Inzomia Viewer for Windows

A Windows image viewer that makes it faster and more fun to enjoy your collection of digitized photos. Inzomia Viewer is much faster than other image viewers. While you're looking at a picture from your playlist, the program is loading the next picture into memory. As soon as you're ready to view the next image, it pops instantly onto the screen. All the while, the program is working in the background to load the next image into memory, so it will be ready when you are. In addition to anticipating your next picture, Inzomia Viewer uses DirectX technology to take advantage of your computer's 3D graphics accelerator, and make your images snap into place. Inzomia Viewer lets you use all of your screen space to view images. The full screen option hides the user interface, and lets you fill your screen with your favorite pictures. The program's smooth power-zooming feature lets you select any portion of your picture, and zoom in as much or as little as you choose. Even if your image is much larger than your screen size, you can immediately look at the part that interests you. Inzomia Viewer deals with Zip archives as if they were folders. If you download a Zipped collection of pictures from the Internet, Inzomia Viewer can access individual images directly, without performing a separate extraction first. $35(US) for a single-user license, non-commercial users can use the free version of Inzomia, a no-adware, no-spyware version with limited skin support and no T