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DF-560 Digi-Frame

Say hello to the DF-560 Digi-Frame, it's the new millennium's answer to the static picture frame of your parent's generation.   There's no better way to display your digital pictures than with a digital picture frame.  Forget the trip to the photo store and the printing fees -- just pop in a flash card full of pictures and hit the power switch!


The Digi-Frame comes with three snap on frames to suit the personality and decor of the user. The DF-560 is a 5.6" diagonal, active matrix TFT color LCD display with a resolution of 640x480 pixels. It can be used in landscape or portrait orientation and automatically senses which orientation it is in and displays the pictures accordingly.


You can insert either CompactFlash Type I (CF) or SmartMedia 3.3/5v (SM) cards with up to 500 pictures on them. For the most robust slide show you should use 640x480 or smaller sized images. The Digi-Frame automatically scales images to fit the screen but it takes longer to decode and display larger images.


You can connect the Digi-Frame to a PC or Mac computer and use the serial port cable to upload pictures to a memory card. This is very slow so I would highly recommend the use of a card reader to load your images on the card.

The DF-560 comes with its own AC power supply so you can enjoys hours and hours of visual entertainment without the worry of dead batteries.

DF-560 Specifications
LCD: 5.6" diagonal, Active-Matrix color TFT LCD
Size (with frame attached): 9.0 x 6.7 x 1.7 in. W/H/D
Weight: 1.6 lb.
Power requirements: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 10W
Maximum number of images: 500
Media types: CompactFlash™ or SmartMedia 3.3v or 5v
Controls: - Wheel control for menu and thumbnail selection
- Pause, forward, reverse buttons for image scrolling
- Contrast control
- Power On/Off
Serial Interface: RS-232, PC or Macintosh™ standard

Steve's Conclusion

With the Digi-Frame you now have a high-tech way to show off your digital pictures. Operation couldn't be easier, just pop in a CF or SM flash card full of pictures and flip the power switch. The Digi-Frame boots its internal operating system and a few seconds later it starts displaying your pictures at 5 second intervals. There are buttons along the edge to pause the display or go forward or back through the pictures. An onscreen menu can be displayed at any time using the Menu button.

You can change the display speed, the transition effect (fade, wipe, black stripes, scattered slides, bouncing thumbnails or random) or add special effects like Star Scope, Infrared Scope, Sepia or B&W. The background color can be automatically selected for pictures that don't fill the entire frame in the native 2:3 aspect ratio. You can even program the entire order of the slide show if desired.

The Digi-Frame can be used in landscape or portrait orientation by simply rotating the support arm on the back. Even if you don't rotate the arm, the Digi-Frame will automatically "sense" what orientation it is in and display the pictures accordingly.

This is the perfect addition to your desk at work, at home on the shelf with other family photos or as a present for that special Grandmother or other relative. When you want to update their photo album just send them a CF or SM memory card in the mail and tell them to send back the old one and use it again.

I suggest that you take all of your pictures and copy them to a folder and then use a program like ThumbsPlus to batch resize them down to 640x480. The Digi-Frame is capable of scaling pictures "on the fly" but it really slows things down to do it. The display resolution is 640x480, highly compressed images look great and the smaller they are, the faster they load.

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