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3 Flickr Organizational Tips

Using online photo sharing services like Flickr can be a useful tool. Using a few of these tips when your working on uploading files can save you a few headaches later on. Think of your filing cabinet;...[more]

The Effects of Camera ISO on Your Image

To understand digital camera ISO and what it does, it first helps to understand how film works. In the days before digital photography when everything was shot on film, you needed to select the specific film stock...[more]

How to Make a Button for a Flickr Group

Making a button for your Flickr group till take about twenty minutes. Remember to stay within pixel restrictions, which you can find when you go to upload your files.Step 1If you haven't done so, go and create...[more]

Facts About Flickr Copyright Policies

Flickr is a social media website that specializes in photo sharing between its users. It is also used by bloggers to host images used on their sites. Flickr is free to sign up for and use;...[more]

Protecting Copyrights on Facebook Photos

Facebook is a great place to share your Facebook photos with others. But, one of the biggest concerns photographers have with sharing their work on social media websites is copyright protection. Fortunately, Facebook is very transparent about...[more]

flickr Photo Sharing on Facebook

If you enjoy digital photography on any level, there are several ways to share your work with friends, family and the general public, including flickr photo sharing. The Flickr photo sharing site is a great avenue...[more]

Glamour Shots vs Headshots: What's the Difference?

It's hard to tell the difference between headshots and glamour shots. They're both shot vertically and the framing is very similar in that the face is the most prominent part of the photo. But, if you type...[more]

Digital Camera Instructions: How to Use Thumbnail Display

Thumbnail displays create an quick and easy way for a digital camera user to navigate through the content on their camera. Here are some general digital camera instructions for working with thumbnail displays.Using Thumbnail DisplayWhen you switch your...[more]

Digital Camera Care: Clean Your Digital Camera in 3 Steps

When it comes to digital camera care, you will eventually develop your own routine. Incorporating or building upon a few of general practices can go a long way in preserving the life of your camera.Step 1:...[more]

Digital Camera Instructions: How to Set the Timer

When you are taking a picture with a digital camera, it is impossible to get in the picture yourself unless you learn the digital camera instructions for setting the timer on your digital camera.Step 1: Read InstructionsFirst...[more]

How to Change Your Digital Camera Lens

Knowing how to change your digital camera lens can make a world of difference in the level of your photography, and it is very easy to do.Step 1: Get the LensFirst, you are going to need to...[more]

How to Care for Your Digital Camera Lens

Digital Camera Lens are expensive and fragile. Because of their delicate nature, they require some proper care. Here are some dos and don'ts to follow when using your lens.Caring for the LensAlways be extra careful when...[more]

Digital Camera Care: How to Store Your Digital Camera When Not in Use

If is very important to use good digital camera care when it is not in use. This will lengthen the life of the camera and prevent it from aging too quickly. The tips listed below will help...[more]

Lens Filter Effects that Can Be Simulated Digitally

In the days before digital photography and computers, most photography effects had to be achieved in camera using lens filters. Digital photography has greatly changed the game making some lens filters obsolete. It makes sense to...[more]

Which Lens Filter Do You Need for Digital?

Lens filters have existed for as long as there has been film cameras. They were developed to perform specific functions like eliminating polarized light, reducing overall light without changing exposures, and correcting colors. The transition from...[more]

Digital Camera Instructions: How to Playback a Video Recorded

Every digital camera is different but if you lost your digital camera instructions, here's a quick guide that will help you playback a recorded video. Most consumer cameras have three settings for operation. Those are 'photo...[more]

How to Use Digital Cameras as a Webcam

If you don't happen to have a computer with a built in webcam or an external webcam, there is a way to rig digital cameras aswebcams. This does not work with all computers or all digital cameras....[more]

Selecting Types of Security Cameras

There are many reasons one might be in the market for security cameras, and there are several types to choose from. The type you choose will depend on the purpose and location of the intended security...[more]

Digital Camera Focus Mode: Spot Focus

Spot focus is a focus mode that can be achieved when shooting. However, the process of spot focus is tricky and time consuming to create. The effect can easily be reproduced in digital photo editing programs like...[more]

Digital Camera Focus Mode: Continuous Auto Focus

All digital cameras come with different focus modes. The most common mode used is continuous auto focus. Your camera will more than likely be set to this when you use it for the first time.Understanding Continuous...[more]

Flash Mode: Automatic

The flash mode on your camera is designed to give you some extra light. The reason you may need the extra light is because there is not enough light in the image to give it proper exposure....[more]

Framing a Picture: 6 Tips

There are many things to learn about digital photography, and framing the picture as you take it is one of them. You can certainly print and frame any picture you want to after it is taken and edited. The...[more]

Is There an iPhoto Windows Equivalent?

