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Sony DSC-F505 "CyberShot"

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Sony DSC-F505 CyberShot

When you need it, the flash can be popped up from the top of the lens.   This is a 3-mode intelligent flash with automatic, fill flash and off settings.

Sony DSC-F505 CyberShot

The user controls are very simple and clearly marked. On the top of the camera we find the power on/off switch, the zoom lens control slider, the main mode control, the shutter button and the self-timer lamp.  Oh yes, let's not forget the microphone, used for recording voice memos.

Sony DSC-F505 CyberShot

On the left side of the zoom lens we find the focus control for automatic or manual, the macro mode button, the white balance mode button and a one-push manual white balance button, the spot metering button and up on top is the lever to release the popup flash.

Sony DSC-F505 CyberShot

On the back of the camera next to the color LCD we find the flash mode button, the Program AE mode button, the 4-way jog switch for activating and navigating the menus - you push it in the center to accept menu selections.

On the bottom is the Display button which controls the amount of onscreen data that is shown in both record and playback modes. The yellow jack is for output of the video signal to your TV (selectable NTSC or PAL) and it also outputs mono audio.

Sony DSC-F505 CyberShot

On the lower left of the LCD is the backlight control switch, when you're out in the bright sunlight you turn the backlight off.  Indoors you can use the LCD BRIGHT buttons to increase or decrease the backlight illumination.

Sony DSC-F505 CyberShot

A fast, USB-compliant I/O port allows PC and Mac users to rapidly download images to their computer without the need for a card reader.  There's also a serial port for the USB-challenged folks out there.

Sony DSC-F505 CyberShot

Images are stored on Sony's new MemoryStick flash memory cards, a 4MB card is supplied with the camera.  Shame on you Mr Sony, you should have at least included a 16MB card with this camera!

The DSC-F505 uses the Sony NP-FS11 InfoLITHIUM 3.6v rechargable battery system. Sony's "battery with a brain" keeps you informed as to exactly how much runtime is left, in minutes, on the LCD display.

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