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How to Repair LCD Screen on Digital Cameras

If your digital camera is damaged, then it is important to learn how to repair the LCD screen. The LCD screen on your camera is especially susceptible to damage because it's fairly delicate. If it...[more]

Wedding Videos: Filming the Set Up

One of the most important parts of a wedding video is the set up. By set up we are referring to the very beginning of the day when the bride meets with her bride's maids...[more]

Four Tips for Filming an Indoor Wedding

Filming an indoor wedding is a lot less trickier than filming an outdoor wedding. But that doesn't mean it's easy. Here are four tips to help you film an indoor wedding ceremony and have it...[more]

The Best Camcorder Lenses for Filming a Wedding

If you're going to do your job properly then you need to have the right camcorder lenses. Filming a wedding falls under the same rules as filming any kind of special event. Your shot can...[more]

Filming a Wedding? Four Places To Get Inspiration

Filming a wedding is a huge honor. After all, your being trusted with immortalizing what is going to be one of the biggest days in two peoples lives. If this is your first time shooting...[more]

How to Improve Your Candid Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is an art that centers around capturing happy memories so that they can be immortalized. But that can be challenging because some of the best moments are captured when people feel at ease...[more]

Wedding Videography and Photography: Working Together

There are a lot of companies out there offering the wedding videography and photography as one lump package. It makes sense because both the photographer and videographer are there to document the event and they...[more]

How Much to Charge to Film Weddings

There are several things to take into consideration when deciding how much to charge while you film weddings. If you follow the ideas listed below, you may get more information regarding how much to charge...[more]

The Three Best Products for Making Wedding DVDs at Home

There are a ton of great products out there for making wedding DVDs at home. If you are using a computer that you bought recently then the odds are pretty good that you have a...[more]

Two Great Places To Get Your Wedding DVDs Mass Produced

The Wedding video should now be more appropriately called the wedding DVD. If you're a wedding videographer then your end product is going to be delivered to your customers on DVD. Because DVDs are an...[more]

Wedding Video Editing: Montages and Transitions

Wedding video editing is a specialized and important craft. It is your job to string together the best moments of most important day in a couple's life together. They could very well be watching this...[more]

Wedding Video Editing: Filters and Tones

Wedding video editing is a specialized craft. It is a very important job. You are piecing together footage from one of the most important days in two people's lives. This footage will become their wedding...[more]

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Video Editing Software

When choosing the right video editing software, you first have to figure out what you will be using the software for. Video editing software is typically classified as being entry level software, novice software, or...[more]

4 Basic Tips for Editing Video

Editing video can be a tricky process, especially if you are not overly familiar with the program that you will be using. Whether you are editing a personal or professional video, the basic tips for editing...[more]

How To Use Image Stabilization on a Camcorder

Image stabilization is an important, yet over looked feature on digital camcorders. It's designed to eliminate a shaky image caused by a shaky camera. Shaky cameras can be caused by a few different things. The...[more]

Determining the Color Performance of a Camcorder

Buying a camcorder can be a fairly costly investment. You want to be absolutely sure that this is the right camera for you before committing to it. Unfortunately, your options for testing the performance are...[more]

Playing Back a Recording on a Camcorder

Whether you're shooting your child's kindergarten play or a feature-length film, you're going to want to play back a recording on your recording camcorder. This could be done on location or it could be as...[more]

How To Fix a Broken Camcorder LCD Screen

If the LCD screen of your camcorder is damaged or broken then it can be virtually impossible to use your camcorder properly. Fixing a broken camcorder screen is actually easy as long as you can...[more]

What To Look For in a Pet Photographer

A pet photographer takes a special kind of person. There are several things that you will need to look into whenever you are choosing the right one for you. You will need to do your homework and...[more]

How To Fix a Hard Tripod Case

A hard tripod case is something that can be difficult to fix if you do not have the proper tools and information. You will find that knowing how to repair your hard tripod case can save you...[more]

3 Steps to Format Your Memory Card for Digital Cameras

There is a huge difference between erasing all the photos on a memory card and formatting it, that most people don't understand. It's a good rule to format your memory cards at least twice a year...[more]

Digital Camera: How to Fix Compact Flash Memory Cards Error

It is not very typical for compact flash memory cards to give you an error. If you do receive an error, it most likely means that a pin within your CF card slot is bent, or...[more]

Digital Camera Care: How to Clean Sand off Your Lens

Whether you own a personal or professional digital camera, digital camera care must be a top priority. Sand granules can cause a lot of damage to the lens of your digital camera, so you'll want to...[more]

How to Save a Digital Camera from Water Damage

If you have accidentally dropped your digital camera in the water, there is still hope that the digital camera will not suffer too much damage if you act quickly. The guideline below utilizes the rice trick...[more]

Shutter Release Button Repair on Digital Cameras Explained

If the shutter release button on your digital camera has been broken or lost, the best way to correct this problem is to order a new shutter release assembly. All you have to do is call...[more]

Troubleshooting a Digital Camera that Won't Power On

Troubleshooting a digital camera is easier than it may sound. If your digital camera won't power on, the guideline below offers a few troubleshooting tips that will hopefully resolve your issue. If none of the...[more]

