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Sony Mavica FD-88
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Sony Mavica FD-88

The Sony MVC-FD88 is the only camera in the Mavica family that produces true megapixel 1280 x 960 pixel images without interpolation. It employs a 1/3.6" interlaced scan CCD imager with 1.3 million pixels (gross) You can also capture 1024 x 768 or 640 x 480 resolution images when desired.

This is the first conventional Mavica I have used since the early FD-71 and I was surprised to find it much slimmer and lighter now. The overall height and width is about the same, you can't make it any smaller and still fit that 3-1/2 inch floppy drive in there.

The MPEG movie mode allows you to capture 5, 10 or 15 second video clips with sound at 160 x 112 or 320 x 240 pixel resolution. You can even record 5-second voice memos for each picture.

The built in, 3-mode intelligent flash can be used whenever there is insufficient light to get an optimum exposure. It can also be set for Low, Normal or High output.

Sony Mavica FD-88

The back of the FD-88 is loaded with control buttons and switches that are all clearly labeled as to their function. You do all your framing with the big 2.5" color LCD, there is no other viewfinder.

I definitely got spoiled by the FD-91's tilting LCD screen and think that Sony should put the same type of tilting screen on all of these cameras.

Sony Mavica FD-88

Directly above the 2.5-inch color LCD is the Solar Window. When you're outside in the bright sunlight you can switch off the LCD's backlight and save your precious battery power.

Sony Mavica FD-88

Nothing on the top but the shutter button and the microphone.

Sony Mavica FD-88

On the bottom is a metal tripod socket that's located very close to the center of balance. The bottom of the case is perfectly flat and lends itself well to be mounted on a tripod. Next to that is the door to the battery compartment.

Sony Mavica FD-88

That's an 8x Optical/16x Digital Zoom lens with auto and manual focus and auto macro capability.  If you like to get close to your subjects, use Auto Macro for shots up to 1 inch from your subject.

Whenever you want to manually focus just flip the auto/manual switch and use the manual focusing ring on the front of the lens.   You can easily add filters thanks to the 37mm threads.

Sony Mavica FD-88

The FD-88 stores its images on 1.44MB floppy diskettes. Although you are limited in the number of images you can shoot before you need to change the diskette, it's also the key to the Mavica's success story. The user need only stick the diskette into their floppy drive to access the pictures.

The FD-88 features a new 4x speed floppy diskette drive to improve the read/write time to manipulate its megapixel-sized images more efficiently.

Sony Mavica FD-88

The only I/O port on the FD-88 is a minijack that connects the camera to the video and audio inputs of a TV or VCR for image and movie playback.

Sony Mavica FD-88

Power is supplied by a Sony InfoLITHIUM NP-F330 7.2v rechargable battery. You can also use the more powerful NP-F550 battery if you need more runtime. The FD-88 comes with a BC-V615 rapid battery charger which takes the battery from dead to full charge in abouts 120 minutes.

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