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Picnik vs. Photobucket Editor

There are many online photo sharing and editing sites nowadays, but one which has caught much attention recently is Picnik. With a tagline that says "Photo editing made fun", Picnik is primarily an image enhancement...[more]

What Is Picnik?

A new player in the online photo sharing tool has emerged recently, and Picnik has been generating a buzz. Unlike the popular site Photobucket, Picnik is not focused on storing user images and videos. It...[more]

Picnik Firefox Extension

Picnik is a very well known and popular online image editing application. Picnik can be used to annotate, edit and share photos online with ease. The software is capable of loading photos from lots of...[more]

Picnik Chrome Extension

Picnik is a useful online image editing application which can be used to make a variety of changes to digital images. It is capable of importing photos from several social networking sites including MySpace, Facebook,...[more]

Using a Light Box with a Scanner

A light box is a useful way to scan negatives and other transparencies into your computer using a regular scanner. A light box is included with some higher end models of scanner, although it's fairly...[more]

Creating a Stylish Panorama with Photoshop Panographies

Capturing an entire landscape or a tall building can be difficult with photography, but panorama Photoshop techniques can make this easier. Taking panoramic photos has always been possible by manually piecing together photos to create...[more]

Build your own Dual Flash Mount

Sometimes two flashes are better than one flash when taking a photo. If you want to use two flashes, then you will need to use a dual flash mount. Buying a dual flash mount is...[more]

Make Your Photos Look Vintage for Photoshop

 Applying a vintage Photoshop filter is very simple and will make any photo--no matter when it was taken--look like it was taken years ago. Creating vintage photos has never been easier thanks to computers and...[more]

How to Install a Photo Printer Cartridge

Installing a photo printer cartridge is very easy to do, but it's important to make sure that you do it correctly because printer cartridges are very expensive. By replacing the printer cartridge, you should be able to...[more]

Sharing your Photobucket Pictures on Twitter

Sharing your Photobucket Pictures on TwitterMost of us probably have Photobucket pictures that we like to share with our friends and relatives. Photobucket is one of the first online photo album and photo sharing sites,...[more]

Choosing Generic or Brand Name Photo Printer Ink

Generic and brand name photo printer ink has been a hot debate over the past few years. Read more below to decide if its worth it to purchase generic ink.Generic InkLike most generic products, ink tends to...[more]

Homemade Reflectors

Those who are starting out with photography do not necessarily have to buy the best and most expensive reflectors in the market. With a little ingenuity and creativity, you can come up with your own...[more]

How to Avoid Unwanted Side Lighting

Sometimes you need to shoot on location and do not have total control over the layout of the land. You may have to compromise where you place your lights, and this could lead to unwanted side...[more]

8 Things to Mention when Selling your Used Camera

When selling a used camera, there are important things to mention to catch a buyer's interest. Follow these simple steps to help  you attract buyers.1. Exact Details of the CameraEnsure that the make, model and detailed...[more]

What your Digital Camera needs to take Great Night Photos

Taking night photos can be difficult because of the lack of light. You don't want the images to be too dark, but you don't want them to look bad either. There are two things that...[more]

Shopping on Black Friday for a Camera

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. To us photographers it means the exciting phrase: Black Friday camera sales. For those of you that don't know, Black Friday is the day after...[more]

Reflectors and Light Tones

We use reflectors in photography to redirect or bounce light. They're four feet by four feet and are mounted onto reflector or combi stands. Reflectors have two sides to them. There is a hard, smooth...[more]

How to Create Water Reflection Effects with Photoshop

With any image, you can create a water reflection to add another dimension to your photo. This will take some finesse. Step 1: Set up Your Canvas Open your photo in Photoshop and duplicate the background layer...[more]

What Side Lighting Can Do for Your Photos

Side lighting, or edge light, serves the same function as backlight. It's purpose is to light a subject from the back or side so they have a slight glow around them. We use this trick...[more]

Understanding Light and Exposure

In photography, exposure is defined as the total amount of light allowed to fall on film or image sensors when taking a photograph. Exposure is dependent on two factors: the aperture and time. The aperture...[more]

Bounced Flash Photography

Bounced flash photography is an excellent lighting strategy to fill your frame with soft light. Soft light has minimal shadows and the lighting appears to look very even, making your photographs look great. What Makes...[more]

Understanding Light and Shutter Speed

Photography is dependent on light. In the oldest days of film, we did not have artificial light (candles weren't enough to create exposure and were more likely to cause a fire than help you out)....[more]

How to Create a Soft Glow Photoshop Effect

A soft glow Photoshop effect is actually very easy to create. This effect can be used to make photos look special and more interesting. The same effect can also be used to create fantasy photographs...[more]

Digital Cameras: Lag Time Explained

Digital cameras really are wonderful, but they will all suffer from something called lag time no matter which camera you buy. When you press the shutter button, the camera may seem to take a photo...[more]

How to Replace a Scanner Bulb

A scanner bulb will not last forever. The tips listed below will help you learn how to change the bulb on your scanner. Order the Bulb Much of time, obtaining the bulb is the hardest...[more]

Transfer and Storing Movie Clips in iPhoto 5

iPhoto 5 has several perks, including the ability to transfer and store movie clips. The tips listed below will help you become more comfortable with using iPhoto 5, especially in regards to storing and transferring...[more]

Creating a Photoshop Polaroid Collage

If you have ever wondered how those collages of Polaroids can be so perfectly aligned into a complete image, then your answer is in Photoshop. Here is how you make a Photoshop Polaroid collage. The process...[more]

What Backlight Can Do for Your Photos

Backlight is probably the least understood component of lighting. When people start learning the craft, they easily understand key and fill, but often neglect the backlight. While it might not be as noticeable, it still...[more]

What Type of Tripod Do You Need?