If you are looking for a photo program similar to the Mac's iPhoto, for Windows, there are some considerations you can think about. Not all photo programs offer the same exact features, but there are some very close similarities...[more]

Flash Mode: Red-Eye Reduction

Everyone who has used a camera has experienced some of their photos being cursed with red eye. Fortunately, there is a flash mode designed to make red eye a problem of the past.  Using Red-Eye ReductionRed eye...[more]

Camera Mode: Timer

Your digital camera has different camera modes designed for special situations. Self timer mode is one of them. Almost everyone has experienced being a group photograph where the photographer sets up the timer, hits the shutter, runs...[more]

Camera Mode: Macro Mode

Every digital camera has camera modes which are special settings used for specialty photography. Macro mode, often represented by a flower, is used for extreme close up photography. What Macro mode does is it allows you to...[more]

Camera Mode: Landscape Mode

Landscape is a camera mode typically symbolized by a mountain symbol. The landscape mode works by automatically setting the camera's focus at infinity. This insures that you can take extremely wide shots of distant, breath taking vistas...[more]

Why Exposure Compensation Eases Shooting on the Fly

With any digital camera, exposure compensation is easy to effect and measure; most cameras can be setup to do this type of thing automatically for you. For different and desired effects, you can change this setting manually...[more]

7 Tips for Winning Fashion Photography Contests

Fashion photography contests offer a marketing platform where a fashion photographer can showcase his skills to an audience of magazine editors, fashion designers, photographic associations, exporting and advertising agencies. These can range from local competitions to international...[more]

Sending a Picture to a Group on Flickr

If you have just joined your first group on Flickr, you may not be too sure how to send a picture to that group. It does take a little time to get used to working outside of your...[more]

Judging Your Which of Your Fickr Pictures is Popular

As a Flickr user, you may want to track which of your Flickr pictures is most popular. Surprisingly, this is not as straightforward as it sounds because your most popular picture today may not be the most...[more]

Emulating Classic Art in Fashion Photography

Fashion is, in itself, an art where the creative possibilities are endless. Here's how you can set up your fashion photos to emulate classic art.Step 1: Get InspiredRemember that the clothes are the star. They are...[more]

Upload From Flickr to Other Social Profiles

Flickr is one of the best sites for loading and sharing pictures, but not everyone has an account set up with Flickr, which means some users have to upload from Flickr to other social profiles, like Picasa, Facebook or...[more]

Download All Your Flickr Photos at Once

After a bit of research, you may have found out how to download a picture from Flickr, but what if you want to download all of your Flickr photos at one time? That task is not so...[more]

Mobile Costs: Uploading Facebook Photos

While it is great to sit down to your computer and work on Facebook there are times when the best pictures are those on your phone; but what are the mobile costs to upload photos to Facebook from...[more]

Uploading Photos to Facebook From a Nokia Phone

Facebook allows photo uploads from many different phones, including many different types of Nokia phones. The type of phone you have will determine the method of loading; it should be similar for most phones.Step 1: Open the Internet on...[more]

6 Ways to Improve Your Digital Wedding Photography

If you are fairly new to the arena of digital wedding photography, you have probably already realized that there is always room for improvement. Digital wedding photographers seem to fall into one of two categories; those who...[more]

How to Get into the Brochure Photography Market

Brochure photography is much different than just having a website with your portfolio attached to it. In recent surveys, people's attention drifted towards the image first before they looked at any written material. With this in...[more]

Corporate Photography: How to Take Group Shots

When working in the field of corporate photography you will often find yourself planning and shooting group shots. Group shots are all about the team. In the group shot everyone is equal and no person is more...[more]

6 Fashion Photography Poses

When shooting fashion, there is an unlimited number of photography poses you and the model can use. Having a good understanding of the following poses will not only be beneficial for the model, but also for you...[more]

Deciding When to Change a Lens

Changing a lens on a shoot and moving your camera takes a lot more time than simply zooming in for your shot. So why do we make the effort to change our lens and sometimes...[more]

What is iPhoto?

iPhoto is an exciting basic photo editing program that comes in the standard software package on Mac computers. With iphoto you can organize your photos into albums, tag the people in them, create slide shows,...[more]

Getting Acquainted with iPhoto Software

If you're someone who loves sharing their photos on line with friends then it would be wise to acquaint yourself with iphoto software Iphoto is a software program that comes on a standard Mac computer....[more]

Using iPhoto to Organize and Share Your Photos

Using iPhoto to organize and share your photos is simple and easy. It allows you to organize your photos either by the dates they were taken, locations you shot them, or the people you tagged....[more]

Why to Keep the Camera ISO Low

In understanding why to keep the Camera's ISO low, it would first be helpful to understand the ASA of film stock. ASA is a system used to measure how much light is need to expose...[more]

Battery Conservation: When to Turn Your Camera Off

When you hit the on switch it can take a few seconds for your camera to turn on. In those precious seconds you could miss your once in a lifetime shot. But you can't leave...[more]

Charging the Battery of Your Digital Camera

Charging the battery of your digital camera is top priority for anyone who owns a digital camera. One  of the worst feelings as a photographer is having your battery die. If you don't have a...[more]

How to Transfer Pictures to Your Computer

Transferring pictures from your digital camera to your computer is a great way to share your pictures with your friends and family.  First you need to get your pictures from your digital camera to your...[more]

Photo Review: Deleting Photos

Almost everyone has had this experience: you're at an event taking pictures when all of a sudden your memory card is full. You need to delete some pictures quickly if you want to take more....[more]

What F-Stop Should Be Used for Landscapes

Shooting something wide like a landscape means that the only light you have is going to be coming from the sun. Because of this, your f-stop is dependent on the weather. A bright day means...[more]