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How to Light Graduation Photos

When you are taking graduation photos, you want to be sure that you get the best pictures possible. In order to do this, you want to be sure that you are able to get good...[more]

Making Photos Look Fiery Hot in Photoshop

You can use hot Photoshop tools to give your pictures a hot and fiery look. Using Photoshop effects can allow you to make some great images, and by combining them with  other effects, you can make your...[more]

Tips in Aperture for Photography Buffs

Aperture photography software is a comprehensive photo package that enables users to control every facet of their photos, from the first snap of the camera to publishing them on the web or in print. It...[more]

Tripod Decisions: With or Without Center Post?

A tripod is a handy tool to have when it comes to taking photographs. You don't have to be a professional photographer to benefit from a tripod. There are several options available when it comes...[more]

Painting With Light in Photoshop

Light is very important to any photograph, and by learning painting light techniques, you will be able to adjust and improve your original photographs. If the available lighting wasn't quite right at the time or...[more]

How a Ball Head Tripod Works

A ball head tripod is a type of tripod that is preferred by many photographers and videographers alike. You will find that there are several different pros to this type of tripod that keep it...[more]

Make a Portrait Painting from Photos in Photoshop

Portrait painting can enhance a digital photograph. These methods can give you some great pictures; they are easy to learn, and use with other effects to make your pictures really advanced. To get the best from using portrait painting...[more]

The Photoshop iPod Advertisement Emulation Tutorial

The iPod Photoshop has become an extremely popular type of Photoshop effect which is actually relatively easy to create. The iPod effect is a similar effect to the ones used in the iPod commercials. These...[more]

How to Artistically Use Photoshop Brushes

Using Photoshop brushes can be an art form in and of itself, and the ways that you can use brushes is really only limited by your own imagination. Below you will find techniques for using...[more]

What goes on Inside the iPhoto Library Folder

Despite what it might sound like, the iPhoto library folder contains much more than simply the photos you have uploaded and imported. It also contains settings, back-ups, metadata for your pictures, templates you've created, and more....[more]

Learn the New Import Features in Aperture 3

It used to be that photo management software had fairly basic importing systems that served to get the photo files in the program where they could be used by the other facets available. Aperture 3 has...[more]

Christmas Photography: Before and After Shots

A great way of taking perfect Christmas photography shots is to take pictures before and after the Christmas party. The before and after of each party will take you into the very beginning and very...[more]

Halloween Photography: Diffuse Your Flash

In order to get the best from your Halloween photographs, you will need to take some pictures after it gets dark. That's when the ghouls and witches come out, after all. The most common method...[more]

Professional Tripod: What's the Difference?

When you are considering purchasing a new tripod for your camera, you may find yourself wondering what the difference is between a professional tripod and other, cheaper models. Since a tripod is an important component...[more]

Maternity Photography: Studio vs. Location

Taking pictures of expectant mothers is another area for both professional and amateur photographers, and maternity photography is a big business. There are many styles the expectant mother can choose from, including being photographed with...[more]

Shutter Speed and Candid Birthday Photos

Birthday photos can be a lot of fun, but also very frustrating if you do not know how to do them correctly. You will find that there are several different hints and tricks that can...[more]

5 Graduation Photo Poses

The photo poses you choose for graduation pictures will greatly affect the overall sense the picture gives. You want to be able to capture your personality in the photo, and the posing will have a...[more]

How to Make Frosted Pixels in Photoshop

Creating a frosted pixels Photoshop effect is a great way to improve your picture. You should be able to accomplish this task fairly simply with some spare time and a picture or two that you...[more]

4 Unique Ideas for Graduation Photos

When it comes to graduation photos, you will find that a lot of the poses can look cliché. There are a lot of different ideas and things that you can do to make your graduation...[more]

Baby Photography: Shooting on Location

Shooting a baby picture on location is one way in which baby photography can move itself out of the formal studio and into settings which reflect the youth and vulnerability of the child. If you...[more]

Newborn Baby Photography: Timing is Key

Newborn baby photography is vital if you want to create a photographic timeline of your child's growing experience. Capturing photos this early in life can be a challenge, but one that's well worth overcoming. Here...[more]

Transform Photos to Trippy Colors with Photoshop

In Photoshop, you can alter your images by creating some trippy colors to give your pictures added wow factors. You should be able to make some really impressive images using Photoshop, and they are all...[more]

Emulate a Realism Painting with Photoshop

There are many ways in which you can enhance your pictures in Photoshop, from giving an image an old-movie feel to adding the traits of realism painting to a digital photograph. While all of these...[more]

Make a Photo Look Like a Movie with Photoshop

Using Photoshop movie to create a photo that looks like a still shot from a movie is fairly easy to do. By using layering and color alteration, you can turn an ordinary photo into a...[more]

Using HTML Photobucket Codes

Photobucket is an image and video hosting website that allows users to create profiles and gives them the capability to share their photo and video albums with friends and family. Media uploaded is stored on...[more]

