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How to Restore a Used Camera Flash

A used camera flash card is not something that you will need to throw away. Many people automatically assume that whenever they get a new camera they have to get a new camera flash card....[more]

3 Useful Camera Flash Attachment Accessories

When taking photos for any occasion; one of the things you must always be mindful of is the camera flash attachment. The flash of the camera can be incredibly useful as well as very frustrating...[more]

How to Connect a Camera Flash Cord

An external camera flash cord can be used to connect an external flash to many model cameras. There are steps that need to be taken to safely connect the external flash to the camera. Here's...[more]

Choosing a Position for an Off Camera Flash

An off camera flash will help you to have more professional looking photographs. You will be able to set up the flash wherever you would like for it to go. It can be tricky however,...[more]

How To Repair a Tripod Mount

When your tripod mount breaks, you may be able to fix it and avoid the expense of purchasing a new one. This is helpful for anyone who is looking to save money. Many people simply...[more]

School Portrait Model Wardrobe Selection: Tips to Give

The model wardrobe with a school portrait is very important. You will want to be able to have not only you but your child be very proud of the picture that was taken. They will...[more]

Reasons to Take Your Own School Portraits

Taking your own school photographs have many benefits. They can also be fairly simple to take. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider taking your own portraits. Cost Taking your own portraits...[more]

Getting Great Pet Photos: To Treat or Not To Treat?

Working with animals and taking pet photos can be difficult at the best of times. Getting animals to do exactly what you want can be very difficult because it can be difficult to communicate with...[more]

Animal Photography: What To Know About Lighting

Animal photography is a tricky field to work in. Animals don't understand precise directions and can essentially do whatever they want. When shooting animals you're either going to have a smooth shoot, in some part...[more]

The 2 Best Lenses for Animal Photography

The lenses you choose for animal photography are important for professional-looking results. Having more than one lens option will enable you to take different types of shots while capturing movement and details of the animal....[more]

Pet Photos: The Difference Between Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs have distinctive personalities that can be captured in pet photos, which have become a popular trend. Knowing the differences of working with cats versus dogs will help produce effective results. The primary...[more]

Pet Photography: Indoors vs. Ourdoors

Pet photography can be tricky regardless of the lighting conditions. There are instances when working indoors would be ideal, and times when outdoors settings are preferable. Here are a few things to keep in mind...[more]

Pet Photography: How To Get the Perfect Candid Shot

Pet photography is a lucrative niche for professional photographers and a fun hobby for amateurs and nothing can capture the spirit and liveliness of your pet like a candid photo.Taking pictures of pets can be...[more]

6 Tips To Becoming a Pet Photographer

A career as a pet photographer can be a rewarding and lucrative endeavor. It takes a special kind of person to be able to pull this off. If you already have a love for animals,...[more]

How to Personalize a Picture Frame

There are dozens of different types of picture frame which you can consider buying. However, sometimes people will prefer to customize their own. Although it would be possible to make your own photo frames from...[more]

Tips for Choosing The Right Picture Frame

Most of the personal photos we take are meant for photo albums, but there's a select few that are so good they need to be enlarged and framed. Even though it's the images that ultimately...[more]

Fixing Photoshop Layer and Effect Problems

Photoshop layer is a very simple tool that can do a lot for your pictures. While it is simple, there are a few things that can stand in the way of having the perfect layered picture....[more]

Photoshop Troubleshooting: Fixing the Background Gap

Photoshop Troubleshooting can be confusing at times because there are so many different things that could be wrong. If you are working with continuous backgrounds then any gaps between the images can be distracting. There...[more]

Giving Your School Portrait an Action Feel

Giving any portrait action feeling isn't a difficult thing to accomplish. This can be especially useful for school portraits. Any time a child is involved with sports or other activities, capturing some photos that look...[more]

How to Set Up Lighting for School Portraits

Whenever you are lighting school portraits, there are several things that you will need to keep in mind. Lighting the pictures well can help to make the pictures turn out beautifully. Most kids do not...[more]

5 Dynamic School Portrait Poses

Portrait poses can sometimes come off as cheesy or forced. You do not want to be the photographer that makes the subject go into a cliché pose that they will not be happy with. Make...[more]

How to Speed Up School Portrait Photographing

School portrait photography needs to be fast for several reasons. Not only do you have many children to photograph,  the children don't have a long attention span. A fidgety child is difficult to photograph and...[more]

Capturing the Formality of Senior High School Portraits

Senior high school portraits are typically more formal than other types of school portraits. These portraits are designed to bring back memories of the journey the student had during their high school years. They also...[more]

How to Build Macro Lighting Equipment

Lighting equipment may need to be adjusted to get better results in macro photography. Because the areas you are dealing with are so small and close to the camera, standard procedures will not always lead...[more]

Using Close-Up Lenses for Macro Photography

One alternative to buying a macro lens is the less financially cumbersome close-up lense. Close-up lenses are basically magnifying glasses that you attach to your normal lenses in order to capture a more detailed image....[more]

Simulating Macro with a Normal Lens

Without investing in a macro lens, you can attempt to shoot a macro shot with a normal lens. This can prove to be difficult because of the physical shortcomings of normal lenses, but it...[more]

