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Kodak DC3400 Zoom

Review posted 8/17/00


Kodak DC3400 Zoom
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The Kodak DC3400 Zoom is a compact and lightweight 2.3-megapixel digital camera that captures 1760 x 1168-pixel or 896 x 592 resolution images in standard JPEG format with three different quality levels. It has a 2X optical zoom (38-76mm equivalent) with 3x digital enhancement.

Kodak DC3400 Zoom

The DC3400 has a 1.8" color LCD display to frame or review your pictures and navigate the camera's menu system. When used as a viewfinder the LCD shows almost 100% of the final captured image.

Kodak DC3400 Zoom

Looking down from the top you can see the large data LCD, dedicated buttons for selftimer, macro/infinity focus and flash modes. The black rocker switch below the shutter release is the zoom lens control.

Kodak DC3400 Zoom

The bottom is perfectly flat and the tripod socket is located very near the center of balance. Also on the bottom is the CF card eject lever, the LCD brightness control and the battery compartment door.

Kodak DC3400 Zoom Kodak DC3400 Zoom

The I/O ports and the CompactFlash card slot are located on the left side. There are both a USB and serial data port as well as a video output that is selectable between NTSC or PAL format. There is also a DC IN jack for the optional AC power supply.

Kodak DC3400 Zoom

The DC3400 has a 2x optical zoom (38-76mm equivalent) lens with a F3.0 - F3.8 maximum aperture. The working focus range in normal mode is 0.5m (1.6 feet) to infinity, in macro (close-up) mode it's 0.25m (9.8 inches) to 0.5m (1.6 feet). The aperture control in wideangle is f/3.1 - f/8.1 and in telephoto it's f/3.9 - f/10.3.

The lens can accept 37mm filters and attachments if you purchase the optional Kodak lens adapter.

Kodak DC3400 Zoom

The mode dial has positions for Capture (record), Review (playback), Connect (to computer) and Setup.

Kodak DC3400 Zoom The image size is indicated by a checkerboard icon, the quality with 1, 2 or 3 bars. There are icons for selftimer, EV comp, white balance, flash mode, macro and pictures remaining.

Kodak DC3400 Zoom
The optical viewfinder shows ~95% of the captured frame (less at full telephoto) it has no diopter adjustment. The red and green LEDs indicate autofocus and flash status.

Kodak DC3400 Zoom

The DC3400 is powered by four AA type batteries, alkaline, NiMH, NiCd or lithium type may be used.

Kodak DC3400 Zoom

The DC3400 uses a menu system that is similar to the DC280, unfornuately I can't show it like I usually do because the menus are not sent out the video port. They are graphical and very easy to navigate.

The DC3400 Zoom Digital Camera package includes:

  • Kodak DC3400 Zoom Camera
  • 4 KODAK AA Alkaline batteries
  • Lens cap
  • Wrist strap
  • USB Cable
  • Serial cable
  • Video cable
  • MACINTOSH Serial Adapter
  • KODAK Software CD
  • Quick start setup guide, user's guide, and registration card

Steve's Conclusion

The Kodak DC3400 Zoom looks very similar to the popular DC280 Zoom camera. Most of the camera features are identical as is the operation of the two cameras. Noticeably improved is the shutter lag which on the DC280 was annoying to say the least. The DC3400's shutter lag is now close to most other cameras in its class and is around .6 to 1.1 seconds on average.

The DC3400 is very easy to operate, especially for digital newbies as it looks and feels like a regular film camera. The menu system is very intuitive and the camera can be operated in simple point-n-shoot fashion without ever having to access the features or options in the menu. It is definitely bigger than "pocket" size but can easily carried in your hand for extended lengths of time with little or no fatigue.

It's ready to take the first picture within four to five seconds of switching the power button, this time is necessary to extend the lens from the body. If you forget to remove the lens cap first, no worries as it just pops off as the lens comes out and is secured by a tether to the camera. The lens is a 2x optical zoom which means that for most ordinary type "snapshots" it will be sufficient but don't expect to use it to cover a NASCAR race.

The image quality is typical Kodak, the pictures are always rich with vibrant color. For its resolution and price range I'd say that the DC3400 will sell well, especially given the Kodak brand name. If I had to rate it on a one to ten scale I would give the DC3400 Zoom a solid eight. For me the only thing lacking is a longer zoom range.

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Kodak DC3400 Zoom Specifications

CCD Resolution:

2.3 megapixel
1901 x 1212
Image Resolution: 2.1 megapixel
1760 x 1168 (High), 896 x 592 (Standard)
Image Quality Settings: Best, Better, Good
Image Storage: Removable COMPACTFLASH Card
Viewfinder: Real-image optical viewfinder
Lens: TTL AE Autofocus,
2X optical zoom,
38 mm-76 mm f/8.1-f/15.3
Digital Zoom: 3X
Focus Distance: Wide/Tele: 0.5m (1.6 feet) to infinity
Close-up mode: 0.25m (9.8 inches) to 0.5m (1.6 feet)
Exposure Control: Auto: center weight, multi-pattern
Shutter Speed: 1/2 second to 1/755 second
Aperture Range: Wide: f/3.1 - f/8.1
Telephoto: f/3.9 - f/10.3
ISO Equivalent: 100
LCD: 45.7 mm (1.8 inches) color review/preview display
Self-timer: 10 seconds
Tripod Mount: Standard
Flash: Strobe flash to 3.0 meters (9.8 feet)
(Automatic, fill, red-eye, off)
File Format: JPEG: EXIF V2.1
Video Out: NTSC/PAL (user-selectable)
Special Effects: B/W mode, sepia, borders
Interface: Serial, USB, COMPACTFLASH Card Reader (optional)
Power: 4 AA alkaline batteries (included)
or KODAK AC Adapter
or 4 AA Ni-MH batteries (optional)
Dimensions: WxDxH (mm) 133 x 54 x 76
WxDxH (inches) 5.2 x 2.1 x 3
Certifications: FCC, CE, Ctick
Weight: Without batteries (grams): 332
Without batteries (ounces): 12
Warranty: One year

System Requirements

Windows systems:

  • WINDOWS 95/98, WINDOWS NT4.0/2000 (USB requires WINDOWS 98/2000)
  • Personal computer with minimum systems requirements to run the operating system (Pentium 90MHz or greater microprocessor)
  • 16MB RAM minimum or greater
  • 120MB of available hard disk space or greater
  • CD-ROM drive for software installation
  • USB port, serial port, or PC COMPACTFLASH Card Reader
  • Color monitor with 256 colors (16 or 24-bit color recommended)

Macintosh systems:

  • POWERMAC, iMac, or newer required
  • MACINTOSH OS 7.6.1 or newer for serial
  • MACINTOSH OS 8.5.1 or newer for USB
  • 32MB RAM or greater
  • 120MB of available hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive for software installation
  • USB port, serial port, or COMPACTFLASH Card Reader
  • Color monitor with 256 colors (16 or 24-bit color recommended)

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