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DVD Studio Pro: Advanced Menu Design

DVD Studio Pro helps you to create advanced designs for your menu using over 30 menu templates designed by Apple. These templates can also be modified, and they even allow you to create your own...[more]

Using Disk Utility and DVD Studio Pro Together

Disk utility can be used with DVD Studio Pro to create duplicate discs when you do not have the regular or original burning source materials to burn your projects. You will not be able to...[more]

How a Camera Flash Circuit Works

A camera flash circuit is something that can help to make your picture look its best. You will find that without a flash, it is easy for a picture to appear fuzzy or hard to...[more]

Compressor: Understanding Batches

Batches are configured jobs (source media files) and the targets. A batch monitor monitors the transcoding process for jobs preparing to be processed. When you have a group of source media files and the targets,...[more]

All About Digital Audio

With the Internet being a file-sharing medium, it is important that you understand the basics of what digital audio is. It may sound too technical, but you may have encountered a digital audio, and you...[more]

Adding Motion to Titles in Adobe Premiere

Creating motion titles is an easy way to add production value to your work. They are simple to make, and the process can be broken down into two parts: creating the titles and adding the...[more]

Understanding File-Based Media

There are many advanced video camcorders on the market today that offer file based media instead of the traditional tape-based media storage. File-based media is essentially a device used to store videos. Imagine you are...[more]

What Is Timecode?

Although there are a lot of applications or features that you encounter when editing a video, the term timecode always seems to appear. Timecode is a time or code assigned to a specific frame or...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Use the Audio Controls in the Viewer

When using Final Cut Pro, the audio controls that you see in the Viewer are the same audio controls that are available via the Video tab. The main functions of the audio controls are to allow...[more]

How to Zoom in Video in Premiere

Creating zoom video effects are a great way to add motion to a shot that is static. Shots that have motion in them are more visually interesting then shots that don't move. This is extremely...[more]

How to Start a New Project in Adobe Premiere

The first step to editing your videos in Adobe Premiere is to create a new project. There are two ways to do this in Adobe Premiere. When Premiere is first opened, it takes a few...[more]

Inserting a Title on the Premiere Timeline

Creating a title in Premiere is very easy thanks to the great design of Adobe's video editing software. Adobe Premiere Pro has incorporated the 'Title Creator' so that anyone using their program can create titles...[more]

Final Cut Pro: The Importance of Subclips

It can be very difficult to edit video that is lengthy, which is where subclips come into play. In Final Cut Pro, you can break one long clip into several smaller subclips. When viewing a single...[more]

How to Change Between HDV and DV Recording Format on Digital Video Camera

The ability to shoot HDV on your camera is awesome, but sometimes you want to switch the recording format to DV. There could be a few reasons as to why you may want to do...[more]

How to Adjust Your Video Camera LCD Screen to Different Environments

Your video camera LCD screen will make it possible to see what you're taking a video of and also replay any videos that you've recorded. LCD screens are wonderful, but there are a number of...[more]

How to Play Back Video Recording on Digital Video Cameras

One of the most fun parts of videography is playing back your video recordings. After all, you should always double check your recordings to make sure they turned out okay before moving on. Plus, there's...[more]

Three Digital Video Camera Lens Explained

A video camera lens is an important part of your camcorder. Professional camcorders allow you to implement interchangeable lenses of many different sizes. In contrast, consumer camcorder lenses can be broken down into three categories:...[more]

Understanding the Number of Picture Lines on Your Digital Video Camera

The number of picture lines on your digital video camera will vary by the type of TV IMAGE created by the camera. More picture lines create a sharper picture, allowing hi-def images to be sharper...[more]

HD Camera Pro: How to Minimize Pictures Flicker Through Interlacing

Interlacing is a technique that improves a video signal's quality without increasing its bandwidth. When the first televisions were created, they used a system called progressive scanning to read the video signals. The signals were...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Remote Control Settings

The remote control settings allow you to program specific keys to call up certain locations on the disc. The guidelines below will go over how to deactivate certain remote control settings and how to set...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Play All with Stories

DVD Studio Pro has an option called Play All with Stories. Basically, you can have multiple sections within a single project that can be played individually or as a whole. When you create stories, you do...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Creating Transitions

DVD Studio Pro makes it very easy to add transitions to menus. DVD Studio Pro is a very powerful program that makes it easy to edit and author DVDs on Apple computers. By adding transitions...[more]

How Does an ND Filter Work on Digital Video Cameras

ND filters are an important item for any videographer that's serious about his/her craft to have. They allow you to cut down on the light entering through your lens without adjusting the aperture. Why would...[more]

Digital Video Camera: SP and LP Recording Explained

Digital video camcorders that use tapes allow you to choose between SP and LP recording. SP stands for standard play and LP stands for long play. Videos recording in SP tend to be of a...[more]

How to Lock a Track in Adobe Premiere

Sometimes when you're editing a fairly complex project, you might want to lock a track. Locking a track prevents anything on it from being moved, altered or even selected. An example of when you would...[more]