5 Reasons to Buy a Macro Lens

The expense is a major factor to consider before you buy a macro lens. Deciding to spend the extra money for a lens with a single focal length will come after several considerations. 1 -...[more]

Choosing a Camera for Macro Photography

Choosing a Camera Macro Photography will be different to many other types of photography. It's important that you choose the right type of camera so that your macro photography will be a success. Macro photography...[more]

Using Lenses and Focal Length to Create Distortion

Distortion is normally seen as something that you want to avoid when taking photos, however by adjusting the focal length it is possible to distort photos on purpose. Distorting photos can create interesting and amusing...[more]

How To Use Complementary Colors to Create a Focal Point

When creating a photograph you will want to make a focal point for the image. The focal point will make your photograph look much more interesting and appealing to anyone looking at it. Choosing complementary...[more]

Image Sensor: CCD vs. CMOS

There are two image sensors that dominate digital photography today: CCD and CMOS.  Each image sensor has its place in the world but comes with very distinct advantages and disadvantages. Fundamental Construction Image sensors by...[more]

How to Use Darkroom Photography Equipment

Darkroom photography equipment is comprised of all the equipment and tools that is necessary to produce wonderful pictures. Here is a quick guide that will show you how to properly use all of your darkroom...[more]

Christmas Photography: Find One Focal Point

If you are looking forward to taking the annual Christmas photography shoot, then you should be preparing to improve the quality of your pictures. One way to do this is to find the focal point...[more]

How to Find and Acquire School Portrait Customers

The fans of the traditional school portrait are a dwindling minority, but resourceful and creative photographers can still find school portrait customers, and keep them coming back year after year.Offer a FreebieOne of the best...[more]

How To Order Prints Online from Kodak Gallery

Digital photography is a wonderful way of taking photos, but this doesn't mean that you will never want to order any prints. While it's no longer essential to send your film off to have it...[more]

Basic Photo Retouching in Photoshop 7

When working with Photoshop 7, it's easy to get carried away because the software is so capable. Some of the best and most productive things that you can do, however, are simple. These simple touch-ups...[more]

The Rise of CMOS Technology

The rise of CMOS technology, synonymous with active pixel sensor technology, first began in the 1960s when they were first experimented with in early video and television applications (with disappointing results). Because of this, CCD...[more]

Safety Rules Regarding Digital External Flash Use

Using a digital external flash can create great photographs, especially at special events. The external flash also allows you to adjust the height of the flash, and control the bounce of the light. There are...[more]

Should You Save by Purchasing a Monochrome CCD?

A monochrome CCD camera creates an image where the color range consists of one color. The image is then made up of various shades of this color. Deciding if you should buy one is dependent...[more]

Making a Camera Bag Tripod Attachment

Are you looking to make a camera bag tripod? Not all camera bags are equipped to carry a tripod, and manufacturers only offer the ability to carry tripods on bags that are more expensive. If...[more]

Making a Camera Bag Tripod Attachment

Are you looking to make a camera bag tripod? Not all camera bags are equipped to carry a tripod, and manufacturers only offer the ability to carry tripods on bags that are more expensive. If...[more]

How To Use Focal Lock on Your Digital Camera

Everyone with a digital camera has experienced a focal problem before in a photo. Two people are posing for a shot and after taking it, they discover that they're faces are out of focus while...[more]

How a CMOS Circuit Works

CMOS circuits are quickly replacing CCD image sensors in digital cameras because they are cheaper to manufacture and they consume much less battery power, which means photographers can take pictures longer. But, how does a...[more]

4 Alternatives to Using an Electronic Camera Flash

An electric camera flash is sometimes a useful way of taking photographs. A flash creates an instant burst of light, which is used to provide light to a photograph. There are times when you shouldn't...[more]

The Benefits of a Window Mounted Tripod for Safari Photos

A window mounted tripod is an ideal way of taking safari photos quickly. This window mounted tripod will also ensure that the photos are of the highest quality and are not blurred. What Is a...[more]

The Benefits of a Car Mount for Digital Nature Photography

A car window mount is a useful tool to make digital nature photography more successful. These mounts will secure your camera firmly onto you car so that you have a steady base to take photos...[more]

Optimizing Your School Portrait Photography Workflow

Any photographer will need to learn how to optimize their photography workflow so that they have enough money coming in. In the school portrait industry, the work will normally be seasonal. This means that it's...[more]

Rejecting School Portraits in Favor of Your Own

Companies that provide school portraits have recently created a fairly new tactic to sell their prints. They will send the entire package of prints home with your child, even if you haven't ordered them. Problems...[more]

The Importance of Color and White Balance for Rainforest Photos

Rainforest photos look beautiful, as this land is a cradle for thousands of different plant species to grow. This presents areas that are highly saturated in many different colors--the right recipe for beautiful photos. But,...[more]

Camera Bag Security: Selection Considerations

Choosing a camera bag is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Camera bag security is huge factor in choosing what's right for your needs. Bag Safety By bag security, we mean safety. How...[more]