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How to Get a Professional Digital Photography Certificate

Technology is constantly changing and improving, especially when it comes to media like professional digital photography. As with any other profession, it is always a great idea to take courses that will provide you with certificates...[more]

How to Host a Website for Photography Proofs

There are many different ways you can host a website for photography proofs. You can do everything from select a hosting company to purchasing the equipment (such as servers, computers and back-up disk drives) to host the website. Website...[more]

How to Delete Contacts on Flickr

At some point you may want to delete contacts from your Flickr contact list. The way Flickr is set up, deleting contacts is relatively easy to do with little risk that you will accidentally delete the wrong contacts.Step...[more]

Executive Portraits: How They Differ

An executive portrait is typically different another portrait in that it is intended for business and professional use, rather than as a casual memory. Depending on the photo shoot, the client's business characteristics and the subject's personality,...[more]

How to Use Sex Appeal in Fashion Photography

In fashion photography, a little sex appeal can go a long way. Read the tips below for some tips and tricks ib using sex appeal to your advantage in photo shoots. Start Out Conservative If...[more]

How to Use Natural Light in Fashion Photography

 Natural light can play a large role in the quality of a photo. It can make the photo appear more vibrant and alive. It can also eliminate the need for a flash. Avoid Direct Sunlight...[more]

Setting Up a Fashion Photography Exhibit

Draw attention to your work by setting up a fashion photography exhibit. It is important to remember, without organization, careful choice of venue, and proper execution, your audience may quickly lose interest in your exhibition....[more]

Fashion Photography Internships: What to Look For

Students looking to get into the world of fashion photography should look for an internship to gain a full understanding of their field and future. Though often unpaid, an internship is a powerful tool of...[more]

3 Fashion Photography Tips

In such a broad and creative industry as fashion photography, many tips may be offered to novice photographers. Of course, there are many directly related to the technical aspects of the craft, many could parallel...[more]

Flickr vs Photobucket: A Comparison

Sharing photographs has become a vastly integrated part of the online experience; Flickr and Photobucket are two websites which serve in aiding such means. Signing Up Signing up for Flickr is quick and easy. In fact,...[more]

How to Create a Slideshow Within Flickr

Flickr includes a feature that will allow users to create a slideshow. This will allow visitors to view as many or as few of your chosen photos at their own pace without having to flip...[more]

Reporting a Photo on Flickr for Abuse

Occasionally you will encounter something that you find offensive and will want to report a Flickr photo for abuse. Flickr has made it very easy to report abuse for an individual photo. Step 1 -...[more]

Protecting Your Work on Flickr

This article investigate the topic of intellectual property protection on Yahoo's Flickr. Read on to learn what options are available to you and then how to change the license on your photos and videos. There...[more]

Flickr Explore: What is it?

Flickr has many unique features and applications that can help you easily locate interesting photographs and images, including the feature Flickr Explore. This feature not only gives you a look at pictures recently posted to the site,...[more]

Knowing If a Flickr Photo Has Been Explored

There are ways to find out how popular a specific Flickr photo is, whether owned by you or someone else. Views A first indication of popularity on Flickr is the view count. Go to the...[more]

How to Make Tagged Facebook Photos Private

Because anyone can load a picture onto Facebook and "tag" you in it, you may want to minimize the number of people who see these tagged "Photos of You".Accessing Timeline and Tagging Privacy SettingsAfter logging...[more]

How to Permanently Remove Facebook Photos

Facebook makes it easy to upload and share photos with your friends and the entire world. Over time, however, you may wish to delete photos. Maybe they're inappropriate, or maybe you simply don't want them...[more]

Staying Safe With Facebook Photos

Be sure you are staying safe when using social networking websites such as Facebook. This site provides many privacy and safety options designed to protect you and your identity. Make Your Profile Private If you...[more]

How to Bulk Import Photos in Facebook

The social networking site Facebook makes it easy to bulk upload and share photos with your friends online. Setting up an account is free, and you can upload as many photos as you want. You...[more]

Sharing Art Photos on Facebook: Pros and Cons

Almost everyone you know probably has a Facebook account. They're free and easy to use. One of Facebook's best features is the ability to upload and share photos with your friends and the world. Your...[more]

How to Access any User's Facebook Photo Albums

The social networking site Facebook is a place for family and friends to connect and share what's going on in their lives through both text and Facebook photos. One of the most popular features on...[more]

Digital Wedding Photography: The Differences

There are a number of advantages to using digital wedding photography rather than taking pictures with a traditional film camera. Using a digital technology is generally simple and inexpensive, and this type of camera makes...[more]

Photography Tips: Making Cars Look Shiny

Follow these photography tips to make a car look new, shiny and its best in any picture. Use these steps whenever you photograph a vehicle, whether for a professional print ad or when you are...[more]

Fashion Photography Lighting: Soft Boxes

Soft Boxes can be a photographer's best friend, especially in the glamorous world of fashion photography where soft light is preferred over hard light. Step One: Understanding Soft and Hard Light Soft light is diffused...[more]

