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What is a Camera Aperture?

While it may sound like a fancy, complicated term, a camera aperture is simply the "eye" of the camera. The topics discussed below will enable you to get more comfortable with the use of the...[more]

How to Create a Contest on Flickr

Not only is Flickr a great way to show pictures to friends, family, and gain exposure as a photographer, Flickr also allows users to create a contest on the site. Whether you want to hold...[more]

Effect of Flickr on Stock Photography Business

Flickr, owned by Yahoo, is one of the world's largest social media websites, an entity that has affected the stock photography business. It is a free network that allows photographers to upload and share their...[more]

What is Flickr Interestingness?

Flickr Interestingness decides which photos will be included in Flickr's daily Explore. Explore is a showcase of the day's 500 most interesting photos. It's purpose is to guarantee interesting content to visitors of the site....[more]

Legal Aspects of Reusing Facebook Photos

Some people may think that it is not a big deal to reuse Facebook photos. With the number of Facebook users growing everyday, the legal ramifications can be great. Reusing When you upload friends photos...[more]

Viewing Photos on Facebook Without an Account

Although you may want to view your friend's photos on Facebook without an account, it is impossible to do without one. In order to view pictures on Facebook, you have to create an account. Don't...[more]

Automatically Tag Facebook Photos with Photo Finder

One of the best features on Facebook is the ability to tag people in photos. The Photo Finder was created by and it is one of Facebook's latest photo applications. It uses facial recognition...[more]

Essential Family Portrait Photography Equipment

The Family Portrait business is its own niche world in the photography industry. While it's not the most glamorous field to specialize in, it can be very rewarding both financially and emotionally. Customers come to...[more]

How to Start a Professional Photo Business

If you're good at taking photos then you might want to consider starting a professional photo business. Starting your own photo business is a great way to make some extra money. So much so that...[more]

Judging the Value of Photography Classes

Photography is both an art and a science. The art is is the composition, subject, framing, and lighting. The science is in the exposure. The combination of art and science makes photography a craft. It...[more]

Judging the Value of Photography Classes

Photography is both an art and a science. The art is is the composition, subject, framing, and lighting. The science is in the exposure. The combination of art and science makes photography a craft. It...[more]

What F-Stop Should Be Used for Group Shots

When you're choosing an f-stop for a group photo, there are 3 factors that will influence your choice. The first is that you're going to need lighting: the more open your aperture is, the grainier the image...[more]

What F-Stop Should Be Used for Macro Shots?

Macro photography is close-up photography of small subjects such as dripping water from a sink or insects. Read on to learn what f-stop you should use for these types of shots.Macro PhotographyYou would typically be using a...[more]

Sharing Facebook Photos on Twitter

Many Twitter users also have Facebook accounts, and the two social media networks have been working closely together to give their users the best experience they can offer. A Twitter user's status can be viewed...[more]

How to Order Prints Online from Flickr

It is easy to order prints online of hard copies of pictures that you have on your computer. The social networking and photography sharing website Flickr can offer you the best of both worlds, offering both physical...[more]

Exporting From Facebook to Flickr

There is currently no direct way to export your photos from Facebook to Flickr. An app has been created to import from Flickr to Facebook, but the reverse does not exist yet. However, there are ways to create...[more]

What is Flickr Scout?

To understand Flickr Scout, you most first understand what Flickr Explore is. Everyday Flickr chooses 500 images from its database that it deems to be the most interesting. These images are selected by a computer using a...[more]

What is a Camera's Shutter Speed?

Shutter speed can have a drastic effect on the appearance of photos. See below for more information regarding shutter speed and its uses.Slow or Fast Shutter SpeedsSlow shutter speeds are usually used in conditions with little...[more]

Uploading Photos to Facebook fom a Motorola Phone

Uploading photos from your Motorola Phone is a very easy process will give you the convenience of sharing the pictures you take on your phone with all your friends on Facebook. The easiest method for doing...[more]

Choosing Optimal Shutter Speed for Night Shots

It can be difficult to capture good photography shots at night. For successful night photography, you will need a camera that allows you to keep the shutter open for a longer period of time.Digital CamerasIf you are serious...[more]

Choosing Optimal Shutter Speed for Sports Shots

Great sports shots can be very elusive and difficult to capture. For many years, photographers have had a love-hate relationship with taking action shots. As most sports require a player to move very fast, it can be...[more]

How to Use Camera Aperture to Blur Backgrounds

One of a photographer's biggest headaches can come from distracting and unruly backgrounds as a result of the wrong camera aperture. You may have the perfect subject or portrait all set up, but find that a...[more]

How to Adjust Aperture for Long Exposure Shots

For long exposures, there are three factors to consider: speed setting, ISO and aperture. Normally, long exposures would depend greatly on the first two factors--speed to determine how much motion you wish to capture, and the...[more]

How to Use Aperture to Get Sharper Shots

Manipulating your camera's aperture can be quite tricky. Have you ever had focus trouble in your shots? Maybe your images have yielded an unfavorably blurred background or foreground--or even worse--a blurred subject. For landscape shots, panoramic pictures,...[more]

How is an F-Stop Calculated?

