Pixagent ITP 2.0 for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and PocketPC (PocketPC 2002, WM2003)

ITP provides an easy to use FTP server for users of devices like the Nikon WT-1. It was tested specifically with preproduction WT-1 devices by Nikon staff in order to be certain things would function optimally when the transmitter became available to the public. In addition to a basic FTP server, ITP offered many features that were specifically tailored to the photographic workflow allowing users to instantly organize their images right out of the camera. It was followed by PocketITP 1.0 which offers the exact same features as ITP 1.0 but on the PocketPC platform. PocketITP uses the same engine as it's bigger brother, and as such the only change is a user interface necessitated by the smaller format. This release allows Photographers to work with packages like Idruna's Pocket Phojo to wirelessly edit their take in the field without the need for a bulky laptop. In addition, it allows users in hostile situations to easily keep a second version of all of their images stored in a safe place in case something happens to the original (water, impact, overzealous security, etc...). ITP version 2.0! This new version brings a host of powerful new features to help users get the most out of their wireless transmitters. Powerful features like automatic image processing, image review and analysis, live slideshows and memory card synchronisation provide users with many more ways to get their work done faster and better. Additionally, a wide array of new ease of use f