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How to Waterproof a Camera Bag

Photographers who work outdoors or in inclement weather can benefit from having a waterproof camera bag. As with any electronic equipment, it is important to prevent any water damage. A waterproof camera bag will allow...[more]

Bird Photography: 5 Ways To Lure Birds Closer

Bird photography can be a lot of fun, but also quite frustrating. Birds are very skittish, so it can be difficult to get a good picture of them. Below you'll find a few tricks and...[more]

Using a Camera Camcorder Bag for a DSLR

A camera camcorder bag is most often preferred over a regular camera bag for a DSLR. There are several different reasons why you will need a bigger bag for this type of camera. Bulky Lenses...[more]

4 Advantages of a Camera Shoulder Bag

By carrying a camera shoulder bag, you can have easy access to all of your photography equipment. The quick access it provides will allow you to capture shots you would have missed otherwise. The following...[more]

Pet Photography: How To Set Up Your Studio

The studio set-up for a pet photography business is essential. The equipment used and its placement will create an optimal environment for professional quality shots. By just following a few steps, you can create the...[more]

How to Pack Your Camera Bag Properly

Before you go on any type of photo shoot, you always want to make sure you have everything you will need easily accessible in your camera bag.  Not having everything you need could result in...[more]

Creative Ideas for Framing your Graduation Photos

If you want to make the best from your graduation photos, then you will need to place them in a nice frame. The frame should make the photographs stand out from the rest of the...[more]

Tips for Installing a Memory Card Quickly

Installing a memory card into your digital camera is one of the first things you need to do before using your digital camera. The pictures you take on your digital camera are nothing if they...[more]

5 Tips on Posing Reptiles for Pictures

Reptiles' pictures can be incredibly beautiful to look at. They can also be incredibly frustrating to get. There are a lot of things that you will have to keep in mind whenever you are taking...[more]

Graduation Photography: How to Survive the Rest of the Year

If you have decided to make a career out of graduation photography, then you may be experiencing a lot of financial difficulties during the rest of the year. Graduation is a seasonal career choice, so...[more]

How to Sync a Camera Slave Flash

A camera slave flash provides a more powerful flash when triggered by the built in flash in a camera. This flash adds the additional lighting needed in low light situations. It is especially useful when...[more]

How To Use Histograms on your DSLR

Histograms are some of the most useful tools in digital cameras, but few know how to use them. Understanding the information that they provide will help you find the perfect exposure for your photos. Be Skeptical Why...[more]

Finding the Right Camera Flash Shoe

A camera flash shoe or a hot shoe is an accessory that you add on to your camera that will allow an external flash or a similar device to connect to your camera. You will...[more]

How To Use The DealExtreme iPhone Zoom Attachment

Using the DealExtreme iPhone Zoom Attachment will significantly improve your iPhone's camera abilities. The Conice Zoom Lens adds a 6x optical zoom ability to your zoom-less 2MP camera, thus giving you the chance to take...[more]

How to Adjust CCD Sensitivity

CCD Sensitivity will affect the amount of light that your camera picks up and converts into your photo. The sensitivity of your camera can be adjusted so that more light can be turned into the...[more]

How to Upload Multiple Photos on Flickr

It is possible to upload multiple photos at one time using Flickr. Flickr is a website dedicated to hosting millions of photos online for people to share around the world. You can upload your photos...[more]

Using the USBFever iPhone Lenses

iPhones don't create the brightest photos due to the phone's lenses. However, you can certainly enhance your iPhone photos; one thing you must try are the USBFever iPhone Lenses. Although every professional photographer will tell...[more]

Selling Photos Online: 3 Tips

If you are a photographer in the digital age we live in, it is easier than ever to earn a living by selling photos online. All it takes for a photographer to get started is...[more]

Using Fill Flash to Photograph Direct Sunlight

When direct sunlight causes contrast to exceed your camera's latitude, consider using a fill flash. Beyond their normal illumination duties, flashes can compliment existing light. Making a Flash a Fill Flash Flashes are generally thought of...[more]

Object Detection Based on CCD Resolution

When you are working in digital photography, one of the things you need to understand is how to work with your camera's CCD resolution. There are many different aspects of digital cameras that can make...[more]

10 Creative Ideas for Silhouettes

Silhouettes are tremendously romantic. However, due to overuse, they risk becoming cliche. Try building new ideas off of some existing ideas. 1. Against the Sky The sky can come up with some amazing color concoctions when the sun...[more]

Using the Gorillapod Tripod with an iPhone

An interesting concept is combining a Gorillapod tripod with an iPhone. The camera on an iPhone is increasingly being used for more serious photography. Although phone cameras are traditionally not known for great quality, it...[more]

Using Shutter Priority Mode to Photograph a Waterfall

Shooting a waterfall presents many options that can all be reached through shutter priority mode. The motion can be captured in different ways based on how you set your shutter speed. Step 1: Choose a Time...[more]

How to Reduce the Appearance of CCD Noise

When taking photos in low light conditions CCD noise can affect your photos and make it look unprofessional. If you ever experience CCD noise in your photographs then you must find a way of reducing...[more]

How to Capture Natural Light for Macro Photography

Capturing natural light can be especially difficult in macro photography. Generally, macro photography requires precise lighting setups, but using natural light is not impossible if you know how to control it. Step 1: Exposure When...[more]

