Web JPEG Plug-in Windows 95/98/NT, Adobe PhotoShop 3.05+

Supports the wide range of host applications, which are compatible with Adobe PhotoShop 3.05 export and filter plug-in modules. Web JPEG Plug-in is an interactive image compressor, optimized for WEB applications. Its key features includes: Powerful JPEG compressor designed specially for compressing images, that will be viewed in applications like Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer. Separate mode for luminance (intensity) and chrominance (color) quality sliders to help eliminate color artifacts. Unique sharpen control to reduce compression artifacts on the image small details and edges. Ease to use - intuitive interface with only necessary controls. You do not need to be compression guru to create excellent JPEG images with smallest size, Web JPEG Plug-in is smart enough to do it best. Unique smart thumbnail generation mode for instant creation of highly optimized proportional thumbnails with any dimensions you need. New Smart Crop feature for cropping the part of the original image for thumbnail generation. Live preview for all processes, including unique thumbnail preview and full screen preview for compressing large images. Quick switching between original and compressed image preview to easy compare compression results. Progressive JPEG feature is supported. The compression script is automatically tuned to achieve smaller compressed image size for selected compression level.