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PhotoDon's Three Sided Digi-Cam
Glare Reduction Visor & Cover

Posted 11/21/00

Digi-Cam Glare Reduction Visor

The PhotoDon Digi-Cam Three Sided Glare Reduction Visor is a well-crafted but inexpensive sunshade for your camera's color LCD. It can be quickly attached or removed from your camera and folds flat when not in use. The gun-metal gray color is a perfect match for the Nikon Coolpix 990's body and also looks just as good on most other cameras as well.

The visor is available in 1.8, 2.0, and 2.5 inch sizes which are the standard advertised camera screen sizes. The Digi-Cam visors are cost effective at only $10.00 for 1.8 and 2.0 inch, $14.00 for 2.5 inch and includes the velcro fasteners, detailed instructions for installation and an LCD cover to protect your LCD when not in use and a PhotoDon LCD-Lens cloth.

2.0" visors are available at select Ritz Camera Stores, these fit 1.8" and 2" LCDs.

Digi-Cam Glare Reduction Visor

I use the visor in my studio to shield the overhead light off of the LCD when I'm shooting my product photos and as you can see, it works very well. While giving me total light shielding on three sides it still leaves all of the Nikon 990's buttons easily accessed and the lens is free to full rotate.

Note that this is the 2.0" inch visor, the proper size for the 990 is the 1.8" visor.

Digi-Cam Glare Reduction Visor

The visor is secured to the camera using three 1/4-inch strips of self-stick velcro that are included in the package. The matching velcro fasteners are on the edges of the visor that press up against the camera. The visor itself is very lightweight and does not require much to keep it securely fixed to the camera. If the visor gets bumped it will simply "peel" off the velcro without damaging either itself or the camera.

Digi-Cam Glare Reduction Visor

Other Goodies

PhotoDon also has a computer monitor hoods, privact shields for $22 (up to 17") or $27.00 for monitors up to 23" plus a line of screen and lens cleaning products.

Check out all their fine products at the PhotoDon website.

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Steve's Digi-Rating

Digi rating Digi rating Digi rating Digi rating Digi rating

I give the PhotoDon LCD Visor 5 (on a scale of 1-5) digicams!

It's inexpensive, small and durable and perfectly shields the bright light off of your LCD. It's the perfect accessory for your camera if you're going to use the color LCD outdoors or in any brightly lit environment.

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