Fun with Faux-Macabre Photos: Horsemaning

Nearly every modern electronic device has a built-in digicam, so it's no surprise that there's been an explosion of odd, dare we say Hipster, photography trends in the last couple years.  Whether it be retro-styled recreations of old camera picture styles, or unusual posing like planking or owling, there always seems to be something new and silly for shutterbugs capture.

Enter Horsemaning (also spelled Horsemanning), 2011's answer to what we do when we're really, really bored. Horsemaning, so named for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow's classic Headless Horseman character, is a photography fad where people get together and pose in a way that makes them appear, well, headless.  Thanks to the photo you can see below, some say this is an old trend dating back to the 1920s.  While people a hundred or so years ago allegedly used to created "books of the dead," I'm not sure if this is authentic and if Horsemaning is really that old, or if it's more fun to do because of the false mythology.

Regardless, with Halloween on the horizon (my local grocery store already has spooky decorations up in a couple aisles and themed treats for tricking), we here at Steve's thought it would be fun to highlight Horsemaning as a fun and faux-macabre way for families to embrace the ghoulish nature of All Hallow's Eve.

What do I need ?

  1. 3 FRIENDS (two to pose, and one to take the picture -- 2 will also work if your camera has a timer delay function).
  2. A reasonably sized OBJECT like a couch or a wall or a table.

How do I create a Horsemaning Photo?

  1. Have one one person to lie or sit down on the object, tilting his or her head (safely) far enough backwards or forwards behind the object, so the head remains hidden from the camera's lens.  
  2. The second person will hide his or her body behind the object, making a scary deadman's face.
  3. The first person will place his or her hand on the back of person two's head, making it look like person one is "holding" it.  
  4. Third person takes the picture.
  5. Color adjust on your computer as needed.

Simple and kinda creepy, right?  Now it's up to you, dear readers.  And don't forget, Horsemaning is fun for the whole family (click here to see how much kids like it).  Let's see some hilarious and spooky and creative Horsemaning photos up on Steve's Facebook wall!

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