BreezeBrowser Pro for Windows 98, ME, XP, NT4 and 2000

A powerful browser for viewing and manipulating JPEG and RAW image files quickly and efficiently. BreezeBrowser Pro's combined raw conversion converts the image twice: once using normal conversion and once with settings optimized for highlight detail. The two images are then analyzed and merged to give a unique single image which combines the excellent colors and shadow detail of normal conversion with improved highlight detail. Automatic correction of lens distortion for batches or single images. BreezeBrowser Pro uses high quality resampling algorithms and Thomas Niemann's highly regarded PTLens profiles to correct for barrel and pincushion lens distortion. Automatic lens distortion correction can be applied to images from both zoom and fixed focal length lenses and is available when converting raw files or when generating proofs from raw files and other image formats. Models supported include Canon EOS-1Ds MkII, 1D MkII N, 20D, 10D, 5D, 300D, 350D and many PowerShot cameras. Also supported are Nikon, Pentax, Minolta and Olympus cameras. HTML generator to create pages for your website or to add indexes to your CDR archives. The fast thumbnail browser makes it simple to view your images and makes batch operations such as rotation quick and easy. Features: Fast, large display of JPEGs and Raw files. Superb new thumbnail browser! Histogram display to assess exposure. Rotate JPEGs and Raw files fast with no loss of quality. EXIF data preserved when converting