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How to Analyze Scanner Image Size in Pixels

When you are dealing with images that you have already scanned into your computer, you may notice that the scanner image is a bit distorted. It may either be too big or too small. Or,...[more]

3 Kinds of Metering Systems on Digital Cameras

Most digital cameras give you three options to choose your metering systems from. All of these are reflective, but each has a unique pattern of attention. 1. Spot Meter A spot meter uses a very small...[more]

How a Quick Release Tripod Works

A quick release tripod is designed as a very easy way to detach and mount a camera on a tripod; this is much quicker than using a conventional screw mount and makes using your tripod...[more]

Digital Cameras: Metering Sytems Explained

The metering systems in digital cameras are almost always reflective. This means that the meter in your camera is measuring the light that is bouncing off of an object and into the lens. Whatever your...[more]

Befunky Plus

Befunky Plus is an advanced version of the Befunky photo and image editing software used to create artwork and special effects on photos. The Befunky software can work with images that you upload from your...[more]

Befunky Gallery

Befunky is an online photo editor that adds artwork designs and special effects to your images. Befunky is designed to work with Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Bebo, Photobucket and Picasa. Befunky also has an iPhone application...[more]

What is Vector Magic?

Vector Magic is a conversion program that takes bitmap images such as those with file formats *.jpeg, *.gif, *.bmp, *.tiff and *.png and change them into *.eps, *.svg and *.pdf format, which is cleaner looking...[more]

3 Beginner Steps to Flauntr

FlauntR is a free online photo and image editing program that allows users to edit, style, add text and make other changes to photos. Using flauntR allows you to integrate changes to photos, images and...[more]

Lunapic vs. Blibs

Lunapic and Blibs are the same programs used to edit pictures for MySpace and Facebook and other photo sharing sites. Typing in the url for Blibs will take you to the Lunapic interface for designing...[more]

How to Ensure Quality with a Photo Scanner

When using a photo scanner, it will be important to use good technique to create the highest quality photographic reproductions possible. There a number of tips for creating quality photo scans. Some of the most...[more]

The Clarkii Online Image Editor

Clarkii is a browser based photo editor that creates an easy user friendly interface for editing photos, images and graphics. Clarkii Online Image Editor is from the same software makers as OIE, which is InDis...[more]

Transforming Photos to Stencil with Photoshop

Stencils can be fun to make in Photoshop. The key to stencil Photoshop is to keep the image contrast as solid as possible so that the cutout will work. But, first things first. Step 1:...[more]

The OIE Online Image Editor

OIE, which stands for online image editor, is a service provided online for editing photos and images for use with photo sharing sites. With online image editor, or OIE, you have the ability to edit...[more]

Adding a Rainbow in Photoshop

If you have a landscape photo that you want to glam-up, you can add a rainbow using Photoshop. You can apply this Photoshop rainbow to any sky, but remember than rainbows usually appear right after a...[more]

Photoshop Illustration Effect: Transforming a Photo

Photoshop can help you make any photo look like an illustration. The Photoshop illustration process is definitely much simpler than drawing the illustration yourself. In a matter of minutes, you can use an existing image...[more]

Tansforming People With a Ghost Effect in Photoshop

Ghosts cannot be photographed easily, but you can create a ghost effect in Photoshop. Find a picture of a person acting rather spookily and open Photoshop. Step 1: Desaturation To get the person to look...[more]

Digital Cameras: How to Switch to Manual Focus

If you're interested in taking photographs, then you will need to learn how to activate the manual focus mode on your camera. Pretty much every single camera user will rely on the auto focus features...[more]

Sharing your Photobucket Pictures on Facebook

Sharing your Photobucket Pictures on Facebook Almost everyone is very fond of sharing their Photobucket pictures whether through email, their blog, or through various social networking sites. If you want to share it with your...[more]

How to Create a Photobucket Slideshow

In many cases, you've probably stumbled upon sites or links where they feature a Photobucket slideshow. This free photo-sharing online site is highly popular and very easy to manage. Best of all, there's a free...[more]

Digital Cameras: Turn Shutter Sound On or Off

Digital cameras are very popular types of cameras, which can be used to take photographs without the need to use film. These cameras are fully automatic and store the photographs on a memory card. A...[more]

Advantages of a Carbon Fiber Tripod

A carbon fiber tripod is normally much more expensive than a regular aluminum or metal tripod. It's important to understand all of the different advantages of these carbon fiber tripods so that you can decide...[more]

Picnik Internet Explorer Extension

Picnik is one of the most popular photo and image editing packages available on the Internet. This is an Internet based piece of software which makes it possible to edit any of the images you...[more]

Sharing your Photobucket Slideshow

Now that you've created your Photobucket slideshow, you would want other people to see it also. There are many ways to share your slideshow, and Photobucket's integration with other social networking sites has made this...[more]

Making Digital Photo Printer Photos Appear Professional

Digital photo printer photos may look great on their own, but sometimes when they are compared with professionally developed photos, they can look lacking. There are a few tips which can be used to make...[more]

Achieving a Watercolor Effect in Photoshop

A photograph can look like a painting thanks to a watercolor effect in Photoshop. There is a filter in the "Filter" drop down called "Watercolor".  But, if you are not happy with its results, follow...[more]

Beginning Photography: 4 Things to Know about Light

Photography is dependent upon light in order to create exposure. Here are some things that you should know about light in order to produce the photos you want. 1. The Difference between Hard and Soft...[more]

Evaluating Whether You Need a Professional Photo Printer

Professional photo printers can be expensive to buy and maintain, especially with the cost of ink. So how do you evaluate if you should get one? Well, that's easy to figure out if you can...[more]

What is Photo Printer DPI?