Auto to Manual: Adjusting Light Exposure on Digital Video Cameras

Light exposure is as important to your video images as focus. Underexposed and overexposed images tend to be rejected by audiences as poor videography. You could use the auto exposure adjustment to let the camera...[more]

3 Best LCD Screen Protectors Available

LCD screen protectors are relatively inexpensive accessories that can be fixed onto your cameras screen. These are designed to protect it from scratches and any other damage. They are normally made from thin plastic, which...[more]

Movie Making Starter Kit: Features of Best Kids Video Camera

Videography is a great hobby for your children to get into. But what features should you look for in a kids video camera? You definitely want something that is small and lightweight, and does a...[more]

How to Import Files in Adobe Premiere

You're almost always going to need to import files for your Adobe Premiere editing project. If you're still shooting on tape, then that's the only thing you're going to use Premiere to bring in. Everything...[more]

The Advatages of DVD Studio Pro over iDVD

Both iDVD and DVD Studio Pro are DVD authoring applications made by Apple. These run on Apple Macintosh computers, and are both fairly similar. However, there are some major differences. iDVD is aimed at the...[more]

Battery Use and Recording in HDV Format Explained

When shooting in the HDV format, you might be concerned with how your style of working will affect your camera battery's life. The biggest factor in determining battery life is your image sensor. Older camcorders...[more]

HD Camcorder Pro Buying Guide

The HD camcorder pro buying guide will go over the minimum technical specifications that you should look for when purchasing a camcorder for professional use. A good camcorder should come with, or at least be compatible...[more]

Link-Unlink Function in Adobe Premiere

The link-unlink function in Adobe Premiere is extremely useful for lots of reasons. The most obvious is for the syncing of audio and video, but there is so much more that can be done with...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Moving and Modifying Markers

Final Cut Pro allows users to move and modify markers. There are various ways to move a marker, including dragging it, repositioning the playhead, and entering a different starting timecode value. After a marker has...[more]

Final Cut Pro: 6 Ways to use Markers

Final Cut Pro markers are visible points on clips and sequences. Markers serve many purposes, including making in and out points for future use, marking a range in a clip that you want to use as a...[more]

6 Reasons to Use External Hard Drives

External hard drives connect to your computer using either USB or Firewire connections. These hard drives are affordable and a great way to share files on computers. There are a number of advantages and reasons...[more]

How to Export a Video with Adobe Premiere

The export video process is the final stage of the editing process. Adobe Premiere offers a lot of different ways to export your hard work with Media Encoder. The Media Encoder is a separate independent...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Understanding Split Edits

In Final Cut Pro, split edits occur when you set separate video and audio In and Out points. Split edits are typically used when one needs to introduce the sound of a new scene before cutting to the...[more]

Understanding Nonlinear and Nondestructive Editing

Editing your video or audio file may seem daunting. However, there are several editing methods you can apply to create a final output that you will be satisfied with. There are two methods of editing...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Introduction to DVD Scripting

DVD scripting is a very powerful language that increases the interactivity between you and your DVD player. The scripting capabilities provided by DVD Studio Pro allow you to add specialized features, have the title of...[more]

Battery Life When Recording on DV Format Video Explained

When recording in DV format video, your camera is dependent on a battery for power. There are many factors that affect how quickly the battery will be drained, but the most important one is your...[more]

What the Difference Between HDV and DV Format Video

What's the difference between HDV and DV format video? It's the same as the difference between high and standard definition. In the early days of digital video, which is what DV stands for, we only...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: DVD Menu Drop Zones

Drop zones are very similar to buttons, except they do not count toward the menu's button count. When you create drop zones, you can assign an asset to them, move them around, and change their size....[more]

Droid Camera: Pros and Cons of the Flash

The droid is one of the latest smart phones to enter the market. Like all modern cell phones, it comes with a built in camera that is capable of rivaling some point and shoot digitals,...[more]

How to Travel with Your Digital Video Pro Camera in Airports

Traveling with your digital video pro camera can be a difficult task. You should check in with the airline you will be flying on for any specific requirements. Most airlines will allow you to bring your...[more]

How to Record on Digital Camera Recorders

The process for recording is pretty much universal for all digital camera recorders. Choose a Recording Format If you're shooting on a camera that uses tapes, then the first step is putting the tape into...[more]

Advantages of Including the Color Bars When Recording

If you're serious about shooting video, then you should take a lesson from the professionals and add about ten to thirty seconds of color bars at the beginning of every scene you shoot. Why should...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Understanding the Canvas Window

In Final Cut Pro, the Canvas window displays the video and audio of your edited sequence during playback. The Canvas and Timeline work together to display sequences. The playhead that you see on the Canvas is...[more]

Simulating Camera Shaking in Adobe Premiere

Simulating camera shake to a static video clip in Adobe Premiere is easy. It requires some labor, but it's not that complicated. Here's how to do it. Change the Clip's Scale A camera shake would...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Understanding the Browser Window

The Browser window in Final Cut Pro is used to organize your video and audio clips. By using the Browser window, you are able to rename, sort and rearrange all of your clips. When you have...[more]