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Buying a Digital Camcorder for Kids

When buying a digital camcorder for kids you need to accept two facts. The first is that kids generally don't take care of things like adults do. The second is that kids don't know all...[more]

The Pros and Cons of Free Video Editing Software

The amount of video editing software options has grown along with the popularity of digital camcorders. There are options that you can buy, however, free video editing software can be found easily on the internet...[more]

6 Steps for Preparing Your Computer for Video Editing

Video editing requires that your computer has been prepared properly. Without the right preparation, your computer may not function correctly and can have significantly slow process time. The following is a guideline for preparing your...[more]

Video Editing: When and How To Use a Wipe Cut

A wipe cut can create transitions within your video. It is created when one shot replaces another shot with a distinct type of edge that will form a shape. Most video editing software programs provide...[more]

Video Editing: Cutting on Similar Elements

A technique to transition from scene to scene in video editing is cutting on similar elements, also called a match cut. This kind of cut takes two shots that have similar compositional elements to create...[more]

What is Final Cut Pro?

Final Cut Pro is Apple's version of non-linear editing software. Non-linear editing became popular in the late 1990s and Avid Media Composer was the motion picture industry's program of choice. This has changed over the...[more]

2 Homemade Tripods and How To Make Them

Building simple tripods at home can be done with just a few simple materials. These homemade tripods are great for unexpected moments where photographing with a tripod is ideal. The tennis ball method is also...[more]

How To Repair a Ballhead Tripod

A ballhead tripod can help you to get some great shots with your camera. However, you may find that over time it could break or need repair of some sort. It can be expensive to...[more]

What is an E-TTL External Flash?

One of the most impressive technological advances in digital cameras today is the external flash. Traditional photography was, for a long time, hampered by the inconsistency and difficulty of managing the light flash while capturing a shot. Those...[more]

Subtly Using Photo Props in School Portraits

Photo props can make regular school pictures stand out. You will want to make sure that the prop itself is not too cliché or cheesy. Make sure that it is something that is age appropriate...[more]

Understanding Portrait Mode on Digital Cameras

Beginners can quickly and easily learn to take great portraits using the portrait mode setting on their digital camera. Using an automatic mode will allow beginning photographers to focus their attention on the subject, without...[more]

Understanding Action Mode on Digital Cameras

Utilizing automatic modes such as action mode is a great way for beginner photographers to learn the basics of digital photography without having to remember camera settings for each different shooting scenario. Using action mode...[more]

7 Tips to Understanding Fill Flash for Underwater Photograpy

Using fill flash techniques can be a useful way to take photos in a wide range of different conditions and situations. Using fill flash can also make it possible to take great underwater shots. Underwater photography can...[more]

Digital Camera Repair: How to Replace Camera Flash Capacitor

The camera flash capacitor is charged by the camera's battery so that it can release a sudden burst of electricity to fire the flash. This involves huge voltages, which is why you must be careful...[more]

Digital Camera Repair: How to Replace Camera Bayonet Cup

Camera bayonet mounts speed up the process of changing lenses. Most cameras use screw mounts to hold the lenses in place. However, this is time consuming and can be difficult in some situations. A bayonet...[more]

How to Program Your Digital Camera to Recognize NiMH Batteries

If you find your digital camera is running out of power prematurely, then you might be interested in NiMH batteries. These are advanced, high capacity batteries. They're also light years ahead of standard Alkaline AA...[more]

How to Replace Your Digital Camera Flash Bulb

Like any light bulb, your camera flash bulb can blow at any time. The rest of your camera might be state of the art, but the flash bulb itself is relying on some pretty old...[more]

How to Replace a Spring and Hinge on a Camera Battery Door

The battery door of a digital camera will be opened and closed regularly in order to charge the battery. This can cause it to wear out or become damaged. If there is any damage to...[more]

Outdoor vs Waterproof Cameras: Optimize Camera Features

A waterproof camera makes it possible to take pictures anywhere without worrying about damaging your precious camera. You might also consider a rugged outdoor camera, which will also offer some protection. Comparing these different types...[more]

Underwater Photography: What to Look for in Digital Camera Filters

Digital camera filters can be used to change the look of all sorts of photographs. These filters can be used to make your underwater photographs look much better. Finding out about which filters should be...[more]

Pros and Cons for Different Camera Mode for Underwater Photography

Choosing the correct camera mode for underwater photography can be a challenging task, especially if you are a beginner underwater photographer. There are many modes available on a digital camera, including auto mode, program mode, aperture...[more]

Tips for Using Aperture Priority Mode for Underwater Photography

Aperture priority mode is where you set the aperture setting, and the camera sets the appropriate shutter speed based off of the conditions you are shooting in. The guideline below will help you to set the...[more]

How to Install Vertical Grip on Digital Camera

Installing a vertical grip on a digital camera is much easier than most people think. The guideline below will go over the steps needed to install the grip. Step 1: Remove the Battery Make sure that your...[more]

Troubleshoot a Faulty Shutter on a Digital Camera

There are times when you may experience problems with the shutter on a digital camera. But, before you go and blame the manufacturer for making a defective product, you should check to make sure you're...[more]

Underwater Photography: Importance of Photo Lighting

Photo lighting is vital for any photograph. This is even more important when taking a photo underwater. Underwater photography is a unique situation and will require some careful thought. There will not be enough light...[more]

