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How to Use a Camera Bag in the Rain

Learning how to use the camera bag in the rain will make it much easier and safer to take photos using your camera in the rain. Cameras are sensitive electrical devices which can be damaged...[more]

Protecting Your High Resolution CCD

Digital and video cameras use high resolution CCD image sensors instead of film that traditional cameras use. The sensor collects and then converts light into electrical charges that become the digital images that are displayed...[more]

Preparing a Camera Bag for the Beach

Anyone preparing a camera bag for the beach will need to bear a few things in mind. It's important that you ensure that you pack everything that you will need. Choosing the Bag When choosing...[more]

Bird Photography: Image Stabilization

One of the most popular types of nature photography is bird photography. By using the latest technological digital cameras and lenses, photos of birds can be taken with professional looking results. Birds are typically camera...[more]

Camera Bag Considerations for Winter Weather

When choosing a camera bag for winter weather there are a few different things that you will need to consider. Camera bags are essential because they will provide some much needed protection to your expensive...[more]

Deciding When to Buy a Pro Camera Bag

A pro camera bag can be pricey, costing as much as $600. Deciding to purchase one is an investment. Not everyone will need to get such a high end bag. Here are a few things...[more]

How to Restore a Used Camera Bag

Buying a used camera bag is a great way to save yourself some of your hard earned money. A camera bag is essential because it will protect your expensive camera from damage. Cameras will last...[more]

The Benefits of Canvas Camera Bags

Canvas camera bags are extremely popular because they offer a number of useful properties. They are also capable of keeping your expensive camera safe and sound no matter what happens to it. There are a...[more]

Pros and Cons of a Universal Camera Flash

A universal camera flash is a device that is designed to hook up to almost all types of cameras, and provides an external flash. These flash devices can be great to have, but they can...[more]

How to Select a Camera Bag Strap

When choosing a bag to store your camera in you will need to consider the camera bag strap. The strap is normally a shoulder strap which will make carrying your camera much easier and more...[more]

How To Digitally Color Eyes on Photoshop

Color eyes Photoshop techniques are very easy and don't take long to create. These simply require changing the eye color of someone in the photo by using computer software. This doesn't take longer than a...[more]

How a Camera Sensor Works

A Single Lens Reflex or SLR camera enables us to see the exact image when taken on the film or a camera sensor beforehand through a viewfinder. An image of the taken picture will be...[more]

Attaching a Camera Lens Bag to Your Case

When choosing a camera lens bag there are a number of different things that you will need to consider. It's important to make sure that the camera bag protects your camera well enough to look...[more]

Ocean Photography: Using Macro Photography in Tide Pools

The use of macro photography in tide pools is necessary to take beautiful ocean photography in these small pools of water. Macro photography refers to close up photography; what you see on the film or digital...[more]

Pros and Cons of a Backpack Camera Bag

A backpack camera bag is something that not a lot of people use, however it is a trend that is slowly catching on. You will find that there are several reasons why you should consider...[more]

Conditioning a Leather Camera Bag Against Wear

Taking care of your leather camera bag is essential if you want it to last for years. The bag needs to be conditioned to replace the oils that evaporate out of the leather. If this...[more]

Troubleshooting When Your Memory Card is Not Working

If your memory card is not working for your camera, there could be a number of things to blame for it. You will find that not all of these problems are very difficult to fix...[more]

iPhone Camera: The Basics

Cell phone cameras are indispensable in everyday life, as is Apple's iPhone camera. The ability to take photos with your cell phone whenever and wherever you want, without carrying a separate camera, is a convenience....[more]

5 Framing Ideas for Wedding Photos

With something as important as your wedding day, there are a lot of things to consider when you are framing your photos. People spend thousands of dollars on professional photography for their wedding day. Having...[more]

How to Check Memory Card Compatability

Memory card compatibility is something that you will need to consider whenever you are trying to figure out what you will need for your camera. Many people do not realize that some memory cards do...[more]

5 Tips for Avoiding Memory Card Problems

Anyone using a digital camera will probably experience memory card problems at one point or another. These memory card problems are caused by a variety of different factors. By finding out exactly what these are...[more]

iPhone Camera: Image Quality

Anyone considering buying an iPhone will probably want to find out about the iPhone camera and whether or not it is capable of taking high quality photographs. There have been three major versions of the...[more]

iPhone Camera: Image Management

The Apple iPhone camera has many features that are simply amazing compared to other camera phones. There are several things that an iPhone camera can do. The images that it captures are comparable to other...[more]

Baby Animal Pictures: Baby and Mom

Baby animal pictures are a very popular type of photography which requires some very special skills.If you are taking photos of baby animals, especially with their parents, you will need to be patient and willing...[more]

Baby Animal Pictures: Respect Is Key

Taking baby animal pictures requires special skills. It's very important, for example, that you respect the animals and don't risk scaring them away. When taking photos of baby animals you will need to make sure...[more]

8 Tips for Coastal Life Photography

Many people have a great desire to live near the sea, and many photographic enthusiasts enjoy documenting coastal life: the activities and the scenery of the people who live there. Going to the beach is...[more]

