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Compressor: Encoding Presets

Video files can be compressed by using encoding presets in Compressor. This process is a similar to using a zip file to compress other file types such as documents. These programs allow your computer to...[more]

Compressor: How To Chain Jobs

When you chain jobs, it will reduce the time you need to compress your items. This merges as much work as possible into a batch. Compressor will then manage the jobs for you. Job chaining...[more]

Compressor: How To Chain Jobs

When you chain jobs, it will reduce the time you need to compress your items. This merges as much work as possible into a batch. Compressor will then manage the jobs for you. Job chaining...[more]

A Basic Overvew to Apple's Compressor

If you would like to share video or audio media, it would be a little difficult to transfer the file to a website or drive since the file size can be quite large unless you...[more]

Using Final Cut Pro with Compressor

Compressor is a high quality encoding software used to integrate Final Cut Pro to DVD. This means there is no need to create intermediate files to be encoded using another application. This also means that...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: How To Create Multiple Subtitle Tracks to Play Together

Creating multiple subtitle tracks to play together in DVD Studio Pro is not difficult. DVD Studio Pro is used to create a full-featured DVD and it contains an encoding application. This PC- based application comes...[more]

Using DVD Studio Pro with Compressor

DVD Studio Pro and Compressor were created by Apple and they both help you create a professional DVD every time. If you own a video camera and are trying to figure out how to make...[more]

Using DVD Studio Pro with Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro files can be exported over into DVD studio pro. These two programs work together especially in the process of making a DVD. Even if you just want to play your piece on...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: How To Create a Still Image of Your DVD menu

When you use DVD Studio Pro to create DVD compilations of your favorite movies and home videos, you do not have to create them in motion because a still image will do. You may think...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: How To Make Buttons Appear at Specified Time During the Menu

Do you love to make your own movie or home video compilations using DVD Studio Pro? Fortunately, with the help of the software, all your menu designs can be implemented with just a few clicks....[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Creating Styles and Templates for Buttons

If you love to burn copies of your favorite movie or would like to compile all your home videos in a single DVD, perhaps you are already familiar with the convenience that buttons and "home...[more]

Names and Functions of Camcorder Plug and Accessories

There are different types of camcorder plugs out in the market today depending on the function of your camcorder and what plugs and accessories are needed. To use many of the camcorder's features, you may...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Button Navigation

A lot of times, button navigation is controlled through the buttons that are on the DVD player's control remote in order to get through the menu. Navigation should not be difficult to do. When using...[more]

How To Author a DVD with DVD Studio Pro That Plays Automatically

DVD Studio Pro is high-end video software which is produced by Apple Inc. Its function is to create a master DVD which is later sent to production houses for replication. Apple acquired Astarte's DVD Director in...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Creating Menus with Overlays

DVD Studio Pro has the ability to create a large variety of menus, including menus with overlays. You are able to create overlays for background art too. These overlays will transfer straight to your DVD...[more]

How To Add DVD-Rom Content To a DVD in DVD Studio Pro

DVD-Rom content is able to be transferred on to a DVD using Studio Pro, which is a software that Apple Inc published. This is an application that will allow you to turn other projects, such...[more]

Online Photo Editing: Chintzee

Online photo editing can be made fun with all of the software tools made available. They allow you to fix your photos, crop and re-size them. You can use online tools to give your photos...[more]

5 Things To Know When Getting Custom Frames

Custom frames are good for photos or works of art that are not a standard size or shape. Custom framing by a professional also gives the items you are framing a clean and polished look....[more]

Making Pop Art with Photoshop

Using the Pop Art Photoshop feature is a great way to create images reminiscent of the 50's and 60's. Pop art is a genre of art that emerged in the 1950's. Its most common characteristics are...[more]

7 Reasons to Choose Wood Frames for Your Photos

Photos in wood frames add a look of individuality to a room. Their simplicity and versatility give them an edge over frames made from other materials. The following are some reasons to choose wood frames...[more]

Compressor: Audio Filters

Audio filters are circuits of processed sound signals within an audio frequency range. There are several types of filters such as graphic equalizers, synthesizers and sound effects. These audio filters are designed to pass through...[more]

Compressor: Encoding for Apple Devices

The Compressor can be used for a number of different functions, including audio encoding of any Apple devices that you may have. Apple makes a number of different MP3 items, including the famous iPod, which...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Capture Multiple Audio Channels

The most up-to-date versions of Final Cut Pro allow you to capture a range of audio channels at one pass, which was not possible with the older versions. Current software means that you can pull...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Change Audio Levels in the Viewer

The Viewer has audio controls that allow you to control audio levels. When you open the Audio tab in the Viewer, you will be able to view the audio level overlay and pan overlay. This is...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Adjust Audio Levels in the Timeline

The fastest way to edit audio is to do so in the Timeline. The Timeline allows you to view where you need to set your keyframes, which makes it easier to decrease and increase the audio of...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Avoiding Artifacts

Artifacts are aggressive pieces of data compression that gets applied to images, audio and videos. It gets rid of your data that may be too difficult to store in the available data rate. This is...[more]

