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Kodak DC3200

Review posted 12/15/00



The Kodak DC3200 is a compact and lightweight one-megapixel digital camera that captures 1152 x 864-pixel sized images in JPEG format with three quality levels. This is an inexpensive, non-zoom camera that sells for less than $250. Up to 22 images can be stored in the 2MB of onboard memory or you can use CompactFlash cards.

The Kodak DC3200 is packaged strictly for Windows users, it comes with a serial port cable and software for the PC. Macintosh users can acquire camera images only by using a CompactFlash card and a card reader. (See the optional Kodak USB Picture Card Reader below).

Kodak DC3200

The DC3200 has a 1.6" color LCD display to frame or review your pictures and navigate the camera's simple menu system. The user controls are all located on the back and clearly labeled. The SELECT button also turns the LCD on and off.

Kodak DC3200
When used as a viewfinder the LCD shows about 95% of the final captured image.

There is no data LCD so you have to turn on the color LCD to see the battery status, image quality, flash mode and picture number.

Kodak DC3200

Kodak DC3200

Unlike most cameras the DC3200 has no tripod socket. The only thing on the bottom is the CompactFlash card access door.

Kodak DC3200 Kodak DC3200

On the left is the DC IN jack for the optional AC power supply. Located on the right side is a serial port for downloading images to the host computer, sorry no USB. And a video output jack for connection to a TV set. The video signal is NTSC for U.S. models and NTSC/PAL for Canadian models. Kodak does not include the video cable.

Kodak DC3200

The DC3200 has a 5.4mm (39mm in 35mm format) fixed-focus lens with a maximum aperture of F3.6. The focus range is from 2 feet to infinity, it does not have a macro mode.

There is a 2x digital zoom option that is useable only when in the GOOD (576x432) mode.

Kodak DC3200
Images can be stored in the camera's 2MB of internal memory or you can use any size (optional) CompactFlash Type I memory card.

Kodak DC3200

The DC3200 is powered by four AA type batteries, alkaline, NiMH, NiCd or lithium type may be used. There are four Kodak alkaline batteries supplied.

Kodak DC3200

Here's an animated view of the DC3200's record mode menu screens. Excuse the poor quality but they had to be shot directly off of the LCD, they are not output through the video out port.

The DC3200 Digital Camera package includes:

  • Kodak DC3200 Camera
  • 4 KODAK AA Alkaline batteries
  • Wrist strap
  • Serial cable for PC
  • Kodak Software CD for Windows 95/98/98SE/2000
  • Quick start setup guide, user's guide, and registration card

Kodak USB Picture Card Reader

Kodak USB Picture Card Reader To use the DC3200 with a Macintosh you need to purchase the $39 Kodak USB Picture Card Reader and any size CompactFlash card.

It also speeds up downloading for PC/Windows users and comes with the Kodak Pictures Now software to automate the entire process.

Steve's Conclusion

Kodak lowers the price point for megapixel resolution to less than $249. The DC3200 looks and feels like a film camera, it is operated in point-n-shoot fashion. The non-zoom lens is fixed-focus so there is very little delay when pressing the shutter button. The menu only needs to be accessed to change the image quality or those who want to experiment can also vary the white balance preset but there's no other exposure options.

The DC3200 is bigger than pocket size but can be hand-carried for extended lengths of time as it is very lightweight. It's ready to take the first picture within four to five seconds of pressing the power button. The image quality is not overly impressive, outdoor pictures are generally OK but flash pictures are often over-exposed. The one-megapixel image size limits you to prints no larger than 5x7" although I wouldn't recommend larger than 4x6" -- it's best suited for onscreen display, email or web page useage. All things considered, it does offers better resolution than the current crop of sub-megapixel digicams without LCD displays that sell for about the same price.

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Kodak DC3200 Specifications

CCD Resolution:

1280 x 960
Image Resolution: 1152 x 864 (Better/Best), 576 x 432 (Good)
Image Quality Settings: Best, Better, Good
Image Storage: 2MB internal memory or
CompactFlash card (optional)
Viewfinder: Real-image optical viewfinder
Lens: 5.4 mm f/3.6 (39mm in 35mm equivalent)
Digital Zoom: 2X (Good mode only)
Focus Distance: 0.6m (2 feet) to infinity
Exposure Control: Automatic
Shutter Speed: 1/4 second to 1/500 second
Aperture Range: f/3.6, f/8
ISO Equivalent: 100
LCD: 40.64 mm (1.6 inches) color review/preview display
Flash: Strobe flash 1.5 to 2.4 meters (5-8 feet)
(Automatic, fill, off)
File Format: JPEG: EXIF V2.1
Video Out: NTSC (U.S.), NTSC/PAL (Canada)
Interface: Serial, CompactFlash Card Reader (optional)
Power: 4 AA alkaline batteries (included)
or KODAK AC Adapter
or 4 AA Ni-MH batteries (optional)
Dimensions: WxDxH (mm) 113 x 81 x 53.4
WxDxH (inches) 4.45 x 3.1 x 2.1
Certifications: FCC, VCCI
Weight: Without batteries (grams): 215
Without batteries (ounces): 7.6
Warranty: One year

System Requirements
  • WINDOWS 95/98/2000
  • Personal computer with minimum systems requirements to run the operating system (Pentium 90MHz or greater microprocessor)
  • 16MB RAM minimum or greater
  • 120MB of available hard disk space or greater
  • CD-ROM drive for software installation
  • Serial port
  • Color monitor with 256 colors (16 or 24-bit color recommended)

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