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Catering Photography Portfolios for School Admissions

A photography portfolio should be developed for many different reasons. As you progress throughout your high school and as you look to enter a professional school, you will be asked to show a portfolio of your work....[more]

5 Wedding Photography Poses

Weddings are a very busy time for any photographer and there are lots of things to remember including lots of different photography poses. Any professional photographer should create a list of all the photo poses that they...[more]

How to Get Variety into Photography Portfolios

The photography industry is very competitive and this means that you need to be able to stand out from the crowd, one of the best ways of doing this is by creating a photography portfolio. A...[more]

3 Best Photography Poses

Anyone wanting to make a career as a professional photographer will have to spend time learning about the best photography poses and how they can make their subjects get into them quickly and easily. there are dozens...[more]

Freelance Photographer Tips: Architecture

As a freelance photographer there are many different types of photos you can take. There are also many different genres of business to enter into. If you like the look of tall sweeping buildings or if you...[more]

Freelance Photographer Tips: Wildlife

If you are a freelance photographer and if you are looking to build your business around taking photographs of different wildlife, then there are some basic tips that you should know. A list of tips is as...[more]

5 Advertising Photography Techniques

Advertising photography is the type of photography used to take photographs of products or services for sale. The photographer usually is the person that comes up with the ideas for the photography shoot and the artistic...[more]

Product Photography: Adjusting for Different Subjects

Do you know what it takes to get into product photography? It certainly takes a lot of hard work and artistic talents. You have to have many different skills and you must know how to put together...[more]

How to Build a Product Photography Portfolio

Product photography can be a fun and fast paced business. As a photographer in this domain, you will be exposed to many different types of people that spend most of their time in the marketing and...[more]

5 Key Product Photography Skills

Product photography is the cornerstone to many advertising and marketing campaigns. Pictures really are worth a thousand words when you deal in the world of products. While you can only evoke so much emotion from a...[more]

Commercial Photography: What is a Tear Sheet?

In the field of commercial photography, a tear sheet often stands in for more formal reproductions of work that you have done for other clients. Tear sheets are a great promotional tool for photographers at the...[more]

Mini Professional Photography Course: Aperture

OverviewUnderstanding aperture is essential to comprehending exposure, as well as depth-of-field, an important compositional tool. This mini-course will cover basic aperture concepts as well as suggestions for putting those concepts into practice.The BasicsAperture refers to...[more]

How to Get a Job in Advertising Photography

There are many different ways you can go about getting a job in advertising photography.  This type of photography incorporates a lot of artistic capabilities on behalf of the photographer. Here is how you get a...[more]

Finding a Location for Your Photo Studio

Professional photographers need to have their own photo studio. A photo studio is a great place for customers to take portraits of their family and children.It's important that this photo studio be comfortable, warm and inviting. But...[more]

How to Do Underwater Fashion Photography

Underwater fashion can make for interesting photo shoots, though the right shot can be difficult to capture. Not only does the model appear differently in the photos, the apparel and lighting may be hard to control....[more]

4 Advanced Flickr Search Tips

Finding the perfect photos on Flickr is much faster when you master expert search tips and the Advanced Search feature. Save time, get better matches and widen your content choices. Flickr has powerful search options that let...[more]

How to Become a Freelance Photographer

You have decided to transition from a hobbyist to a professional, begin to profit from your experience and skill, and finally become a freelance photographer. Getting paid for doing what you love is everyone's dream, but there...[more]

7 Editorial Photographer Techniques

An editorial photographer will take photos for magazines and newspapers. These photos are not used for advertising products, but in articles. Anybody writing a magazine will need access to a source of photographs. He will either...[more]

Business Photographer: Do You Need a License?

When developing your business as a photographer, you might have a lot of questions regarding what you need to do to legally practice in your jurisdiction. The guide below will take some of the guess work...[more]

How to Get Your First Corporate Photography Gig

Getting your first big corporate photography gig takes some work. There are a few very important steps you must consider before you go out and seek your first job. Here is what you need to...[more]

How to Use Umbrella Photography Lights for Portraits

A photographer uses umbrella photography lights while taking portraits. Follow the guide below to successfully set up your umbrella lights and use them while taking pictures. Step 1 - Place Your Lighting Knowing how to...[more]

How to Shoot Advertising Photography

Advertising photography produces expressive and persuasive visual representations used to sell and promote products. While advertisements may be accompanied by text, the photograph of the product is usually what draws the eye first. This field...[more]

What Makes Architectural Photography Different?

Architectural photography is a specialized field that involves taking pictures of buildings, angles and landscaping. Here are several steps that show you how architectural photography differs from so many other great forms of photography. Image...[more]

How to Choose a Camera for Architectural Photography

Architectural photography usually involves a great deal of travel and time spent getting to know the buildings you are shooting. In order to take marketable pictures, you will need a great camera. If you are...[more]

Is Architectural Photography a Good Career?

