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The DCS 620x captures images by default as 2MB proprietary raw TIFF images. It can be set to process these images into finished JPEG format in the camera but most users will chose to use the post-capture processing capabilities of the DCS Host Software. The following screens will show you what can be done to improve your images before saving them as TIF or JPG files.

Kodak Professional DCS Host

The Windows version of the Kodak DCS Host TWAIN Data Source v5.9.

You can view and select the proprietary TIFF images in thumbnail or single-image preview format. On the right is a window that displays all the embedded camera and exposure information for any selected image.

There are many options available that can be applied to the images before acquiring them into a Windows application or copying them to a directory on the hard drive.

You can change the white balance in case you used the wrong one at time of capture or use an eyedropper for one-click white point setting "on the fly." Images may be rotated or you can change the EV value +/- 2.0. Any attached audio notations may be played back as well.

See the next screen for additional preferences and processing settings.

Kodak Professional DCS Host

Here are the preferences screens for the DCS TWAIN module. This is where you set the desired amount of sharpening, turn the noise reduction on/off, set the image resolution (dpi) value and the type of color procesing required.

Kodak Professional DCS Host

Copying the image data from the memory card (in the camera, a card reader or from a hard drive folder) and optionally converting the TIFF format to a finished JPEG file. JPEG images can be compressed as Good, Better or Best quality and Good (50%), Better (67%) or Best (100%) size.

Kodak Professional DCS Host

The cropping dialogue box, note you can freehand crop or to a given size and also set an optional aspect ratio. You can check the box at the bottom if using the DCS 620x in tethered mode and it will auto-crop all newly acquired images.

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