How to Take a Professional Portrait

A great professional portrait can invoke many different emotions and aspects of the subject's character. As a photographer, it can take a great deal of time to master the art of taking a portrait photo....[more]

Tips to Get Free Travel through Photography Jobs

As a professional photographer, you will probably be trying your hardest to find photography jobs. There are many photography jobs which have lots of additional perks, including free travel. These jobs are very popular and...[more]

The Business Side of Being a Professional Photographer

Becoming a professional photographer can not only  be a rewarding experience, but also a lot of fun. In this line of work, you will meet and work with many different people, services and products. As...[more]

How to Set Up Studio Photography Lighting

Photography lighting is essential to create the best pictures possible. Read on to learn how to set up different styles of photography studio lighting exist and how each affects your photography. Tools and Materials Needed...[more]

8 Used Camera Equipment Accessories

If you are starting out in the world of professional photography, consider saving money by buying used camera equipment rather than expensive new pieces. In order to fill your camera kit, you may want to...[more]

How to Sell Photos through Established Websites

In order to sell photos of different landscapes, products and people, you have to get them ready for sale. One of the best ways to sell your pictures is through an established website. Many companies...[more]

How to Make Architectural Photography Interesting

When some people think of architectural photography, they may think of pictures of boring buildings, straight lines, grey bricks or even parking lots. This does not have to be the case. There are several things...[more]

How to Choose Lenses for Food Photography

If you are looking to develop a business in food photography or looking for information regarding the best type of lens for taking photographs of food, follow the steps below. Keep in mind that you...[more]

5 Headshot Photographer Networking Tips

Are you a budding headshot photographer? Are you looking for different ways to begin to develop and maintain a great client base and business? Networking is an essential part of anyone's business development process. If...[more]

How to Restore Family Portraits for Profit

Many take family portraits to capture the look and size of a family at a particular time. Over time, portraits on photographic paper can become damaged or faded. People will pay great money for you...[more]

How Profitable is Food Photography?

Food photography can be very fast-paced, competitive and, most importantly, profitable. The most important thing you need to know is that there are hundreds of people in the business and this number is growing everyday....[more]

How to Block Facebook Photos of Yourself

There are times when may want to block Facebook members from seeing your photos. This may be because the photos are less than flattering or reveal something you do not want to share with certain...[more]

Ways To Be Cautious About Buying Used Photography Supplies

You must be careful when you photography supplies so as not to waste money. You can purchase everything brand new and in the box or you can opt to purchase photography supplies in a used...[more]

How to Set-Up Food Photography Lighting

One of the most important aspects of great food photography is lighting. The type, amount and quality of lighting all make a difference when it comes to producing a great photograph of food or drink....[more]

5 Professional Digital Photography Tips

Professional digital photography can be exciting and challenging. There are many different ways you can go about using a digital camera to take phenomenal pictures for clients. If you are just starting out or if...[more]

How to Get Freelance Food Photography Jobs

When working in food photography, you have the opportunity to take pictures for editorial requirements, shoot for packaging, manufacturing and business owners, or worth with cake and pastry artists. There are many opportunities to seek...[more]

How to Choose an Established Website for Photography

Choose a websites for your photography to be put on display and sold. While many websites will provide this service, not all will be right for you. Here is the work you will need to...[more]

Shooting Photography for a Website

Website photography is a unique type of an art form different than standard photography designed for print. When you add photographs to a website, it is much better to use original work than it is...[more]

How to Take Family Portraits

There are few things more memorable than family portraits. While it may be difficult getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time, the outcome can be a beautiful picture that is cherished...[more]

How to Tag Photos on Facebook

The social networking site Facebook allows users to label or tag photos to identify the people in the picture. If you see a funny or glamorous photo of yourself or a friend, you may want...[more]

How to Buy Photography Supplies in Bulk

If you are in need of many photography supplies, you can save money by purchasing the items in bulk. There a few things to consider before you buy, including risks associate with damaged parts or...[more]