Photo printer DPI refers to Digital Pixels per Inch. A digital image is comprised of thousands of tiny pixels. Each pixel is a solid color square. The combination of all the colors of the pixels...[more]

4 Reasons to Sell your Old Digital Camera

If you bought a new digital camera then odds are you're never going to use the old one again. You may be tempted to keep it as a back up but the chances are great...[more]

3 Photoshop Background Masking Techniques

There are many ways to mask a background using Photoshop. Some Photoshop backgrounds are better for certain situations and some are better suited for different users. Here are 3 options that you have. Option 1: Extract...[more]

Understanding Light and Aperture

We need exposure in order to take photos. Exposure is defined as the total amount of light allowed to fall on film or image sensors. How do we control that total amount of light? Well,...[more]

Buying and Selling a Used Camera on Craigslist

The two things Craigslist is most well known for are job postings and selling used items. This is a great place to look for a used camera. Craigslist is basically the newspaper classifieds redesigned for...[more]

How to Make an iPhone Tripod Mount

The iPhone 3GS supports video capture, but if you're serious about using it, then you should learn how to make your own tripod mount. Unlike the original iPhone, the 3GS has a great camera, but...[more]

Where to Download Picnik Free

Picnik is one of the most popular image editing application, which is why so many people are looking for a way to download Picnik for free. Picnik itself is not an application which can be...[more]

Using IMG Photobucket Codes for Message Boards

Photobucket is a very useful online storage service for digital images and photographs. If you ever want to use your photos on a webpage but don't have a hosting account, then Photobucket might be the...[more]

Picnik vs. Photoshop

Photoshop is probably the most famous photo editing package available, but Picnik might offer you everything you need at a fraction of the cost. Picnik is an online photo editing application which can make editing...[more]

The Advantages of Picnik Premium

Picnik premium accounts are available for anyone who subscribes and builds on the features already provided by free basic accounts. Whether or not you will benefit from the features offered by premium accounts will depend...[more]

Things to Consider for a Backpacking Tripod

When looking for a backpacking tripod, there are a few different things that you will need to consider. It's important to think about these before purchasing your tripod, otherwise it could end up being a...[more]

Photographing Babies? Take a Million Shots

Photographing babies can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it can also be extremely frustrating. Children are difficult to work with at the best of times, and when they can't talk properly yet,...[more]

Tips for Taking College Graduation Photos

When taking college graduation photos, it's important to do your best to make them as special and memorable as possible. Although you might be familiar with taking graduation photos at different ages, children who have...[more]

Why Choose a Ballhead Tripod?

Choosing a ballhead tripod will help you to take smoother and better quality photos. Tripods are essential when taking many types of photos because they will keep your camera steady when taking photos. There are...[more]

7 Tips for Selling Your Camera on Ebay

People who have recently upgraded their camera may be interested in selling their old one on eBay. EBay is often one of the quickest and simplest ways of selling all sorts of personal belongings, including...[more]

3 Tripod Head Types

 The tripod head is an important part of the tripod, as this will help to keep your camera stable and still while taking a photo. The head is the part of the tripod which allows...[more]

Considering Megapixel and Resolution when Buying a Camera

When buying a new digital camera, there are lots of different factors that you will need to consider. The most important factors to bear in mind will be the number of megapixels and the resolution...[more]

Scan a Postive from a Negative

Often times, when you are dealing with either film or photos, you will come to a point where you need to take a negative and make it a positive scan. There are several different ways...[more]

Large Format Photo Printer Maintenance

You want to print your images the most beautiful way possible, and using a large format photo printer is just the device to achieve your goals. Of course, the one downside to using photo printers...[more]

Holiday Photos: Fill your Frame

When you are taking your holiday photos, it can be fairly difficult to take interesting and high quality photographs. There are, however, a number of things that you can do to make these photos look...[more]

Flip a Photo to a Negative in Photoshop

There are times when it will be useful to use Photoshop negative filters to flip a photo into its negative colors. This can be useful if you ever scan a negative into your computer, or...[more]

What is a Tripod Bracket?

 All lovers of photography need to have a tripod in order to take high quality and smooth photos. The tripod bracket is the part of the tripod which fixes onto the camera and holds it...[more]

8 Websites Picnik Can Upload Photos From

Picnik is a new online image enhancement tool that is available both to free and premium members. Though it's a fairly new player in the online photo sharing market, it has quickly risen to popularity...[more]