A tripod is a tool that every photographer should have. They help you create steady shots. There are a lot of different tripods out there, so how do you know what is right for you?...[more]

Buying a Camera on Ebay? How to Avoid Scams

These days most people shop online because they find it very convenient. EBay is the world's largest online marketplace for hard-to find items, bargains, and rare, brand new or used items. Because of the huge...[more]

How to Add Snow in Photoshop

If you want to add snow in Photoshop, you can add many dramatic changes to your photos. Several of the more admired methods involve photo manipulation or creative filter application. Follow the steps to achieve...[more]

How to Avoid Unwanted Backlight

Backlight can look very nice. It can create a halo around a person and helps make a 2D image appear three dimensional and layered. However, there are times when the backlight is too intense or...[more]

How to Fake Model Photography in Photoshop

Some day you may need to create the illusion that you have photographed a model. Model photography can be easily achieved if you have the right photo. It is much easier to make something look...[more]

Digital Cameras: What Does Firmware Software Control?

Firmware software has been available for many electronic devices for some time. It is available in cellular phones, remotes, video game consoles and digital cameras. The topics listed below will help you become more comfortable...[more]

Digital Cameras: How to Change the Picture Size

Changing the picture size on a digital camera can effect a digital camera in that it takes up more space but makes the quality greater. Depending on the type of camera that you are using,...[more]

Why Change Your Digital Cameras Aspect Ratio?

Aspect ratio is the ratio of the length regarding the side of the images. A 35mm frame is 36mm wide and 24mm high. This has an aspect ratio of 36:24. This number can be reduced down to...[more]

Digital Cameras: What Is an Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width to the height of a photograph. It is expressed as two numbers, which are separated by a colon. Consider an image that is 16 inches wide and...[more]

Using Reflectors in Photography

When you're shooting out doors, you have two light source options: you can use big, day light balanced lights that cost a couple hundred bucks each to rent and also require a generator and cable...[more]

When to use a Fill Flash

Most people use the flash on their camera as the main light source for a photo, however, this isn't actually what a flash is designed to do. A flash is much too small to be...[more]

5 Products for Diffused Light

Diffused light makes images look soft and flattering. The exposures from diffused light are even and the shadows are minimal. But what is diffused light and how do you create it? Soft vs. Hard Light...[more]

How to use Diffused Lighting

Diffused lighting is commonly found in fashion and commercial photography. Diffused light is light that is shooting through diffusion material to make it soft. Before we can talk about how to achieve and use diffused...[more]

Buying a Digital Camera: Tripod Socket

When buying a digital camera, there are a number of different things that you will need to consider; one of these is the tripod socket. Tripod sockets aren't available on all digital cameras. This means...[more]

10 Most Useful Photoshop Plugins

Photoshop plugins add new and exciting features to Photoshop and make certain processes much easier. Photoshop is the image editing tool of choice for many people, and is one of the most powerful image editors...[more]

Digital Cameras: How to Turn On the Histogram Feature

There are many advanced features on digital cameras which few people know how to use. These features can, however, make it very easy to take much better quality photos. The histogram feature is a feature...[more]

Things to Keep in Mind when Buying an SLR Camera

When shopping around for a SLR Camera, it is easy to become overly hung up on brand names. For instance, Canon and Nikon seem to be the strongest brands in the camera market overall. A single...[more]

Photo Tricks: Add Rain with Photoshop

Adding rain Photoshop effects to your photo can help to make your photo look even more special than it already is. Rain might not be everyone's favorite weather condition, but it can work very well...[more]

Buying Camera Package Deals: What to Keep in Mind

A digital camera package can be a great way to purchase a new digital camera and lots of accessories at the same time. These are actually available at a significant discount compared to purchasing all of...[more]

Buying a Digital Camera: The Flash Memory Card

Purchasing a digital camera can be complicated because there are so many things that you must consider, one of which is the flash memory card. The memory card is a small computer disk where all...[more]

Creating a Photo Mosaic with Photoshop

Creating a mosaic in Photoshop is a simple process.  For this example, we will need three photos. The first will be the main photo that takes up the whole frame. The other two will be...[more]

Digital Cameras: How to Change the Shutter Sound

Some digital cameras make it possible to change the shutter sound yourself. The shutter sound is the noise your camera makes when you press the shutter button to take a photo. This is normally a...[more]