How To Make an iPhone Camera Flash

The iPhone was called the "phone of the century," and for good reason. But one thing this "phone of the century" lacks is a flash for its camera, so let's see how to build an...[more]

How to do the Shutter Release Technique

A critical step towards improving your photography would be to perfect your shutter release technique. It may seem silly that pushing a button requires practice, but doing it wrong can seriously compromise your images. Step 1:...[more]

How To Use Trick iPhone Camera Lenses

Who would have thought that trick iPhone camera lenses from Urban Outfitters would create such a stir amongst gadget lovers. A new gadget for your iPhone, the "Trick camera lens" allows you to take photographs...[more]

4 Auto Exposure Bracketing Tips

Auto exposure bracketing is a useful tool in difficult light situations. It allows you to capture 3 versions of your shot: one at exposure, one under exposure and one above exposure. There are several things to be...[more]

How To Import Pictures into Your iPhone

If you are lucky enough to have an iPhone then you will probably want to know how to import pictures iPhone. This will allow you to load the photos that you have taken on your...[more]

iPhone Camera Apps: Still Motion

There are lots of great camera apps which can be used on the iPhone and one of these is Still Motion. Still motion is a fairly simple and small application which can be installed on...[more]

School Portraits in Untraditional Formats: Making Extra Profit

School portraits can be a very profitable business for any photographer to get into. Anyone looking for a way to make extra money might be interested in offering different formats of prints to increase their...[more]

iPhone Camera Apps: Photo Lab 1600

There are several useful photo camera apps for the iPhone, one popular app is Photo Lab 1600. This is designed to make using the iPhone camera even easier and also more powerful. What is Photo...[more]

Which DSLR Image Sensor Size is Right for Your Photography?

DSLR cameras come with a variety of image sensor sizes. Larger sensors will yield higher quality images at a greater expense, but there are still more factors to consider. Photographers will need to weigh their options...[more]

iPhone Camera Apps: Phanfare Photon

There are a number of useful iPhone camera apps which can make using the iPhone camera even easier and more useful. One very well known camera app for the iPhone is Phanfare Photon. By researching...[more]

iPhone Camera Apps: Photoshop Mobile

Photoshop Mobile is available for a number of mobile platforms including Windows Mobile and iPhone. If you ever want to edit your photos on the move then Photoshop Mobile could be the best option for...[more]

Using the iPhone Camera Flash with the FastMac

When it comes to the iPhone, it's biggest minus, the lack of an iPhone camera flash, has now been solved with the help of the FastMac camera flash iPhone case. You finally got your hands...[more]

iPhone Camera Apps: Camera Genius

Camera Genius is a very popular camera application which was created by CodeGoo to make using the camera much easier while still allowing for many more advanced features. There are dozens of different iPhone camera...[more]

How to Use a SeaLife External Flash

The SeaLife external flash unit is designed to capture great underwater photos. The external flash will reduce backscatter, and give you a more clean picture. The flash is waterproof and lightweight. Using these units is...[more]

Camera Phones: iPhone 3GS vs. Nexus One

Until recently camera phones were seen as more of a gimmick rather than a useful feature. However, modern camera phones are powerful. Phones such as the Nexus One and iPhone 3GS have multi-megapixel cameras which...[more]

Organizing the Contents of Your SLR Camera Bag

An SLR camera bag is essential for housing and protecting your camera accessories. This portable bag allows you to have all the tools necessary for photography right at your fingertips. To use your camera bag...[more]

How To Share Pictures with an iPhone

The pictures iPhone applications is very powerful and useful. The camera on the latest iPhone is capable of taking some very high quality photos. However, once you have taken the photos, you probably don't want...[more]

Shopping Tips: Requesting a Free Memory Card

Why spend money on a purchase when there is the possibility of requesting a free memory card. Memory cards have become such a household item that they are often given away as a bonus when...[more]

Camera Bag Selection Factors: Durability

A camera bag is a very important purchase which should help to protect your camera and prevent it from getting damaged. The durability of the camera bag is important because this will affect how well...[more]

4 Gigs that Require a Professional Camera Flash

Using a professional camera flash provides consistent results in your photographs. This flash is used to light and enhance your subjects. The following are some circumstances where you will need to use a professional camera...[more]

Corporate Photography: Setting Up a Formal Photo Booth

Companies use corporate photography for more than advertising their product or service. Formal portraits of company officials may also be taken for their website, quarterly reports or newsletters. The following are instructions on how to...[more]

Camera Bag Selection Factors: Portability

When choosing a camera bag there are many different factors that you will need to consider. One of the most important is the portability of the bag. The whole idea of your camera bag is...[more]

Camera Bag Selection Factors: Portability

When choosing a camera bag there are many different factors that you will need to consider. One of the most important is the portability of the bag. The whole idea of your camera bag is...[more]

Camera Bag Selection Factors: Access

Careful camera bag selection can ensure that you make the right decision and choose the ideal camera bag for your needs. Camera bags are very important because they will make your camera last for as...[more]

When to Use an IR CCD

An IR CCD digital camera has many applications for both personal and business use. It allows the camera to "see" in another light spectrum. The following are a few examples of when an IR CCD...[more]