While it may appear entirely random at first, calculating an f-stop will provide you with more control over the amount of light you let into your camera when you take a picture. The relationship between the f...[more]

Recommended Aperture Settings for Night Shots

Night photography has always been a challenge for many photographers, who have to struggle with the correct ISO, shutter speed, and aperture settings. The lack of light source, plus the desire to correctly capture minimal...[more]

Fashion Photography Lens Selection

It can be difficult to get your photography business up and running when you know little about lens selection. Gone are the days of a simple digital camera and a photographer snapping photos every second while...[more]

Knowing Who has Viewed a Flickr Photo

There is no way to see who has viewed a particular Flickr photo. The site only tracks the number of times a picture has been viewed. Users can, however, set up the account to make...[more]

How to Use Exposure Compensation

Using exposure compensation may seem very advanced, but it a camera feature that even beginners can use to enhance their photography. Exposure compensation is when you change your camera's light settings in order to increase or decrease...[more]

How is Shutter Speed Measured?

Measuring shutter speed is very easy to do. It is the amount of time that the shutter on your camera is open, recorded in a fraction of a second. For example, if you have a shutter speed...[more]

Fashion Photography Tips: Skillfully Subtracting Light

Fashion photography is all about showing off the apparel along with the model. Sometimes, you may have too much light in a picture due to natural light or even a too intense of a bulb. There...[more]

Photo Distribution Rights: Publishing to Facebook

Facebook is currently the leader in social media networks--and for a good reason. It's easy-to-use interface makes it popular amongst people of all ages for keeping in touch with their family, friends and community. Facebook allows...[more]

How to Transfer Facebook Photos to Photobucket

Like Facebook, Photobucket is a photo and video sharing media and social networking site website. It's free and easy to set up an account and transfer your Facebook photos to your new account.Step 1: Set Up an...[more]

Private Facebook Photo Albums: Tagged Photo Viewability

By default, every Facebook photo you upload is organized into an album. Users have the option of controlling who can see their albums. whether a select list of people to everyone on the Internet. Users also have...[more]

Facebook Photo Applications: FaceDown

Facedown is not a true Facebook application, but an independent program designed by Vincent Cheung as a way to bulk download Facebook photos onto your computer. The program also saves a photo's caption in its metadata....[more]

Using iPhoto with Facebook Photos

It is easy using iPhoto, the Apple program, to manipulate the photos you put on Facebook. This feature offers album organization and tagging plus more.  It's also very user friendly and can be learned quickly.Step 1:...[more]

How to Manipulate Photos on Facebook

Users of the social networking site Facebook can employ a number of methods to manipulate the photos they upload to their pages. Internet users will agree that this may be the most popular social networking website in the world. Its...[more]

Flickr Privacy Settings on Individual Photos

You may want to limit user access to a particular photo that you have uploaded on your Flickr account. It is not necessary to change all picture settings in order to restrict the access to either viewing...[more]

How to Change the Comments Settings on Flickr

Follow the steps below to adjust your Flickr account comments settings so you can limit who can comment on photos you have posted. Like many features on Flickr, changing a setting is relatively easy.Step  1 - Login to...[more]

5 Fashion Photography Makeup Tips

To get that perfect fashion shot, you must have a flawless model with excellent photography makeup. Follow the tips below to get that airbrushed quality in any model.Less is MoreWhile you may want to make your...[more]

How to Create Avant Garde Fashion Photography

Avant-garde fashion photography is among the most challenging styles because it represents a journey to the edge of what is regarded normal in today's culture. Some avant-garde photographers have been regarded as pioneers and architects of...[more]

Setting Up a Fashion Photography Gallery

Setting up a fashion photography gallery is great way to showcase your work. Not only does it allow people to view your talent, it also shows potential clients the experience that you can bring to a prospective...[more]

Why Professional Photographers Post on Flickr

As a professional photographer, there are several reasons why you should post your work on the Flickr web site. The Internet has become the primary tool for creative professionals to gain maximum exposure in the world...[more]

5 Benefits of Joining a Flickr Photography Group

One of the many features offered by the photography-based social networking site Flickr is the ability to join a vast array of photography groups. There is a virtually endless number of groups one could join centered around...[more]

How to Resize an Image Exactly with Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro is a capable and powerful photo manipulation tool which makes it possible to resize images, as well as enhance them in numerous other ways. Learning how to resize an image exactly using Paint Shop Pro...[more]

How to Choose Your Fashion Photography Model

There are many factors involved in choosing a photography model. The person you choose should have certain attributes that will better your chances of attaining the perfect shot.Choose a NaturalSomeone is either a fashion model or they are not. Choose a person...[more]

How to Find Photography Jobs

If you enjoy photography then you might be looking for photography jobs to start the career of your dreams. There are lots of photography jobs out there, but how can you find them and how should you...[more]

Getting Photography Jobs through Website Exposure

Photography jobs are some of the most sought-after positions on the Internet. This makes landing photography gigs very difficult.In order to get one of these photography jobs you need to learn how to improve your reputation. There are...[more]

5 Tips for Retouching Fashion Photography

Retouching fashion photography is quickly becoming a lucrative business. You can use digital software to bring out the natural beauty in models by reducing the amount of discolorations and issues regarding the photograph. The tips listed...[more]

Finding a Fashion Photography Photo Agent

During your journey of building a career as a fashion photographer, you will need to choose a photo agent. This is an important step in your professional life as this person will represent you and your...[more]