DigitalPro 1.2Beta for Windows

As a pro digital photographer you know how productive you are when you're shooting digital. You can create more saleable images than ever before. But if you're like most of us, when you get to the computer your productivity can slow way down. Wading through the hundreds of images from a day's shoot, or the thousands of images from a trip can become drudgery. Until now... With DigitalPro your digital productivity extends to your computer. You can load, review, file, and submit your images in a fraction of the time it takes with any other program or programs on the market. DigitalPro works seamlessly with professional digital cameras--especially the Nikon D1 family--and with professional digital imaging tools such as Photoshop. It can be used alongside your favorite Raw file processing tool as well. Generates preview and thumbnail images, HTML Gallery pages with Flexible, customizable templates and incorporate your EXIF data in your Gallery. Lossless JPEG Rotate, flip, and reverse. True Unsharp Mask filter for optimal sharpening. Full support for Network Neighborhood (no more need to map drives). Separate Shoots and Submissions locations. NEF File Support! Includes IPTC Captioning (Pro), previewing and full resolution viewing in the slide show. TIFF File IPTC captioning, along with NEF file IPTC captioning. Follow the link above to read about all of the features or see Jan Allinder's DigitalPro