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HoodManTM e-clipse
E-2000 Laptop Hood

HoodMan Laptop LCD Shade

HoodManTM sells an entire series of different sized, folding sunshade hoods for the LCD screens on digital cameras, camcorders and video monitors. This is the $39.95 e-clipse model E-2000 and it fits on Powerbooks, ibooks and 95% of the PC laptops on the market.

If you're like me then you probably use your laptop for "in the field" storage and review of your digital images. But even sitting in the car there's still too much light bouncing around to see the LCD screen properly. Slip the E-2000 on and your problems are over. You can even use your laptop while sitting out in the direct sunlight.

HoodMan Laptop LCD Shade

Not only does the E-2000 make a nifty sunshade, it also provides a privacy shield for nearby onlookers. They would just about have to be sitting in the same place that you are to see your computer screen.

If this thing looks familiar and you can't remember why -- you probably have seen the referee peering into one at an NFL football game during an instant replay challenge.   Yep, Hoodman makes those too!

HoodMan Laptop LCD Shade

The E-2000 collapses quickly and is stored in its flat, 8" travel bag.  I'd have to say the only challenge using the E-2000 comes when you need to fold it up and stick it back in the bag. It literally springs open when you remove it but it takes a few times at re-folding to get the hang of it.

This was a short and simple review - the product works 100% as advertised. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to use it, there's no user manual to read. Just take it out of its cover and slip it on. Badda-boom, badda-bing!

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Steve's Digi-Rating

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I give the HoodMan E-2000 Shade 5 (out of a possible 5) digicams!

It's inexpensive at less than $40 and absolutely priceless if you need to see your laptop's screen in brightly lit environments. It's small and folds away for easy storage, it can be mounted in seconds, requires no special attachment devices, and can be used on more than one laptop easily.

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