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Pet Photos: 5 Tips for Photographing Your Fish

Fish make visually interesting pet photos. Even a one dollar goldfish looks pretty cool swimming around, especially when a photograph is taken of it at close range. Here are 5 tips to help you get...[more]

Animal Photography: 6 Things to Avoid

You can't give animals direction; you can only guide and trick them into getting what you want. Here are 6 things to avoid when working in animal photography. 1. Not Giving Yourself enough Time Don't...[more]

Calibrating White Balance for Macro Photos

Macro photos are often so tight that your auto white balance will not be able to make sense of itself. Therefore, you may need to compensate manually. Examine Your Setup Make sure that the area...[more]

How To Photograph Art

Learning how to photograph art is very different than taking photographs of people, but it's something that you should spend time learning how to do. Art may not be as awkward as photographing some of...[more]

Proper Tripod Setup for Macro Photography

Using the right tripod setup for macro photography is critical. The slightest wobble during shutter release can cause motion blur when photographing such a small subject. Tripod Setup Tripods are not very complicated, but the...[more]

Controlling Depth of Field in Macro Shots

Depth of field in macro photography is one of the most significant aspects that makes macro photography difficult. In some cases, this can lead to the majority of your subject ending up soft. Aperture Photography...[more]

Macro Photography: To Flash or Not to Flash

In photography, a flash in macro photography is not as simple as it is in other situations. Due to the minuscule nature, everything is magnified, including the lighting. Maximize Exposure Whether you decide to accomplish...[more]

Choosing Backgrounds for School Portraits

The different backgrounds school portraits are available in are numerous. The school portrait is designed to showcase a child's personality and serve as a reminder of their growing years. The background you choose for school...[more]

Using Hard or Soft Light in Macro Photography

Macro photography responds to light more sensitively than your eye would perceive. Therefore, it is to your advantage to keep the lighting soft light. Flash Your standard flash is extremely powerful and is likely to...[more]

How To Photograph Fire

Learning how to photograph fire can be very complicated because it's tricky to take the photo properly so that it's not too dark. The idea of taking a photograph of fire does seem very simple...[more]

Making the Most of a Real Macro Lens

Having a real macro lens gives you an advantage that should not be neglected. Making the most of your investment will give you the satisfaction that you earned when you purchased the lens. Find a...[more]

Tips for Taking Grade School Graduation Photos

Elementary school graduation photos mark a child's progress through his early school years. To capture these important events, make sure that your digital camera has fresh batteries and your memory card size will be suitable...[more]

How To Order Prints Online from Photobucket

Photobucket is one of the most popular online photo services available. Ordering prints will help you to keep a copy which is accessible, even if you're not connected to the Internet. Prints can be printed...[more]

Using Burst Mode for Opening Presents

Burst mode, also called continuous shoot mode, is an image capture method where you take photos one after another without changing settings or angle. Most of the newer digital cameras will offer some form of burst mode....[more]

How to Photograph Fireworks

Celebrations of major holidays or special occasions, such as weddings, are occasions where you can photograph fireworks. It can be a challenge to do these photos; however, you can achieve professional results by following the...[more]

How to Subtly Use Photoshop Filters

Within the Adobe Photoshop software are solutions for photo editing and working with digital graphics. These include Photoshop filters that can be used to subtly transform and enhance photographs or graphics. In addition to the...[more]

Why Standard Lenses Can't Use Macro Focal Ranges

Macro lenses exist because standard lenses cannot enter macro focal ranges. This predicament is due to a physical impossibility in the structure of a standard lens. Moving Glass In a standard lens, each glass element...[more]

How to Take Photos of Rainbows

Taking photos of rainbows is one of life's simple pleasures. Follow these tips listed below to ensure a great photograph of these amazing weather phenomenons. Think of the Angle Changing the angle of the photograph...[more]

Do all Picture Frames in a Room Have To Match?

If part of the decor in your home entails picture frames, you may wonder if they should all match or if it's best to mix it up some. While the bottom line is certainly a...[more]

How To Repair a Tripod Leg

A broken tripod leg is a bad thing, but it doesn't have to ruin your shoot. If you can't get another tripod right away, you can apply a couple of quick repairs to keep your...[more]

Getting Started in Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is probably the hardest specialization to maintain a living through. It's even harder to break into it. In fact, trying to build a career in this field is a huge gamble because it...[more]

How to Take Elementary School Portraits

Elementary school photos can be a very lucrative business if you pull it off right. Parents love buying the latest photos of their children when they're young. By offering multiple photo packages to choose from,...[more]

How to Take School Group Portraits

School group portraits are fun to take. For the children, it represents a moment in their life that they won't appreciate until they're older. You're there to preserve that memory for them with a great...[more]

5 Tips for How To Photograph a Landscape

Photographing a landscape is not hard technology-wise. All you need is a good camera that captures vibrant colors, filters, a tripod, and the willingness to travel any distance to get a great shot. Here are...[more]

Travel Photography: How To Keep your Equipment Safe

If you're engaging in travel photography, keeping your camera and lenses safe and secure is one of the most pressing concerns. Whether you're traveling by land, sea or air, it's vital that you make sure...[more]

