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ICP Solar Battery Chargers

ICP Solar Chargers

My good friends at Thomas Distributing just sent me a couple of their newest NiMH/NiCd battery chargers. They don't plug in the wall though, these are solar powered.  I'm a big fan of anything "green" so I was thrilled to see these nifty solar-powered battery chargers.


ICP Solar Chargers

This is the ICPG-04041 battery charger/eliminator, it sells for just $37.90 (batteries not included).

It's capable of generating up to 500mA of 6 or 12 VDC power in direct sun. The top tilts so you can keep it properly aimed at the sun and it has a builtin carrying handle for convenience.

ICP Solar Chargers

Inside is a charging position for four AA-size batteries and an additional storage (non-charge) area for a second set of batteries.

It has a cigarette lighter output plug and a switch to set the voltage for 6V or 12V.  A red LED lights up according to how much power is being generated. Charges 4 AA rechargeable batteries in as little as 12 hrs when in direct sunlight.

Included accessories:

  • Cigarette lighter connector to maintain your 12V vehicle battery
  • Alligator clips for 6V gelcell battery charging
  • Multi-Jack to run various small electronics (cellphone, Walkman etc)


ICP Solar Chargers

The smaller ICPG-04031 solar charger, sells for $17.90 (batteries not included) and can charge up a set of four AA (NiMH or NiCd) batteries in 12-36hrs (depends on capacity of batteries) in direct sunlight.

It's compact, lightweight, weather resistant and very environmentally friendly. You can recharge AA rechargeable batteries anywhere there's daylight. Simply place the Solar Battery Charger / Holder in direct daylight exposure and it begins recharging immediately without any risk of overcharge.

ICP Solar Chargers

Charges four AA batteries and has space to store a second set. The top tilts so you can easily keep it facing the sun for maximum charger output.

These chargers work great!   Looking for a good stocking stuffer this Christmas?   I can't imagine a cooler gift for that special person on your list and you'd be doing our planet a big favor too!

Planning a weekend camping or boating trip?  Here's the perfect accessory to keep your digital camera or other electronic device going and going -- sorry Energizer Rabbit, we don't need your one-use alkaline batteries clogging up our landfills anymore!

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