Architectural Photography can be a very lucrative and fulfilling career. With the rising number of clients needing photos taken of buildings and other work, the demand has risen for pictures of architecture. The points below...[more]

4 Tips for Improving Architectural Photography

Whether you are starting out in the field of architectural photography or a seasoned professional, the following tips will help you make the most of each shoot. 1 - Do Not Focus on Pretty You...[more]

How Much to Charge for Food Photography

Food photography is a specialized area of the business that largely depends on a photographer's ability to be creative and in their understanding of how to make food look like it is ready to eat....[more]

Event Photography Pricing Guidelines

Just breaking into the event photography business can be an exciting transition for any budding or experienced photographer. As you begin, you must think about the pricing guidelines you wish to set out for your...[more]

How to Choose a Lens for Family Portraits

You must use the right type of lens when taking any professional photo, including family portraits. Read on to learn how to select the best lenses for your professional photography business. Step 1 - Consider...[more]

How to Set Up Backdrops for Family Photos

Family portraits help to preserve a moment in time or a family memory. If the family are happy with your work, they will likely come back to you for repeat business. For this reason, you...[more]

How to Light Family Portraits

The lighting in family portraits falls under the same rules of group photography. You're trying to light everyone evenly while eliminating harsh shadows on faces and bodies. This can be achieved with soft, powerful lighting....[more]

How to Match Family Portraits to the Seasons

Taking family portraits not only involves drawing an emotional connection from the family members, but also portraying and capturing them in the moment. Clients may request portraits that reflect season or the next holiday that...[more]

7 Tips to Improve Product Photography

Product photography relies a great deal on the photographer's ability to be creative and imaginative. This realm of the industry involves taking pictures of products to use in advertising materials. Read on for several tips...[more]

Photography Tips: Avoiding Distracting Elements

Follow these photography tips to help avoid filling your shots with distracting elements. This will ensure that your pictures spotlight the subject you intend and are more pleasing to the eye. Avoid a Cluttered Background...[more]

Photography Tips: Making Houses Look Bigger

Follow the photography tips below when shooting a house to make it look bigger. This is a huge selling point to a prospective buyer. People do not want cramped rooms and tiny space. They want...[more]

Photography Tips: Don't Shoot at Noon

Follow these photography tips to get the best out of your natural light. Whether you are an event photographer or shooting architecture and buildings, there are great times and not so great times for taking...[more]

How to Write a Flickr Testimonial

Flickr testimonials are what customers rely on to ensure that they are going to view quality photos. It may be comforting to know, before clicking on the album of a certain member, that others have...[more]

Facebook Photo Uploads: Active X Control

Active X controls or add-ons are tiny programs that run on your Internet browser. They enhance your browsing experience by allowing animation or or other actions to be completed by the site that you are...[more]

Freelance Photographer Equipment Needs

As a freelance photographer, you enjoy the freedom and the autonomy of running your own business on your own schedule. You can photograph portraits in a studio and you can go on location to take...[more]

What is Flickr?

Flickr is a photography-based social networking site that combines image and video hosting with an online community. You can upload your own photos and videos and view photos and video from other people around...[more]

Learn Photography: Digital SLR Basics

To learn photography can be an advantage in any career or used to create better memories. Digital cameras are quiet common and easily accessible in contemporary society. An understanding of the digital SLR (single-lens reflex)...[more]

Learn Photography: Traditional SLR Basics

The first step in how to learn photography is an understanding of traditional SLR (or single-lens reflex) camera basics. A single-lens reflex camera is a widely used and common style of film camera. While digital cameras...[more]

Deactivating Your Flickr Account

It is very easy to deactivate your Flickr account if you decide that you no longer want to use it. Below are the steps listed in order to delete your account. Sign In Your Account...[more]

How to Format Photos for Facebook

Facebook makes it simple to add pictures to your profile, but you will get better results when you optimize and format photos to fit the site's settings. When you set up your profile, you will...[more]

Sell Photos of a National Forest: Permit Required?

There you are, amid nature in a beautiful national forest, taking many different photos and you think to yourself, what if I wish to sell photos of national parks to make money? Sounds like an absolutely fantastic idea,...[more]

Product Photography: How It's Different

While there are certain ways you can pose a subject in human photography, the same does not hold true for product photography. You can not mold the product, but instead you have to use your...[more]

How to Capture Authority in an Executive Portrait

Executives portraits have existed for hundreds of years before photography in the form of paintings. Those executive paintings were very labor-intensive to produce, and only the wealthy and powerful could afford them. With the advent...[more]

How to Choose Professional Camera Equipment

Professional camera equipment is a big investment, and choosing what's right for you can be the difference between making a lot of money in the future or being in debt. So how do you choose...[more]

Professional Photographer Advice

There are many different things that you should do on your path to becoming a professional photographer. Here are some tips on how to start your own business and make money in this field. Step...[more]

Pro Tips: Restoring Used Camera Equipment

There are many different ways you can approach restoring used camera equipment, from light cleaning to replacing various components. Use your knowledge and good sense in order to produce a great restored result. Here is...[more]