Underwater Photography: Replacing Your Broken Underwater Strobe

An underwater strobe is an important tool to the underwater photographer. After all, it helps you overcome the poor lighting conditions that happen when water absorbs light. Since you need to get your underwater shots,...[more]

Outdoor Photography: Best Features of Snorkeling Camera

Snorkeling cameras are point and shoots that can be used underwater. They're great for anyone with an interest in underwater photography and can be used in several other situations as well. 1. Great for the...[more]

Underwater Photography: How to Care for Your Underwater Strobe

An underwater strobe is a light specifically designed for underwater photography. It is basically a handheld flash, and it is used in 95% of underwater shots because there is a lot of light lost due...[more]

Troubleshoot Problems with Flash on Digital Cameras

A photographer is likely to face problems with flash on a digital camera at some point in his career. The flash on a camera is an incredible tool for the photographer. It has the ability...[more]

Low End vs. High End Underwater Camera Housing: Risks and Benefits

Anyone interested in underwater photography will need to use a underwater camera housing. A camera housing is, quite simply, a watertight plastic box that is designed to accommodate your digital camera. These boxes use rubber...[more]

Shutter Speed Tips for Beginner Underwater Photography

When taking underwater photographs, it is a must to know what shutter speed is. Basically, shutter speed affects the amount of ambient light entering the camera. If you are using a strobe light when taking...[more]

Buy An Underwater Camera: Six Things to Remember

Underwater cameras are special cameras that can be used underwater to take photos. When you are trying to buy underwater cameras, there are many different things that you will need to remember: 1. Waterproof Housings...[more]

Digital Camera Repair: How to Discharge Camera Flash Capacitor

If you need to open your digital camera for any repairs, you will first need to discharge the camera flash capacitor. If your camera is under warranty, it is highly recommended that you contact the...[more]

How to Recover Pictures Accidentally Deleted on Digital Cameras

Loosing a photograph on your digital camera can be very stressful, which is why many people want to learn how to recover pictures. Most digital cameras will use flash memory cards, which work in a...[more]

Quick Shutter Repair: How to Fix a Stuck Shutter for Digital Cameras

Unfortunately, the only real way to get a long lasting shutter repair is to have your camera professionally repaired. The cost for a shutter repair is often quite high, and may even cost more than your...[more]

Troubleshoot a Digital Camera that Says Lens Error on Screen

Lens errors are one of the most common failure modes for digital cameras. You may get a message on your LCD screen that states "E18 Error" or "Lens Error, Restart Camera." Depending on the make and...[more]

Lens Repair: How to Fix a Jammed Camera Lens

Lens repair is one of the most common repairs that has to be performed on digital cameras. Camera lenses can become jammed for a variety of reasons, including some kind of obstruction in the lens...[more]

How to Minimize Scratches on Digital Camera Lens

Camera lenses are expensive and can be permanently damaged by scratches. A scratched lens will affect all the video footage captured with it, because light enters the camera through the lens, where it is then...[more]

Lens Repair: How to Take Scratches off Digital Camera Lens

Removing scratches from your digital camera lens is the hardest lens repair to successfully accomplish. However, there are several do-it-yourself methods available. Some people report success using these methods, and some people do not. The only...[more]

How to Replace a Digital Camera Memory Card Door

If the memory card door of your digital camera has broken off, then this can make using it very difficult. Digital cameras are wonderful because they make taking photographs much cheaper and easier, and while...[more]

How to Select a Video Camera for Wedding Videography

Choosing the right video camera for wedding videography can be a difficult choice. After all, the camera needs to fulfill two requirements: it needs to shoot great-looking video, and it needs to look like a...[more]

Three Networking Tips for Wedding Videography

Most people are only going to hire a person for wedding videography once in their lives. In fact, they will most likely never even think about it until they're planning a wedding. So how can...[more]

How to Get Your First Wedding Videography Job

Wedding videography is a serious craft that is difficult to break into. After all, a wedding is supposed to only happen once in a lifetime. People want to hire someone with experience over a new...[more]

Transfering Camcorder Video to DVD Using a USB Connection

After editing, your camcorders video can be transferred to a DVD with just a few clicks of your mouse. Once transferred, you can make copies to give as gifts. This is a great way to...[more]

Taking and Viewing Still Pictures on a Camcorder

A digital camcorder is a multifunctional device that can take still pictures in addition to making videos. Still pictures can be viewed at a later time and can be added to video during the editing...[more]

How to Buy a Digital Camcorder

A digital camcorder offers the ability to preserve memories and document special events. There are many types of camcorders available at a variety of price points. The key is to choose the right one for...[more]

When to Forego Digital Camera Repair and Buy a New One

When a car is involved in an accident and it costs more to repair it than it's value is worth, the car is considered totaled and will be sold off to a junk yard. You...[more]

What is a TTL CMOS?

A TTL CMOS digital camera combines two technologies that produce high quality images. TTL stands for "through the lens" and CMOS stands for "complementary metal oxide semiconductor." TTL Having a TTL digital camera means that...[more]

Troubleshoot Non-Retracting Lens Due to Camera Drop

Lens repairs for a camera drop are one of the most common repairs seen by camera shops and digital camera manufacturers. If your lens is not retracting due to a camera drop, the first thing you...[more]

Digital Camera Repair: How to Extract from a Corrupted Memory Card

Recovering photographs from a corrupted memory card can help to save photographs that would otherwise be lost. Many people believe that flash memory cards will last forever. Unfortunately, this is not true. Flash memory cards...[more]