How to Rotate Pictures on Flickr

This article will explain how to rotate pictures on flickr. If you took a digital photo with a portrait rather than a landscape orientation, you may find that the photo is incorrectly oriented once it...[more]

How to Organize Multiple Photos in Facebook

Facebook is incredibly easy to use and is a great place to share your photos with family, friends, and fellow professionals. In fact, it's so easy to upload photos that you can quickly find yourself...[more]

How to Reorganize Facebook Online Photo Albums

Facebook is a wonderful place to share photos with your family and friends. Almost everyone has an account nowadays and the site is very user friendly. Facebook makes it easy to upload your digital photos...[more]

3 Ways to Use Adobe Products with Facebook

Adobe Products can be used to help Facebook members be creative, expand their visual presence and have lots of fun in the process. Facebook has become an immense social connector helping millions of people communicate...[more]

How to Showcase Photos with Facebook Fan Pages

A Facebook fan page is a unique public profile that allows you to share your information and Facebook photos with the millions of other users on the social networking site. Fan pages can be used...[more]

4 Techniques for Business as a Photographer

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Catering Photography Portfolios for Customers

Putting together a great catering photography portfolio is such a simple task to accomplish. All you need to have is a great set of photographs and a little bit of organization and a knowledge on...[more]

Headshot Photographer Posing Techniques

As a headshot photographer you are probably always looking for different ways to improve the quality of your work. There are many different techniques you can use during your heashot photography studio shoot. Here are...[more]

7 Natural Photography Poses

If you are serious about making it as a professional photographer then it's essential that you spend time learning about the various photography poses which can be used to add interest to any photo. These...[more]

6 Most Common Photography Poses

There are  quite a few different common photography poses that you can use to take some fantastic pictures. The poses that will work best will depend on the types of photos that you are taking....[more]

Corporate Photography: Setting a Price

If you are starting a corporate photography business, you must set regular fees to charge customers. As you set prices, there are lots of different things that you will need to consider. As long as...[more]

Corporate Photography: Photo Copyrights

Corporate photography is essential for any small business which is why taking these photos can be so profitable, however photo copyrighting is required in order to prevent anyone from copying your photos without permission. The...[more]

Professional Photographer: Essential Equipment

As a professional photographer, some standard photography equipment you will need at any photo shoot are outlined below. While you probably know that a camera is essential, other photography tools, such as memory cards or...[more]

How to Get Clear Focus in Wedding Photography

Taking up wedding photography is a fantastic way to make some extra money. There are however some very important skills for you to master if you want to improve your wedding photography skills. It's important to be...[more]

5 Tips for Event Photography Lighting

Event photography has its many perks. First, as a photographer that specializes in this domain, you get the luxury of traveling to many different locations to take photographs. Second, you have the opportunity to meet many...[more]

Setting up a Backdrop for Product Photography

Product photography involves taking photographs of products that someone will be putting up either on a website or will display in catalogs for sale. Developing the right set of photographs for products is essential in the...[more]

Wedding Photography: Getting Inspiration from Magazines

Learning to take wedding photography is a fantastic way of making some extra money. Getting inspiration for wedding photo shoots can be difficult and that's why you should get some inspiration from wedding photography magazines.Step 1 -...[more]

How to Get Your First Wedding Photography Job

Photography is a hobby which many people really enjoy, that's why many consider making money by starting a wedding photography business. Starting out in wedding photography can be very difficult if you don't have any experience.Step 1...[more]

Photography Tips: Using Lower Aperture

People may hear the phrase "camera aperture" but not know what it means. The camera aperture is useful for photographers who are making the move from amateur to professional photography. The aperture is connected to...[more]

What to Charge for Architectural Photography

Architectural photography presents different types of challenges to the photographer. Not only is a photographer usually on location when taking the photographs, but they are doing something that is very different than a studio photographer. For...[more]

Fashion Photography: Location, Location, Location

Sometimes in fashion photography, the photography location matters more than the model. It can not only bring out the natural beauty of the model, but a new level of creativity to the portrait.OutsideWhen possible, it's preferable to...[more]

Fashion Photography: How to Shoot Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are often loud, bustling environments. If you are not careful, you may get caught up in the excitement and forget about the quality of your shots. The tips below may help you learn how...[more]

Changing the Privacy Settings on Facebook Photos

Facebook is a fun place to share what's going on in your life with friends and family. But there are some photos that you don't want everyone to see. To limit who can and cannot...[more]

Commercial Photography Lighting Tips

Photographs, in their most literal sense, are depictions of light; that's why photography lighting is so important for any photographer. Within this article, you will learn several basic photography tips that all professionals use to take the...[more]

Average Pay for Common Photography Jobs

Photography jobs are an attractive career choice for many people because they can earn money by doing something they love. However, how much can you really expect to get paid when you're doing an average job?Before...[more]

Leasing Your First Photo Studio

Launching your new photography business can be very exciting, but you will first need to choose a location for your photo studio. Assuming you're launching a new business, you probably don't have enough money saved up...[more]