Digital Camera Repair: How to Fix Memory Card Error

When using a digital camera, you might experience a memory card error. Memory card errors affect the camera's ability to write to the memory card to store photographs. This means that your camera is virtually...[more]

3 Types of Camcorder Microphones

The 3 main types of camcorder microphones are shotgun, lapel and handheld. All camcorders come standard with built-in microphones, but if you are looking for higher quality sound, an external microphone is the way to go. Depending...[more]

5 Wedding Reception Video Ideas

Every bride wants her wedding reception video to be as wonderful and memorable as the reception was itself. The reception is a gift from the bride and groom to all of their attendees, as well as...[more]

Wedding Videos: Interviews

Wedding videos are a craft in themselves. After all, you're creating a product that two people will cherish for the rest of their lives and it is up to you as the video maker to...[more]

Wedding Videos: Why More Than One Camera is Best

Wedding videos fall under the umbrella of event filming. Things will only happen once and it is your job as the videographer to get it shot right. Unfortunately, you can't be in two places at...[more]

5 Tips For Indoor Home Movies

Capturing treasured moments on home movies within your household is a priceless experience. However, all too often, the quality of your unforgettable moments will be sub par due to various factors. By following the tips...[more]

Wedding Video Editing: Cutting Away

When editing wedding videos, sometimes our decisions to cut are based on covering something up, rather than artistic reasons. There is no reason to include shaky sections or footage of the camera pointing at the...[more]

A Basic Guide to DVD Studio Pro

Here is a basic guide to DVD Studio Pro to help you get started creating your own DVD movies and/or slide shows. DVD Studio Pro is an easy-to-use program that you can use to create and edit DVD...[more]

Wedding Video Editing: How To Use Slow-Motion Properly

Wedding video editing can be fun and exciting. This medium can offer the editor a lot of effects to experiment with, one of which is slow motion. All special effects should be used sparingly in...[more]

Wedding Video Editing: Video Length

Wedding video editing is a specialized art in itself because it follows a different set of rules than other types of film editing. In most video productions, we edit under the belief that less is...[more]

Video Editing: Cutting Between Focal Lengths

In video editing there are two basic kinds of cuts. Those that seem seamless and those that feel disorienting, known as jump cuts. There are two basic ways to create seamless cuts in scenes. One...[more]

What is Movie Maker?

Movie Maker is a software that allows you to create and edit videos. This program is manufactured by Microsoft Windows and is available for free. Movie Maker is non-linear editing software, which means that the...[more]

What is iMovie?

iMovie is a product of Apple and was originally released in the year 1999. Like many applications designed by Apple, it only runs on the Macintosh operating system. If you bought your Mac new...[more]

6 Care Tips for Your Camcorder

A camcorder makes it possible to record videos of all sorts of special events. It's also a brilliant way to make money profitably. In order to use your camera reliably you will need to follow...[more]

MiniDV vs. DVD Camcorders

If you're deciding which camcorder to buy then you've probably already heard about dvd camcorders. These are more expensive than MiniDV camcorders so are they really worth the extra outlay? Well that will depend mainly...[more]

MiniDV vs. Hard Drive Camcorders

There are lots of different types of camcorders available that  suit different types of people and different budgets. Hard drive camcorders are some of the most expensive but also the most convenient to use. MiniDV...[more]

Hard Drive vs. DVD Camcorders

Some of the most popular types of digital camcorders are hard drive camcorders. When you're shopping around for a new camcorder you might be surprised to learn just how many different types there are. It's...[more]

Charging the Battery of Your Digital Camcorder

Keeping your digital camcorder battery fully charged will ensure that you can record videos for as long as possible. Your digital camcorder is a useful device which can capture video. Without power though, it's no...[more]

3 Uses for a Memory Card Reader

With the ever-growing list of devices that use memory cards, a memory card reader has many uses if used alongside a memory card adapter. There are multiple formats for memory cards, such as CF, MS, SD, micro-SD,...[more]

How to Correct a "CMOS Error"

Troubleshooting problems such as a CMOS error helps you fix your digital camera and keep it performing at an optimal level. You can easily address some of these common digital camera problems. CMOS Functions CMOS...[more]

iPhone Camera Apps: SwankoLab

SwankoLab is one of the most popular iPhone camera apps currently available, although this is somewhat of a novelty application there are some really useful things about it. Choosing the types of applicatiosn that you...[more]

iPhone Camera Apps: Photo Locations

Photo Locations is a very useful camera app which is designed to make editing the meta data in your photos much easier. There are many different applications that are designed for use on the iPhone,...[more]

iPhone Camera Apps: Fast Tap Camera

Fast tap camera is one of the many software applications that can be downloaded and installed onto your iPhone. The iPhone is extremely popular because of the number of different apps that are available for...[more]

iPhone Camera: Focus

The iPhone camera is a great way to take photos even when you've forgotten your camera. The latest version of the iPhone is currently the 3GS which sports a 3 Mega-pixel digital camera without a...[more]