DCS Photo Desk for Kodak 300/500/600/700 cameras, Mac/Windows

KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Photo Desk is an application for managing files produced by KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS 300 series, 500 series, 600 series and 700 series digital cameras. Photo Desk shares many of the features of the DCS Acquire Module and DCS TWAIN Data Source software, but offers the advantages of a stand alone application such as browsing multiple folders and images and drag and drop file management. Photo Desk also has an easier-to-use interface that provides a greater range of image processing options. Photo Desk can do the following: Browse DCS images in folders on hard disks, CD-ROM, PC Cards and network servers using an efficiently laid out contact sheet interface that displays image settings in iconic form. Automatically monitor folders and add thumbnails to their display as new images arrive. Open multiple images in windows with variable view scaling from 10 to 200%. Control cropping, rotation, balance, lighting, exposure compensation, look, sharpening and noise reduction. Save DCS image files as standard JPEG and TIFF files, with optional naming and sequence numbering. Optionally imprint GPS information into images saved in standard TIFF format. Automatically open converted files in any application. Copy and paste image settings. Drag and drop images between folders. Add image information, including IPTC-NAA record 2. Quickly revi