How to Photograph Sillhouettes

Sillhouettes are the outline of a subject or object whose inside is featureless. The object is usually black, almost shadow-like. Traditionally, sillhouettes are made by cutting a black card into the shape an object. The...[more]

Understanding Manual Mode on Digital Cameras

Digital cameras come with many modes including manual mode. This is normally signified by an "M" on the mode wheel. Using this mode gives you complete control of your aperture and shutter speed, but comes...[more]

How to Avoid a Flash Blow Out

Your camera's flash can either by a huge savior or a huge pain. In places where the light is really low, like a club, it can be really helpful brightening your shots without bothering other...[more]

How to Take Great Photos at the Zoo

Whether you want to become a professional wildlife photographer or are just looking to have some fun, photos at the zoo are a great way to pass the time. Zoos are pretty exciting to visit...[more]

How to Photograph Wine Bottles with Macro Photography

Photographing a wine bottle falls under the same rules as macro photography, but it is not exactly the same thing. Macro photography is defined as the subject being represented as its true size in the...[more]

How to Photograph Coins with Macro Photography

The true definition of macro photography states that the object being photographed needs to be represented at it's true size on the photographic medium (the film or image sensor). Photographing coins fall under the umbrella...[more]

Softening Flash in Macro Photography with Diffusers

In macro photography, we need to get close to our subjects. When we're using the flash as a macro lighting source, there can sometimes be the problem of the light being too intense. There are...[more]

What is Macro Photography?

Macro photography can be described as close up photography. The true definition of macro photography states that image projected onto the photographic medium (the film or the digital sensor) is close to the same size...[more]

Setting Up Artificial Lighting for Macro Photography

Macro photography is close up photography where artificial lighting is sometimes needed unless you're shooting outdoors. The technical definition is that the subject's actual size is reproduced on the photographic medium at an approximate one...[more]

How to Store Your DSLR Camera Lens When You're Traveling

Travelling with your DSLR camera lens can be hazardous. But, there are plenty of things you can do to help protect your equipment. Keep It with You Everyone is familiar with the risks associated with...[more]

How to Keep Your DSLR Camera Lens Clean Outside

Your DSLR lens can get quite dirty when you shoot outside. There are some key things that you can do to keep it protected. Step 1: Clear Filter Having a screw-on clear filter on the...[more]

5 Ideas for a Jewelry Photography Kit

There are a lot of tricks you'll pick up on your way to being a professional jewelry photographer. Here are 5 ideas to help you build a photography kit that will enable you to take...[more]

How to Keep Your DSLR Camera Lens Safe in Rain

Some lenses are waterproof, but DSLR lenses will need protection in the rain. These lenses have elements inside them that can be seriously damaged with water. Avoid Destruction If you cannot afford to splurge on...[more]

Putting Together a Beginners Photography Kit

A photography kit is essential for anyone serious about the craft. Think of your kit as your tool box. It should be small and easy to transport, while full of the equipment you need to...[more]

4 Ways to Photograph Sports

For a photographer, sporting events offer great opportunities to get incredible shots that need to be captured in a blink of an eye before they're lost forever. Here are 4 tips to help you photograph...[more]

How To Become a Sports Photographer

If you want to be a professional sports photographer, then you need to realize that no one is going to flat out give you that job. You need to earn it, and the only way...[more]

How to Fake HDR in Photoshop

It's possible to use HDR Photoshop techniques to create fake HDR photographs which look amazing. These techniques are very easy to apply and can make your photos have more depth than they do normally. A proper...[more]

Dusk Lighitng After the Fact with Photoshop

Dusk Lighting can be achieved in several ways; one of the easiest is to take photographs and then add the dusk lighting with Photoshop. Photoshop, and many other image editing applications, are capable of adding...[more]

7 Pose Ideas for Maternity Photos

Being pregnant is a wonderful and exciting time for a woman. As a result, maternity photos are increasingly becoming popular. Here are 7 pose ideas to help you produce great photos. 1. The Profile Shot...[more]

Simulating Andy Warhol with Photoshop

Applying Andy Warhol Photoshop techniques to a photo can turn it into a very beautiful piece of art work. Andy Warhol is a very popular artist, and it's possible to make your photos look just...[more]

How to Simulate Cubism in Photos with Photoshop

Cubism is a unique art form that can be simulated in Photoshop. Start with a simple photograph, because complex images can get messy as you proceed.  The basic steps are simple, but repetition is the...[more]

How To Photograph Sunsets

Very few photographers know exactly how to photograph sunsets, and this is indeed a very challenging and tricky task. That magical time of the day when the sky goes through unpredictable hues is hard to...[more]

4 Post Production Tips for Baby Photography

Baby photography is a very competitive industry to be in; to stand any chance of succeeding, you will need to ensure you have a good reputation. The key here is to focus on offering great...[more]

Understanding Exposure and F-Stops

In capturing the perfect picture, you have to have the right exposure. In order to do this, you have to understand how the different exposure settings in your SLR camera work. There's the ISO setting,...[more]

Travel Photography: 5 Tips

More than capturing memories, travel photography is about preserving a location's culture, heritage and personality. Photographers on the go yearn to be able to capture the views, the sights, and the unique features of places...[more]