Using Final Cut Pro and After Effects Together

Final Cut Pro is an excellent program for editing films; however, if you want to add cool 3D or special effects, you will need a program like Adobe After Effects. Once you have finished editing...[more]

How to Use Keyframes in Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best non-linear video editing programs that anyone could use. Like all of the best video editing software, part of what makes Premiere superior is it's use of keyframes....[more]

Compressor: Reverse Telecine

With Apple Compressor, you can use a process known as reverse telecine to convert video material recorded with a frame rate speed of 23.98 frames per second (fps) to 29.97 fps (other frame conversions are...[more]

Apple Qmaster: Shell Commands

Apple Qmaster is the distributed computing component of Final Cut Pro and Compressor, and if you like using the Terminal Shell in the Mac OS, the Command Line is the tool for you. With the...[more]

Using Final Cut Pro and Motion Together

With Apple's Final Cut Pro and Motion, you can create professional quality videos faster than ever before. You can edit your movies in Final Cut Pro by editing sequences, stabilizing shaky shots and even applying...[more]

How Many Batches Can Compressor Do at Once?

Apple Compressor allows you to convert or encode several different formats at once. Each conversion or encoding is considered to be one 'job', and multiples jobs can be executed in a single 'batch'. For instance,...[more]

How Many File Formats Can Compressor Output To?

Apple Compressor is one of the leading video and audio conversion and encoding programs available today. Compressor's powerful optical flow technology makes encoding a single video file into multiple codecs or formats easier than ever....[more]

Compressor: How Long Will My Video Take To Compress?

Apple Compressor now uses optical flow technology that helps reduce encoding time for the video output formats supported by the program. Now, in terms of encoding speed, Compressor is among the fastest programs available. Still,...[more]

An Introduction to Apple Qmaster

Apple Qmaster is a client computer based software program that is used to submit various video editing jobs and batches created in other Apple programs (such as Final Cut Pro and Shake) to a larger...[more]

Compressor: How To Use the Preview Window

The compressor preview window can be used to play your source media file in the way it was formatted originally, or you can use it to preview your source media file with its assigned settings....[more]

Compressor: Third-Party Plug-Ins

Apple Compressor 3rd party plug-ins allow you to expand the capability of the already powerful encoding and compression software by adding support for formats that Apple does not provide, with a standard installation of the...[more]

Compressor: Optical Flow

Apple Compressor now uses optical flow technology to help format and perform conversions to various video file formats in less time and with better results. Optical flow is a state of the art technology that...[more]

Compressor: Video Retiming

In Apple Compressor, video retiming allows you to video from one frame rate to another (such as with conversions from NTSC to PAL or vice versa) or convert video to a new speed. With retiming...[more]

Understanding Image Sequences in Compressor

Apple Compressor, part of the Final Cut Studio suite of video editing software, allows you to encode (or convert) video files into other formats; however, Compressor also utilizes image sequences that allow you to export...[more]

How To Open Photoshop Layered Files as Merged Files

Photoshop layered files can sometimes be a hassle whenever you are trying to open them in Photoshop. Whenever the pictures themselves are of very high resolution and are complicated files, then they will take awhile...[more]

Importing Photoshop Images into DVD Studio Pro

Photoshop images can be imported over into DVD Studio Pro, formatted through an Adobe Photo Shop PSD file. The images have to be visible in Photoshop. You can use the Import Asset feature, which will...[more]

5 Tips For Looking Good In Photos

Unless you're a professional model, giving your best angle in photos can be quite a problem. Often, people get very self-conscious the moment that camera lens is pointed towards them. This gives the tendency of...[more]

Using Photo Mats to Tie in a Theme

Photo mats can be used to tie in themes. For example, when scrap booking, you can use photo mats to tie in themes. There are scrap booking magazines to get theme ideas from in case...[more]

A Guide to Photo Mats

Photo mats describes the process of photo mounting to a mat board that has an opening that is cut the same size as the photo. The photo is then actually attached with framing tape to...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Advanced MPEG Encoding

MPEG encoding is a process through which your audio and video materials can be imported over to DVD Studio Pro. The QuickTime MPEG encoder is a code that converts the DV format video files over...[more]

5 Different Types of Modern Frames for Your Photos

Modern frames are a great way to display your most cherished photos. Modern frames provide a simple yet classy look for your photos, whether they are photos of loved ones or vacation photos. These frames...[more]

Getting the Most Into a Mini Camera Bag

There are different considerations to make when you are packing your mini camera bag for a photo shoot or trip. It can sometimes be very helpful to have a small camera bag that only has...[more]

Using Histograms on Photoshop for Color Correction

Histograms are bar graphs that are made of frequency distribution. They are made with the widths of the bars, created to be proportional to the class that divides the variable. This variable is divided by...[more]

Importing Shapes into DVD Studio Pro

Shapes cut through one video image to reveal another in DVD Studio Pro. One of the ways to do this is by using Photoshop to create the shape. A shape is a container that appears...[more]