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FinePix 2400 Zoom


Fuji FinePix 2400

The FinePix 2400 Zoom features a Fujinon 3x optical (38-114mm 35mm equivalent) zoom lens with an aperture range is f/3.5 - f/9.5.  The focus range is 31.5 inches to infinity in normal mode and 3.9 - 31.5 inches in macro mode.

Fuji FinePix 2400

The I/O ports consist of a DC INput jack for the optional AC adapter and a high speed USB data port for downloading to the computer. There is no Video Out port and because of this the next series of frames had to be captured directly off of the color LCD.

Fuji FinePix 2400

There is no seperate data display on the 2400Z so all recording mode and camera options must be selected using onscreen overlays on the color LCD. Here's an animated view of the record mode menus.

    Macro mode - On/Off
    EV - Exposure compensation -0.9 to +1.5 in 0.3EV increments
    Continuous mode - On/Off (up to 9 shots in 640x480 only)
    Self-Timer - On/Off (10 sec)
    White balance - Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Incandecent, Flourescent 1,2 or 3
    Mode - Auto or Manual (LCD always on)
      1600x1200 fine/normal/basic
      1280x960 fine/normal
      640x480 normal

Fuji FinePix 2400

Fullscreen Play mode with overlay data for folder and filename, time and date.

Fuji FinePix 2400

9-segment thumbnail index mode to let you quickly jump to any given picture.

Fuji FinePix 2400

Zoomed playback with scroll for inspecting your images on the small LCD.

Fuji FinePix 2400

Animated view of the Play mode menu options.

    Erase - Erase current frame, All frames or format the card
    Protect - Protect/unprotect frame, Protect all, unprotect all
    DPOF - embed Digital Print Order Format information

Steve's Conclusion

The Fuji FinePix 2400 Zoom is a good, entry-level priced digicam for capturing pictures for the web, on-screen or prints up to 8 x 10 inches. The camera looks like and operates very much like a conventional film camera so those new to digital will be up and snapping with very little "read the manual" time.

The bottom line with any digital camera is image quality and the FinePix 2400 delivers sharp, detailed, and properly color-balanced pictures in a variety of normal lighting conditions. The camera was rarely set for anything other than automatic white balance and performed well except in the extremes of mixed flourescent, daylight and flash. Under these conditions even the most advanced cameras have problems so I can't blame the FinePix 2400 for getting a little confused.

Shot to shot recycle time in 1600 x 1200 high-quality mode is about 4.5 to 5.0 seconds. If you need to capture a series of images rapidly the continuous mode is good for up to nine 640x480 pictures. Shutter lag is on par with most cameras and averages around one second for the camera to autofocus, set the white balance and exposure and be ready to capture the image. Battery life is quite good for a digital camera, especially if you use the automatic (point-n-shoot) mode which by default does not turn on the LCD. This of course assumes that you have purchased and are using NiMH rechargeable batteries, alkalines just don't get it.

The 3x optical zoom lens is exceptionally sharp in both normal and macro modes. The zoom mechanism is smooth and very quiet. The zoom control lever is placed so that even left-eyed people can get to it easily when the camera is pressed up against your face. The camera's USB port is truly speedy, I transfered images at the rate of one picture per second. This eliminates the need for a card reader unless of course your computer doesn't have USB. If that's the case then you will need a card reader as it doesn't have a serial data port.

It's not all roses though. The LCD display is small and difficult to see in high ambient light conditions. If you use the manual record modes you must be able to see the LCD to access the menus and make the necessary changes. Shooting closeup pictures in macro mode absolutely requires the use of the LCD for proper framing and this is difficult to impossible outdoors in the bright sunlight. Even indoors the text and icons on that small LCD are going to be difficult for some people to see. Luckily this camera works so well in automatic mode that most user will probably rarely ever use it in manual mode anyway.

Besides the somewhat poor LCD display the other thing that is lacking on the FinePix 2400 is a Video Out capability. I can't even remember when I have used a digital camera that didn't offer video output for displaying pictures on a TV set or other video device. It doesn't take much to do this as most all of the necessary circuitry is already in there to run the LCD display so I hope that Fuji adds it to a future upgrade of this otherwise excellent camera.

The bottom line - it's a great camera for the money and it takes excellent pictures. It looks and feels like a regular camera, has a high quality zoom lens and good battery life. It's an excellent choice for beginners to the advanced users that just want a reliable camera they can stick in their pocket and take with them wherever they go.

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