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Lexar Media JumpSHOTTM

USB-enabled CompactFlash Cards

Updated 1/25/02

Lexar JumpShot CompactFlash Memory Cards

The Lexar Media JumpSHOTTM CompactFlash card is a USB-enabled device.  In the digital camera it functions like Lexar's other 8x CompactFlash memory cards, but when it is plugged into the USB cable it also becomes a high-speed card reader.

Lexar's USB-enabled CompactFlash JumpSHOT Connection Kit will be available in 16MB to 80MB capacity starting at an MSRP of $69. This kit includes a USB-enabled CompactFlash digital film card, a JumpSHOT USB cable, a CD-ROM with software drivers for Microsoft Windows 98 and Macintosh platforms, and Windows 98 software for easily viewing and organizing the photo images.

Lexar JumpShot USB CompactFlash Memory Cards

Here is the JumpSHOT desktop connection kit. It is definitely the world's smallest flash memory card reader. It's basically a cable with an enclosed CF slot on one end and a USB plug on the other.

There is no power supply required, it gets its power directly from the USB port. The reason that it is so small is that the USB controller is actually located inside of each Lexar JumpSHOT CF memory card.

Lexar JumpShot USB CompactFlash Memory Cards

For maximum flexibility, Lexar's solution is based on the popular USB ports already included with most desktop computers. It consists of a high performance CompactFlash card with USB integrated into its controller, optimized software drivers and a special USB cable. Since the USB functionality resides in the CompactFlash card, the low-cost JumpSHOT USB cable and included software drivers is the only requirement for a digital camera to instantly gain USB capabilities.

Lexar's USB-enabled CompactFlash is certified as Digital Film Compliant (DFC), meaning it has undergone extensive compatibility testing in Lexar's DFC laboratories and that the new cards meet all of the CompactFlash certification requirements. The new JumpSHOT CompactFlash digital film cards feature 8X speed (1.2Megabyte per second or MBps) and are up to three times faster than the generic digital film currently available.

Lexar JumpShot USB CompactFlash Memory Cards


The JumpSHOT is truly Plug-n-Play with Windows 98. All I did was plug the USB cable in to my computer, insert the JumpSHOT CF card, Windows "saw" it and asked for the driver disk. Windows loaded two drivers and about a half a minute later I was looking at a new "Removable Drive D" listed in My Computer.

My camera files transfered over from the JumpSHOT card to the computer at about the same speed that I can copy files from one folder to another on my hard drive. The JumpSHOT cards are hot-swappable which means that you can plug one in any time you want without having to shut down the computer first.  It doesn't get any simpler than that !

12x & 16x Pro Series JumpSHOT Cards

Lexar Pro Series CF cards Lexar Pro Series CF cards

Lexar Media is now shipping the ultra-fast 16x and 12x (2.4MB and 1.8MB per second) Pro Series of JumpSHOT cards for use in the prosumer cameras like the Canon D30, Kodak DCS series or the new Nikon D1X Pro.

The increased speed of the 16x cards can mean the difference between getting or losing that important picture -and- in the pro world if you miss the shot you can lose your job!

Latest JumpSHOT USB drivers

for Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Macintosh computers

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