Make Your Photos Look Dreamy with Photoshop

One thing you may want to have in your album is a few wistful shots, and the Dreamy Photoshop effect is one way to enhance your photographs. You can use this effect to give your...[more]

On-Camera Flash vs. External Flash

When it comes to the flash on your camera, you will find that there are a few different ways that you can go. The two most popular ways are external flash and on-camera flash. You...[more]

The Photoshop Old Movie Look Tutorial

If you are keen on manipulating your modern photographs, you may be interested in a technique which allows you to make them resemble old movie stills. The old movie look is very popular among people...[more]

SLR Camera: Using Manual Focus over Auto Focus

 single-lens reflex SLR camera is a special camera that uses a moving mirror system to allow the photographer to see exactly what is captured by the film. This can enhance the quality of your picture...[more]

Digital Cameras: What Range is the AF Assist Lamp Most Effective

AF assist is a mode on newer digital cameras that allows the photographer to zoom in on the detail they are trying to capture. The AF assist lamp will illuminate a line for the cameraman...[more]

The Best Places to Download iPhoto Free

iPhoto is a software program designed for Macintosh computers, and it's part of Apple's iLife software which also includes iMovie, iDVD, iWeb, and Garage Band. You can not legally download iPhoto 09 for free. If...[more]

Is there an Aperture for Windows?

Is there an aperture for Windows? Aperture is both photo editing and photo managing software developed by Apple for it's computers. The program costs $199.00 and is not available for Windows. However, there are similar...[more]

Quick and Easy Aperture Training

Amateur photographers often have a hard time understanding aperture training and why it is so important to their photographs. By taking the time to master aperture and understand exactly what it means, you will be...[more]

Adding Mist and Fog with Photoshop

The clouds feature is an easy way to add a fog photoshop filter to an image, however, this effect isn't realistic. This creates a foggy layer which affects the entire image the same. A real...[more]

Maternity Photography: Including the Family

Maternity Photography will help to make the wonder of giving birth memorable and special. Although the process mainly affects the woman, it's magical for everyone involved. That's why it's such a good idea to include...[more]

Considering the Stability vs Compact Tripod Dilemma

A compact tripod has a number of benefits because it's much smaller than other tripods. This means that it can be packed into small spaces without needing to bulk out your luggage. Lots of these...[more]

Put Tears in Photos Digitally Through Photoshop

Creating tears photos is a very simple way of making a photo look older than it really is. This process involves making the photo look like the original photograph has been torn without actually causing...[more]

Birthday Photos: How to Shoot Lit Candles

Taking birthday photos is a very important job because it will help everyone to remember the special occasion. Few people enjoy getting older, but almost everyone enjoys celebrating their birthday with friends. Some of the...[more]

Digital Camera Instructions: How to Change the Secs on Timers

By following digital camera instructions, you can learn how to change the seconds on timers. You've probably had a situation when you set up a digital camera just right and have to hurry to capture...[more]

How to Find and Delete Duplicates From Flickr

Trying to find and delete duplicates in a Flickr account is not only an annoyance, but also damaging towards your personal productivity. Proper planning when uploading files, even if you have to draw out your...[more]

Using Long Exposure in Fashion Photography

Long exposure allows you to create a wonderful photograph that is different from almost anything else out there. Have you ever wondered how they get lighting into shots that looks almost like laser lights or...[more]

Advantages of a Dye Photo Printer

There are lots of brand and types of printers out there, and with the popularity of digital cameras, more people are opting for a dye photo printer. These printers have been around for years, but...[more]

How to Use a Tripod Collar on a Lens

If you have a camera with a very heavy lens, making it nose-heavy, then you may find that a tripod collar will help you to stabilize the device while you take a shot. Tripod collars...[more]

Stretching Photo Parts in Photoshop

If you have used Photoshop before, then you may be interested in learning more advanced skills such as stretching photo images in the device. This is a somewhat advanced technique that can add an interesting...[more]

Tips for Photographing Babies and their Parents

If you are starting on a project which involves photographing babies, then you may need some help to get the best out of this skill. Babies are not always willing photographic subjects, and it can...[more]

Pros and Cons of a Tripod Clamp

A tripod clamp is often used to keep the camera attached to the tripod plate, and prevent it from shifting around during use. The tripod clamp comes in many varieties, depending upon the type of...[more]

Holiday Photos: How to Take a Good Group Picture

Good holiday photos should evoke a sense of happiness and nostalgia. If you are planning a get together for the holidays, a few simple steps will help you capture the perfect group photo. Prepare First...[more]

The Top 5 Websites to Make a Personalized Graduation Photo Album

A personalized photo album is a great way to remember an event and share it with loved ones. There are many sites available that will allow you to customize your albums, add captions and backgrounds,...[more]

Using a Camera Grip with Tripod

If you want to use a camera grip, tripod installation can ensure that the camera remains completely stable, no matter what happens. You can combine a camera grip with a tripod easily when you are...[more]

Materials that Make for a Light Weight Tripod

If you are carrying a camera and accessories for long distances, or if you dread transporting a tripod, then you should look at getting a light weight tripod. These are not any different from the...[more]