Tips for Buy Vintage Photography Supplies

Are you in the market to purchase photography supplies? As you shop, think about the added character the vintage supplies can provide to your pictures. Among supplies you can buy vintage include older cameras, different...[more]

Tips to Make Wedding Photography Albums

Many are willing to pay top dollar to make sure their wedding photography captures all the precious moments from the special day or weekend. They are also willing to pay even more in order to...[more]

Finding Photos of a Friend on Facebook

With the large number number of people using the social networking site Facebook, many users want to know how to find photos of their friends. In order to view the photos of a specific person...[more]

How to Comment on Facebook Photos

Facebook has been a primary form of communication for millions of people over the past few years. As it grows in popularity, so does the number of pictures that people post. With more members and...[more]

4 Event Photography Tips

If you want to specialize in event photography, take these tips into consideration. Step 1 - Learn the Event There are so many different types of events you can photograph. Each of these types of events...[more]

How to Choose Darkroom Photography Equipment

When setting up a good basic darkroom, there are a few essential components you will need in way of darkroom photography equipment. The following list will get you started on your selection of various components...[more]

Learn Photography: How to Choose a Starter Camera

If you want to learn photography to develop a hobby or begin a business, your first step is to select a camera. With the various types of cameras on the market today, it is easy...[more]

Do You Need Professional Camera Equipment?

If you're trying to become a professional photographer then you need professional camera equipment. This term refers to the tools you need to get the job done right. Lenses and Lights You need a high...[more]

Starting Your Photography Light Business

Creating your own business renting out photography lights can be expensive to start up but once it is running it can be very lucrative. The equipment rental business for photography can be divided into camera...[more]

Mini Professional Photography Course: Catching a Moving Subject

Looking for a fresher photography course? Read our small mini photography course about how to best catch a moving subject when trying to photograph! Materials Needed to Complete Course: Pen and paperCameraA moving subject Step...[more]

How to Teach a Photography Course

As you master the art of photography, sharing your expertise and know how by teaching a photography course is both rewarding and profitable. Taking on a teaching engagement will expand your network of contacts in...[more]

How to Apprentice for Photography Jobs

Many people are interested in finding great photography jobs but people with little experience are struggling. How can people learn about apprenticeship programs for photography jobs? Finding an open apprenticeship for photographers can be very...[more]

4 Ways to Learn Photography

Photography is both an art and a science. There are many ways to learn photography as a craft, and you should select a method that's best for you. Art School Art school can be beneficial,...[more]

How Much to Charge for Family Portraits

Family portraits aren't sponsored by a corporation trying to sell a product or highlight their work force. They're paid for by average working people trying to preserve great memories of their family. Family portraits need...[more]

How to Pose Subjects for Professional Portrait

A client may ask you to take a professional portrait for a number of reasons. Before you begin, ask how the shot will be used, whether for a business card, acting resume or personal website....[more]

How Teaching a Photography Course can Supplement Work

Once you have become an accomplished photographer, you can start to teach photography courses on different subjects. In fact, becoming a part-time photography teacher can really supplement your work and the money you make as...[more]

Darkroom Photography Equipment: Fixer

In terms of darkroom photography equipment, the photographic fixer is used during the last step in the developing process. Follow this guide to learn the appropriate ways to use the fixer in your darkroom. Step...[more]

Save on Darkroom Photography Equipment by Going Digital

Darkroom photography equipment allows you to process and develop your film by hand. However, processing your film the traditional route is time-consuming and requires many different chemicals and pieces of equipment that can be very...[more]

Tips to Take a Professional Photo

Before you can be paid to take a professional photo, you must learn the best ways to work your camera and pose your subject. There are many new skills you will have to master to...[more]

How Photography Lighting Differs from Normal Lighting

Photography lighting and normal lighting are two very different things. Read on to learn the differences between these so that you can take the best photographs. Normal electric lighting is designed to provide light to...[more]

Purchasing Photography Equipment Wholesale

Photography equipment is essential for any photography business to survive, but this equipment can be very expensive. To save money, consider buying wholesale. A wholesale source is a company that deals directly with other businesses...[more]