4 Affordable Super-Zoom Cameras for Your Digital Nature Photography

Because of the importance of zooming when it comes to taking digital nature photography, knowing about the types of cameras available for such photography is key. It is widely recognized that Digital SLR cameras offer...[more]

4 Tips for Taking Great Safari Photos

The modern camera's small size and numerous features make it an ideal tool for taking safari photos and recording wildlife on a safari. There are arguments for and against both film and digital cameras, but...[more]

Keep Track of Your Digital Nature Photography Locations with a GPS Cable

Digital nature photography has become more focused and more productive with GPS (global positioning system) technology.  Now, satellites can send coordinates of subject locations to GPS receivers of photographers on the field.  A GPS cable...[more]

The Benefits of a Remote Shutter for Digital Nature Photography

Digital nature photography is not suited for being a group activity. Most animals are afraid of humans, after all, we're at the top of the food chain. No matter how far you venture into the...[more]

Bird Photography: How To Photograph the Nest

In bird photography, photographing the nest is probably the trickiest and most difficult shot to get. Birds build their nests in the tops of trees to keep predators away. They also make their nests very...[more]

Using the Right Lenses for Wild Bird Photography

Bird photography is something that can be very rewarding, but very frustrating. You will need to keep several things in mind when doing this type of photography. One of the most important things to consider...[more]

Memory Card Capacity: Why Lower is Better

When choosing memory cards you will need to think about the memory card capacity. This is the size of the card and will dictate how many pictures you can store on your memory card. Most...[more]

4 Memory Card Error Types

All digital camera users are bound to experience a memory card error at some time. These errors can be very confusing and stressful because it's not exactly clear how to fix the error. Understanding the...[more]

When You'll Require a High Speed Memory Card

Although Memory Cards are widely used nowadays in devices such as smartphones, portable music players or digital cameras, there are still times when you'll require a high speed Memory Card. Use with Video Capture With...[more]

Analyzing Different Measurements of Memory Card Speed

Memory card speeds can vary depending on the card type and manufacturer, so analyzing different speed measurements will help you choose the correct memory card type for your needs. Two Speeds Memory cards have two...[more]

What Brands Require an XD Memory Card?

Knowing what brands require an xd memory card is essential when purchasing a digital camera. A xd memory card (also known as an "Extreme Digital" card) is a type of flash memory card that is...[more]

Will A PSP Memory Card Work in a Camera?

The Play Station Portable (or PSP for short) is a game console launched on December 12, 2004 by Sony that uses its own psp memory card. Since its first release, the PSP has had tremendous success, so...[more]

Photography Job Tips: Bringing a Memory Card Reader

Whenever you're out on a photography shoot there are some important pieces of equipment that you should take with you. One of the most important is a memory card reader. Almost all cameras will use...[more]

Micro SD Memory Cards in Cameras

Most compact digital cameras use SD, SDHC, or SDXC type flash memory cards. However, it is possible to use a microSD memory card. microSD cards are much smaller, although they use the same basic technology...[more]

How a Flash Memory Card Quickens Your Worklfow

Almost all digital cameras will use a flash memory card to store photos on. There are only a few cameras that use Floppy Discs or internal memory to store photos. Flash memory cards are a special type of...[more]

How to Store Your SD Memory Card Properly

An SD Memory Card is the most common type of memory card in use in compact cameras. It's a very durable little memory card but it still needs to be cared for properly. As long...[more]

6 Memory Card Secrets of the Pros

Virtually all digital cameras will use a memory card to store photos on, which makes using them much more convenient. The card can be removed from the camera easily and then put into a card...[more]

Picking Out a Tripod Case

A tripod case is very important if you happen to need to carry your tripod around to many different locations. You will find that there are several different cases out there. It is important that...[more]

How To Build a Trekking Pole Monopod

A monopod is great for whenever you are not able to lug around an entire tripod. A monopod can easily be made with a trekking pole. This is great for hikers that do not want...[more]

6 Odd Places You can Use a Gorillapod Tripod

A Gorillapod tripod is great for taking hard to get photos. The legs are designed to wrap around and bend, allowing you to attach the tripod securely to almost any surface. There are some really...[more]

How to Mute the Camera Flash Sound

One tip for taking candid photos is to mute the camera flash sound. This allows for unobtrusive, unplanned shots due to the silent camera operation. Candid photos are not posed or planned photos. These photos...[more]

Camera Flash Diffuser

A camera flash diffuser is used whenever you need to get a more flattering light. Direct lights can create shadows and make the subject seem washed out. For this reason, direct lighting it is not...[more]

4 Stylish Camera Flash Photography Tips

There are many different ways to manipulate the light in camera flash photography. Light can be one of the most difficult things to control in any photo shoot. The flash present on most every camera...[more]

How to Restore a Used Camera Flash

A used camera flash card is not something that you will need to throw away. Many people automatically assume that whenever they get a new camera they have to get a new camera flash card....[more]